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"Paitu nanasuagaindu pahonupi" (three sacred valleys): cultural significance of Gosiute, Paiute, and Ute plants1993 Human organisation 52 (2): 142-50
  • D B Halmo
  • M J Evans
  • R W Stoffle
Nutritional analysis of camas ("Camassia quamash") from southern Idaho1992 Northwest anthropological research notes 26 (2): 217-23
  • M G Plew
Pathological traits observed in a historic Great Basin native American Indian skeleton1991 International Journal of anthropology 6 (3): 267-75
  • R H Brooks
  • S T Brooks
Notes on creosote lac scale insect resin as a mastic and sealant in the southwestern Great Basin1990 Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology 12 (2): 262-8
  • M Q Sutton