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An archaeological investigation of the Upton site: (A-43) St. Ann, Jamaica [in "Archaeol Jamaica" 1992 NS (6) 17-27]: errata1993 Archaeology Jamaica 7: 24
  • J Wilman
Jamaica and Caribbean archaeology1992 Archaeology Jamaica 6: 1-4, 6-14
  • E K Agorsah
African Jamaican housing at Seville: a study of spatial transformation1992 Archaeology Jamaica 6: 51-63
  • D V Armstrong
Archaeology in Port Royal1992 Archaeology Jamaica 5: 20-2
  • Y Edwards
Skeletal remains from the Seville plantation, Jamaica1992 Archaeology Jamaica 6: 44-50
  • M L Fleischman
Chronology of archaeology in St. Ann1992 Archaeology Jamaica 5: 15-20
  • J W Lee
Archaeological survey of Juan de Bolas settlement, Jamaica, 19921992 Archaeology Jamaica 6: 64-72
  • M Reeves
Early Arawak subsistence strategies: the Rodney site of Jamaica1992 Archaeology Jamaica 6: 28-43
  • S Scudder
The socio-cultural life of Arawak Indians of Jamaica: an archaeological evaluation1992 Archaeology Jamaica 6: 73-96
  • V Wallace
An archaeological investigation of the Upton site: (A-43) St. Ann, Jamaica1992 Archaeology Jamaica 6: 17-27
  • J Wilman