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Conceiving of the end of the world: Christian doctrine and Nahua perspectives in the sermonary of Juan Bautista Viseo2021 Ethnohistory 68 (1): 125-45
  • Stephanie Schmidt
Memories of better times before the Christians came to Mexico and Guatemala2021 Ethnohistory 68 (2): 167-90
  • Kevin Terraciano
“What’s on the earth is in the stars; and what’s in the stars is on the earth”: Lakota relationships with the stars and American relationships with the apocalypse2021 American Indian culture and research journal 45 (1): 137-56
  • Suzanne Kite
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463in special issue 'Settler science, alien contact, and searches for intelligence'
The apocalyptic heritage in Fray Toribio de Benavente, "Motolinía"2020 Estudios de historia novohispana (63): 33-66
  • Gabriela Rodríguez Sandoval
H6/KUL [ESTUDIOS-]2448-6922English summary
Visual essay 12019 World art 9 (2): 103
  • Chelsea M. Herr
H6 [WORLD-]2150-0908in special issue 'Future history: indigenous futurisms in North American visual arts'
Anthropologists are talking - about capitalism, ecology, and apocalypse2018 Ethnos 83 (3): 587-606
  • Anna Tsing
  • Bruno Latour
  • Isabelle Stengers
  • Nils Bubandt
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844in special issue 'Economies of growth or ecologies of survival?'
Utopian, dystopian and apocalyptic metaphors in Robinsonade novels and 'children’s literature' - Robinson Crusoe, The coral island, Lord of the flies2018 Journal of folklore and literature 3: 135-53
  • Devrim Çetin Güven
1300-7491English summary
A social identity approach to the rhetoric of apocalyptic violence in the Sayings Gospel Q2017 History of religions 57 (1): 28-49
  • Simon J. Joseph
H6/KFO [HISTORY-]0018-2710in special issue 'Violence and collective identity in ancient religions'
Euro-American hegemony and Lars von Trier as a 'European director'2017 Journal of folklore and literature 1: 147-78
  • Özlem Denli
  • Selma Köksal
1300-7491English summary
The beast computer in Brussels: religion, conspiracy theories, and contemporary legends in post-Soviet culture2017 Folklore (Tartu) 69: 69-90
  • Aleksandr Panchenko
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0957in special issue 'Rumours and conspiracy theories'
Mujer rodeada de sol: antecedentes iconográficos de la Virgen de Guadalupe2017 Artes de México (New Series) (125): 44-53
  • Gisela von Wobeser
H6/KFY [ARTES-]in special issue 'Guadalupe Tonantzin'; with English summaries in appendix 'Guadalupe Tonantzin: reflections', 73-96
The epidemiologist as culture hero: visualizing humanity in the age of 'the next pandemic'2016 Visual anthropology 29 (1): 36-53
  • Christos Lynteris
*H6 [VISUAL-]0894-9468
"An indissoluble union": mechanism, mortalism, and millenarianism in the eschatology of David Hartley's Observations on man2016 History of religions 55 (3): 239-68
  • Kara Barr
H6/KFO [HISTORY-]0018-2710
The rhetoric and reality of reform in Irish eschatological thought, circa 1000-11502016 History of religions 55 (3): 269-88
  • Elizabeth Boyle
H6/KFO [HISTORY-]0018-2710
A possible early reference to the Gypsies in Spain prior to 1420. Ms 940 of the Trivulziana Library in Milan, Italy2016 Romani studies 26 (1): 79-86
  • Aaron C. Taylor
H6 [GYPSY-]1528-0748
The origins of De Martino's The end of the world2016 Gradhiva: revue de anthropology et museologie (23): 194-213, 248
  • Carlo Ginzburg
H6 [GRADHIVA-]0764-8928English summary
Muḥammad, Menaḥem, and the Paraclete: new light on Ibn Isḥāq's (d. 150/767) Arabic version of John 15: 23-16: 12016 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 79 (2): 255-78
  • Sean W. Anthony
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977X
How to chronologize with a hammer, or, the myth of homogeneous, empty time2016 Hau 6 (1): 261-91
  • Byron Ellsworth Hamann
2049-1115in special section 'The anthropology of history, edited by Stephen Palmié and Charles Stewart'; French summary
A secular acceleration: theological foundations of the sociological concept of 'social acceleration'2016 Time and society 25 (3): 429-49
  • Felipe Torres
H6 [TIME-]0961-463X
A secular acceleration: theological foundations of the sociological concept 'social acceleration'2016 Time and society 21 (3): 429-49
  • Felipe Torres
H6 [TIME-]0961-463X
Eschatology myths in Turkic mythology2016 Journal of folklore and literature 2: 167-80
  • Onur Alp Kayabaşı
1300-7491English summary
From the black legend about the Mongols to the information about them in the accounts of the Pope's envoys2016 Literatura ludowa 60 (1): 3-18 [insert i]
  • Aleksandra Wierucka
  • Franciszek M. Rosiński
H6/KVM [LITERATURA-]0024-4708English summary
Russia against the Antichrist: the fears of the Orthodox community and the position of the Church2016 Bulgarski folklor 42 (1): 9-24
  • Viktor SHnirel'man
