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The rise of urbanism in the middle and lower Yangzi river valley1997 Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 16: 63-7
  • Zhang Chi
The cultural character of the lower Qujialing complex and the source of the Qujialing culture1993 Kaogu 8: 734-40
  • Naicheng Zhu
Neolithic site at Gaokanlong, Huaihua1992 Kaogu Xuebao Acta archaeologia sinica 3: 301-28
  • Huaihua Prefectural Archaeological Team
  • Hunan Province Archaeological Institute
English summary
The third season of excavation on the Qujialing site1992 Kaogu Xuebao Acta archaeologia sinica 1: 63-96
  • Qujialing Archaeological Team
English summary