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The returned “others”. Invisibility and exclusion in the Mexican education system: ethnographic data from Oaxaca2021 Anales de antropología 55 (1): 9-19
  • Marta Rodríguez-Cruz
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0185-1225in special issue 'Migración, retorno e infancia. Retos y necesidades para el estudio de la movilidad', with introduction by M Rodríguez-Cruz, 7-8; English summary
Return migration and child socialization: an approach to Afro-Mexicans2021 Anales de antropología 55 (1): 21-30
  • Citlali Quecha Reyna
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0185-1225in special issue 'Migración, retorno e infancia. Retos y necesidades para el estudio de la movilidad', with introduction by M Rodríguez-Cruz, 7-8; English summary
Mixtec and Zapotec adolescents in Santa Maria, California, United States2021 Anales de antropología 55 (1): 31-8
  • Magdalena Barros Nock
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0185-1225in special issue 'Migración, retorno e infancia. Retos y necesidades para el estudio de la movilidad', with introduction by M Rodríguez-Cruz, 7-8; English summary
Transnational school migration and proposals for attention to diversity in teacher training2021 Anales de antropología 55 (1): 97-103
  • Juan Sánchez García
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0185-1225in special issue 'Migración, retorno e infancia. Retos y necesidades para el estudio de la movilidad', with introduction by M Rodríguez-Cruz, 7-8; English summary
Collecting the folklore of Ireland: the schoolchildren's contribution2021 Folklore 132 (1): 1-33
  • Patricia Lysaght
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]1469-8315
Who is fighting with whom? How ethnic origin shapes friendship, dislike, and physical violence relations in German secondary schools2020 Social networks 60: 34-47
  • Clemens Kroneberg
  • Kathrin Lämmermann
  • Mark Wittek
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
Bullying and vicitimization among majority and minority students: the role of peers' ethnic perceptions2020 Social networks 60: 48-60
  • Dorottya Kisfalusi
  • Judit Pál
  • Zsófia Boda
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
The way bullying works: how new ties facilitate the mutual reinforcement of status and bullying in elementary schools2020 Social networks 60: 71-82
  • Christian Steglich
  • René Veenstra
  • Rozemarijn van der Ploeg
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
Working, singing, and telling in the 19th-century Flemish pillow-lace industry2020 Textile history 18 (1): 53-68
  • David Hopkin
H6/KGGT [TEXTILES-]0040-4969in special issue 'Missing persons and hidden heritages in European lace making'
Schools as “really dangerous places” for indigenous children and youth: schools, child welfare, and contemporary challenges to reconciliation2020 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 57 (1): 34-52
  • Emily Milne
  • Terry Wotherspoon
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]1755-6171French summary
Beyond the legacy of 1976: Morris Isaacson High School, popular memory and the struggle for education in central Soweto2020 African studies 79 (1): 21-36
  • Clive Glaser
H6/KY [BANTU-]0002-0184
Educational infrastructure created in conditions of social exclusion: ‘Kyrgyz clubs’ for migrant children in Moscow2020 Central Asian survey 39 (2): 220-35
  • Ekaterina Demintseva
*H6/KW [CENTRAL-]0263-4937
The limits of “multiculturalism without diversity”: multi-ethnic students and the negotiation of “difference” in South Korean schools2020 Ethnic and racial studies 43 (5): 835-53
  • Jessica Walton
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1466-4356in special issue 'Everyday multiculturalism in/across Asia'
The emergence of decentralised centralism in the South African education governance system2020 Journal of southern African studies 46 (1): 165-83
  • André du Plessis
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1465-3893
Outdoor taste education: Danish perspectives on potentials and challenges for taste education in school gardens and outdoor education2020 Food Culture and Society 23 (4): 523-41
  • Morten Kromann Nielsen
H6/KF [FOOD-]1528-9796in special issue 'From nature to culture? Lévi-Strauss’ legacy and the study of contemporary foodways'
“Why do they treat me like this? I do not want to go, I prefer not to go...” School experiences of students of Bolivian origin in Argentina2020 Runa 41 (1): 211-27
  • María Eugenia Taruselli
English and Portuguese summaries
Positive ideologies ain't enough! (Dis)junctions and paradoxes in minority language protection2020 ANUAC: rivista della Società Italiana di Antropologia Culturale 9 (2): 97-120
  • Giorgia Decarli
Observational filmmaking: a unique practice2020 Visual anthropology 33 (5): 452-8
  • David MacDougall
*H6 [VISUAL-]1545-5920
The making of an egalitarian elite: school ethos and the production of privilege2019 British journal of sociology 70 (2): 551-68
  • Maria Törnqvist
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315in thematic section 'Education, social life and mobility'
Graffiti as a site for cultural literacies in Zimbabwean urban high schools2019 International journal of cultural studies 22 (3): 334-48
  • Hugh Mangeya
Discrimination or not? Romani children in Polish special schools and diagnoses of intellectual disability2019 Romani studies 29 (1): 51-83
  • Daniel Dzida
  • Halina Grzymała-Moszcyńska
  • Joanna Grzymała-Moszcyńska
  • Krystian Barzykowski
  • Magdalena Kosno
H6 [GYPSY-]1528-0748
Righteous path: performing morality in South African morning assemblies2019 Anthropological quarterly 92 (3): 845-76
  • Christina Cappy
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491
Why don't anthropologists care about learning (or education or school)? An immodest proposal for an integrative anthropology of learning whose time has finally come2019 American anthropologist 121 (3): 641-54
  • Susan D. Blum
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294Spanish summary
Ethnic composition of schools and students' educational outcomes: evidence form Sweden2019 International migration review 53 (2): 486-517
  • Gunn Elizabeth Birkelund
  • Maria Brandén
  • Ryszard Szulkin
