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Biometric cranial analysis of hominids as a basis for taxonomy and classification in human palaeonthology2003 Voprosy antropologii 91: 22-33
  • V. E. Deriabin
  • V. M. KHaritonov
H6/KVY [VOPROSY-]0507-2921
Comparative morphology analysis of the Broken-Hill hominid (Zambia) in the light of the theory of Afro-European origin of Homo Sapiens2000 Voprosy antropologii 90: 171-88
  • E. IU. Bulygina
  • E. N. KHrisanfova
H6/KVY [VOPROSY-]0507-2921English summary
A comparative study of stereolithographically modelled skulls of Petralona and Broken Hill: implications for future studies of middle pleistocene hominid evolution1997 Journal of human evolution 33 (6): 691-703
  • Horst Seidler
Lead poisoning and dental caries in the Broken Hill hominid1993 Journal of human evolution 24 (3): 243-9
  • A Bartsiokas
  • M H Day
The Broken Hill skull: a Zambian case1992 Museum 174: 103-4
  • A H Mulongo