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Relationship of polymorphisms located in tumor necrosis factor region and HLA loci among Croatians2009 American journal of human biology 21 (2): 220-3
  • Helena Car
  • Katarina Stingl
  • Renata Zunec
  • Zorana Grubic
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Association of a single nucleotide variant in the human tumour necrosis factor alpha promoter region with decreased bone mineral density2002 Annals of human biology 29 (5): 550-8
  • H. Iwasaki
  • N. Ota
  • T. Nakajima
  • T. Suzuki
  • Y. Ezura
0301-4460German and French summaries
Three TNFα single nucleotide polymorphisms in the Japanese population2002 Annals of human biology 29 (5): 579-83
  • H. Iwasaki
  • I. Nakazawa
  • R. Ishda
  • Y. Ezura
  • Y. Shinohara
0301-4460German and French summaries
Tumour necrosis factor: improving on the formula [comments on X Van Ostade and others, see below]1993 Nature 361: 206-7
  • F Balkwill
Human TNF mutants with selective activity on the p55 receptor [with comments by F Balkwill, see above]1993 Nature 361: 266-71
  • X Van Ostade
Distribution of tumor necrosis factor alleles (Ncol RFLP) and their relationship to HLA haplotypes in an Italian population1993 Human heredity 43 (2): 103-10
  • D Peruccio