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100 x Congo: a century of Congolese art in Antwerp2021 Tribal art (100): 56-63
  • Els De Palmenaer
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990in special issue 'Our 100th edition'
Beyond a cabinet of curiosities2017 Hali (192): 72-5
  • Gebhart Blazek
*H6/KGG [HALI-]0142-0798
Infrastructures of superdiversity: conviviality and language in an Antwerp neighborhood2014 European journal of cultural studies 17 (4): 431-51
  • Jan Blommaert
H6/KF [EUROPEAN-]1367-5494in special issue 'Convivialities'
'Woman's wit is poor, but who disregards it must be mad': woman's image in Sephardic proverbs2011 Literatura ludowa 1: 11-26
  • Agnieszka August-Zarębska
  • Monika Głowicka
H6/KVM [LITERATURA-]0024-4708English summary
The Antwerp diamond trade with Portuguese India (1590-1635)2004 Bulletin des séances. Académie Royale des Sciences d'Outre-Mer (New Series) 50 (4): 467-94
  • John Everaert
H6/KY [INSTITUT-]0001-4176Flemish and English summaries
Een Sioux-tabakspijp uit de collectie van het Ethnographisch Museum2002 Driemaandelijks bulletin (Antwerp) 29: 15-22
  • Ann Lips
In how far will ethnographic museums differ from social history museums in the new millennium? The case of two museum in Antwerp, Belgium1998 Etnolog (New Series) 8: 401-6
  • Jan van Alphen