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Just like in colonial times? Administrative practice and local reflections on 'grassroots neocolonialism' in autonomous and postcolonial Dahomey, 1958-652019 Journal of African history 60 (2): 257-76
  • Alexander Keese
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0021-8537
"Ruines à rebour". For a literary reading of Paul Hazoume's ethnographic writings2019 Cahiers d'études africaines 59 (3): 815-38
  • Ninon Chavoz
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]English summary
The challenge of studying inflation in precolonial Africa2018 History in Africa 45: 5-18
  • Klas Rönnbäk
H6/KY [HISTORY-]0361-5413with reply by T Green, 19-28; French summary
The challenge of studying inflation in precolonial Africa by Klas Rönnbäk - a response2018 History in Africa 45: 19-28
  • Toby Green
H6/KY [HISTORY-]0361-5413see this issue 5-18; French summary
Triangulating between church, state, and postcolony. Coopérants in independent West Africa2016 Cahiers d'études africaines 56 (1-2): 219-41
  • Rachel Kantrowitz
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055in thematic issue 'Mobilités et migrations européennes en (post) colonies'; French summary
A dialogue with King Agaja: William Snelgrave's 1727 Ardra Diary and the contours of Dahomian-European commercial exchange2016 History in Africa 43: 29-62
  • Neal D. Polhemus
H6/KY [HISTORY-]0361-5413in special issue 'The politics of the production and reception of sources'; French summary
The Dahomean feast: royal women, private politics, and culinary practices in Atlantic West Africa2014 African archaeological review 31 (2): 299-337
  • Anneke Janzen
  • J. Cameron Monroe
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338in special issue 'Comparing craft and culinary practice in Africa: themes and perspectives'; French summary
"Cherchez la femme": African gendarmes, quarrelsome women, and French commanders in French West Africa, 1945-19602014 International journal of African historical studies 47 (1): 37-53
  • Ruth Ginio
*H6/KY [INTERNATIONAL-]0361-7882
Exile, return, Ouidah, and Haiti: Vodun's workings on the art of Edouard Duval-Carrié2013 African arts 46 (3): 40-53
  • Toni Pressley-Sanon
H6/KFY [AFRICAN-]0001-9933
Engendering humanism in French West Africa: patriarchy and the paradox of empire2013 International journal of African historical studies 46 (3): 353-72
  • Claire Griffiths
*H6/KY [INTERNATIONAL-]0361-7882
Contribution to landscape history in West Africa. 'Explorers' and European residents' northern rivers of the 1830-1910 period2012 Cahiers d'études africaines 208: 937-73
  • Vincent Leban
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055English summary
In the belly of Dan: space, history, and power in precolonial Dahomey2011 Current anthropology 52 (6): 769-98
  • J. Cameron Monroe
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204with comments and reply
The "invention" of a tradition issue. Memory and slavery and construction of the Yoruba identity in southern Benin2010 Bulletin des séances. Académie Royale des Sciences d’Outre-Mer (New Series) 56 (3): 247-64
  • Joël Noret
H6/KY [INSTITUT-]0001-4176French summary
Power by design: architecture and politics in precolonial Dahomey2010 Journal of social archaeology 10 (3): 367-97
  • J. Cameron Monroe
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1469-6053
The arts and artists of the Kingdom of Dahomey2009 Tribal art 14 (1): 64-9
  • Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990
Graves from Dahomey: beliefs, ritual and society in ancient Bénin2009 Journal of African archaeology 7 (1): 55-77
  • Inga Merkyte
  • Klavs Randsborg
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1612-1651French summary
Continuity, revolution or evolution on the slave coast of West Africa? Royal architecture and political order in precolonial Dahomey2007 Journal of African history 48 (3): 349-73
  • J. Cameron Monroe
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0021-8537
From Chad to Dahomey by balloon2004 Borno Museum Society newsletter (60/61): 53-68
  • Léo Dex
H6/KY [BORNO-]1115-0335
Everyday life of slaves in northern Dahomey: the process of remembering2002 Journal of African cultural studies 15 (1): 35-44
  • Christine Hardung
1369-6815in special issue 'Everyday life in colonial Africa'
Motorization and colonial rule: two scandals in Dahomey, 19162002 Journal of African cultural studies 15 (1): 79-92
  • Erdmute Alber
1369-6815in special issue 'Everyday life in colonial Africa'
An alternative text of King Agaja of Dahomey's letter to King George I of England, 17262002 History in Africa 29: 257-71
  • Robin Law
Asen des Fon du Dahomey2001 Arts d'Afrique noire, arts premiers 117: 40-2
  • Xaviere Malabouche
H6/KFY [ARTS-]0337-1603
Il sito dei palazzi reali d'Abomey (Bénin) al centro di un discorso polisemico2001 Etnosistemi 8 (8): 46-56, 118-26
  • Giovanna Antongini
  • Tito Spini
H6/KF [ETNOSISTEMI-]1122-6234in thematic issue 'Musei dell'Africa contemporanea', English and French summaries; with bibliography by R Cafuri
Autobiography and art history: the imperative of peripheral vision2001 Res 39: 25-40
  • Suzanne Preston Blier
*H6 [RES]0277-1322
A history of the Mahi populations: on the controversy about the [mahi] ethnonym and toponym2001 Cahiers d'études africaines 162: 243-65
  • Sylvain C. Anignikin
0008-0055English summary
Automobilismus und Kolonialherrschaft. Zur Bedeutung des Autoverkehrs für die Herrschaftsstrukturen in der westafrikanischen Kolonie Dahomey2000 Paideuma 46: 279-99
  • Erdmute Alber
The new permanent exhibition at the Musée d'Abomey2000 West African Museums Programme Bulletin 8: 80-95
  • Adolphe Pape Cisse Alitonou
English summary
Dahomey's royal road1999 History in Africa 26: 11-24
  • Stanley B. Alpern
On the origins of the Amazons of Dahomey1998 History in Africa 25: 9-25
  • Stanley B. Alpern
The politics of commercial transition: factional conflict in Dahomey in the context of the ending of the Atlantic slave trade1997 Journal of African history 38 (2): 213-33
  • Robin Law
Dahomey: the development of a proto-state. An essay in historical reconstruction1996 Dialectical anthropology 21 (2): 121, 123, 125, 127-216
  • Stanley Diamond
A 'foreword' to Dahomey: the development of a proto-state by Stanley Diamond1996 Dialectical anthropology 21 (2): 109-19
  • Peter Rigby
The path of the leopard: motherhood and majesty in early Danhomè1995 Journal of African history 36 (3): 391-417
  • S. P. Blier
Question de 'Gou'1994 Arts d'Afrique noire 91: 25-34
  • M Biton
Posthumous questions for Karl Polanyi: price inflation in pre-colonial Dahomey1992 Journal of African History 33 (3): 387-420
  • R C C Law