Testing the limits of colonial parenting: Navajo domestic workers, the Intermountain Indian School, and the Urban Relocation Program, 1950–19622019 Ethnohistory 66 (3): 565-92
  • Colleen O'Neill
Les temporalités de l'éducation internationale: pratiques et technologies de l'accélération sociale2019 Anthropologica (New Series) 61 (1): 137-49
  • Jeanne Rey
  • Matthieu Bolay
H6/KUB [ANTHROPOLOGICA N.S.-]0003-5459English summary
Peer, school, and country variations in adolescents' health behaviour: a multilevel analysis of binary response variables in six European cities2019 Social networks 59: 31-40
  • Mark Tranmer
  • Vincent Lorant
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
Cooking up the "gastro-citizen" through school meal programs in France and Japan2019 Food Culture and Society 22 (1): 63-77
  • Danielle Gendron
  • Tina Moffat
H6/KF [FOOD-]1528-9796
A year of crisis: memory and meaning in a Navajo community's struggle for self-determination2019 American Indian culture and research journal 42 (4): 113-30
  • David W. Adams
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463
The untrodden path of the lady gardener. The role of gardening within the women's movement and the professionalisation of gardening women 1859-19232019 Rig (3): 129-48
  • Boel Nordgren
H6/KVT [RIG-]0035-5267English summary
The girls with the headscarf: unintended reverse discrimination at the school parade on Greek national holidays2019 Journal of ritual studies 33 (2): 67-84
  • Luciana Benincasa
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0990-1112
Representation of gender in the secondary school Sindhi textbooks of Pakistan2019 Asian journal of social science 47 (4-5): 566-80
  • Ghazal Kazim Syed
  • Nadia Agha
H6/KW [ASIAN-]1568-4849
Experiences of (dis)unity: students' negotiation of ethnic and national identities in Botswana schools2019 Anthropology and education quarterly 50 (4): 404-23
  • Bethany Mulimbi
  • Sarah Dryden-Peterson
H6 [COUNCIL-]0161-7761
Re-framing master narratives in dis/ability through an affective lens: Sophia Cruz's LD story at her intersections2019 Anthropology and education quarterly 50 (4): 424-47
  • David I. Hernández-Saca
H6 [COUNCIL-]0161-7761
Maximizing impact in anthropology and education: capitulations, linkages, and publics2019 Anthropology and education quarterly 50 (4): 448-58
  • Peter Demerath
H6 [COUNCIL-]0161-7761
Stakeholdres outlook on the common education system: the state, high school students and educational practices, Yiogyakarta, Indonesia2019 Anthropologie et sociétés 43 (2): 67-90
  • Jean-Marc de Grave
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in special issue 'Services publics: l'état face au commun'; English and Spanish summaries
Running after the common good. Indigeneity and public policies in the Taiwanese school baseball2019 Anthropologie et sociétés 43 (2): 91-109
  • Jérôme Soldani
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in special issue 'Services publics: l'état face au commun'; English and Spanish summaries
School teachers in rural Bhutan: quality of work life, well-being and the risks of resignation2019 South Asia research 39 (3): 270-84
  • Kantabhat Anusaksathien
  • Patcharin Sirasoonthorn
  • Sherab Dorji
H6/KWL [SOUTH-]0262-7280
Gentlewomen in colonial Calcutta: experiences of schooling2019 South Asia research 39 (3): 13S-25S
  • Nilanjana Paul
H6/KWL [SOUTH-]0262-7280supplement
Nation and integration in schools at the borders: the mobility of teachers and the learning of national languages between Brazil and Argentina2019 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 23 (3): 627-48
  • Flávia Alves de Sousa
  • José Lindomar C. Albuquerque
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561English summary
The discreet charm of the children of the bourgeoisie: economic capital and its symbolic expressions at an elite business school2019 British journal of sociology 70 (4): 1402-23
  • Magne Paalgard Felmmen
  • Vegard Jarness
  • Willy Pedersen
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315
Everyone deserves quiche: French school lunch programmes and national culture in a globalized world2019 British journal of sociology 70 (4): 1424-47
  • Rahsaan Maxwell
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315
Teachers’ conflicting cultural schemas of teaching comprehensive school-based sexuality education in Kampala, Uganda2019 Culture, health & sexuality 21 (2): 233-47
  • Billie de Haas
  • Inge Hutter
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058
Girls breaking boundaries: acculturation and self-advocacy at Chemawa Indian School, 1900–1930s2019 American Indian quarterly 43 (1): 101-32
  • Rebecca Wellington
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0095-182X
With all deliberate speed: the reversal of court-ordered school desegregation, 1970-20132019 American journal of sociology 124 (6): 1685-719
  • Jeremy E. Fiel
  • Yongjun Zhang
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
Categorization by organizations: manipulation of disability categories in a racially desegregated school district2019 American journal of sociology 125 (1): 184-260
  • Argun Saatcioglu
  • Thomas M. Skrtic
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
How organizational minorities form and use social ties: evidence from teachers in majority-white and majority-black schools2019 American journal of sociology 125 (2): 382-430
  • Jennifer L. Nelson
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
Does the school model we have prepare young people to live in today’s society?2019 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) (32): 41-8
  • Aglaé Cecília Toledo Porto Alves
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709in special issue 'Anais do II Simpósio do Laboratório de Arqueologia Romana Provincial'; English summary
Cyber-archaeology and history teaching: a question of learning2019 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) (32): 49-56
  • Alessandro Mortario Gregori
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709in special issue 'Anais do II Simpósio do Laboratório de Arqueologia Romana Provincial'; English summary
School employees as healthcare brokers for multiply-marginalized migrant families2019 Medical anthropology 38 (8): 733-46
  • Heide Castañeda
  • Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0145-9740