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861in special issue 'Identities - religions - migrations'; English summary
The second coming (the problem of the decline of history)2016 Konteksty 70 (3/4): 19-34, 595
  • Michał Klinger
H6/KVM [POLSKA-]1230-6142English summary
Jerusalem and Malaita: the visions and prophecies of George Umai of West Kwara'ae, Malaita, Solomon Islands2015 Oceania 85 (3): 283-98
  • Terry M. Brown
H6/KX [OCEANIA-]0029-8077in special issue 'Descent from Israel and Jewish identities in the Pacific, past and present'
Love in the time of the post-apocalypse: ways of imagining love after the end of the world2015 Ethno-anthropological problems journal 10 (1): 55-74
  • Ana Banić Grubišić
H6/KVP [ETNOANTROPOLOSKI PROBLEMI Casopis -]0353-1589English and French summaries
Sethian crowns, Sethian martyrs? Jewish apocalypses and Christian martyrs in a Gnostic literary tradition2014 Numen 61 (5/6): 552-68
  • Dylan M. Burns
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973
Disaster prepper: health, identity, and American survivalist culture2014 Human organization 73 (3): 258-66
  • Allison Kabel
  • Catherine Chmidling
H6/KF [APPLIED-]0018-7259
The three angels of Séraphine de Senlis2014 Gradhiva: revue de anthropology et museologie 20: 109-36, 285
  • Giordana Charuty
H6 [GRADHIVA-]0764-8928in thematic issue 'Création, fiction'; English summary
The meaning of destruction: definition and contextualization of disaster movies2014 Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta 62 (1): 199-214
  • Milan Tomašević
H6/KVP [SRPSKA-]2334-8259English summary
Transculturation in art: sculpture in the Posa chapels at the monastery of Calpan, Mexico2013 Colonial Latin American review 22 (1): 39-60
  • Manuel Aguilar-Moreno
*H6/KUL [COLONIAL-]1060-9164in special issue 'Art and evangelization: creating a new art in 16th-century Mexican missions'
Apocalyptic issues in Italian anthropology: from Vittorio Lanternari to Ernesto De Martino2013 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 58 (161): 127-45
  • Andrea Alessandri
  • Marcello Massenzio
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Messianismes entre France et Italie'; English and Spanish summaries
Ernesto De Martino, The end of the world and the anthropology of history2013 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 58 (161): 147-62
  • Daniel Fabre
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Messianismes entre France et Italie'; English and Spanish summaries
Icons from the end of days: visual hagiography among Layennes of Senegal2013 World art 3 (2): 235-58
  • Allen F. Roberts
H6 [WORLD-]2150-0908
Travels of William Blake2013 Kul'tura i vremia 1: 100-29
  • Evgeniia Gurevich
'I believe in God and judgement day' - Hayrun Yahya and the contemporary contextualization of apocalyptic hadiths2013 Ethno-anthropological problems journal 8 (1): 221-38
  • Marko Pišev
H6/KVP [ETNOANTROPOLOSKI PROBLEMI Casopis -]0353-1589English and French summaries
Hesiodic reminiscences in Zoroastrian Hellenistic apocalypses2012 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 75 (2): 275-95
  • Vicente Dobrouka
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977X
Portrayal of monstrous birds in eschatological tales2012 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 1: 4-7
  • Igor' Aleksandrovich Bessonov
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
Israel in contemporary Evangelical Christian millennial tought2012 Numen 59 (5-6): 456-85
  • Yaakov Ariel
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973
Why Maya 2012 fascinates us2012 Expedition 54 (1): 7-11
  • Anthony F. Aveni
H6 [EXPEDITION-]0014-4738
¿Se acabará el mundo en el año 2012 según los presagios mayas?2012 Arqueología mexicana 19 (118): 88-9
  • Eduardo Matos Moctezuma
*H6/KUL [ARQUEOLOGIA-]0188-8218
Meal of the day after tomorrow: ideas about food and nourishment in post-apocalyptic movies2012 Ethno-anthropological problems journal 7 (1): 185-212
  • Ana Banić Grubišić
H6/KVP [ETNOANTROPOLOSKI PROBLEMI. Casopis]0353-1589English and French summaries
The mythology of the plague: swine influenza in texts of electronic folklore2011 Literatura ludowa 4/5: 41-59
  • Anna Pietrzyk
H6/KVM [LITERATURA-]0024-4708English summary
Bugarach (Aude) et la fin du monde en l'an 20122011 Schweizerisches Archiv für Volkskunde 107 (2): 145-73
  • Véronique Campion-Vincent
The book of the Apocalypse2011 Konteksty 65 (4): 131-46, 245
  • Sergio Quinzio
H6/KVM [POLSKA-]1230-6142English summary
Apocalyptic futures: the violent transformation of moral human life among Ayoreo-speaking people of the Paraguayan Gran Chaco2011 American ethnologist 38 (4): 743-57
  • Lucas Bessire
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496
'Great signs from heaven': Christian discourses of the end of the world from New Ireland2011 The Asia Pacific journal of anthropology 12 (1): 13-28
  • Richard Eves
H6 [CANBERRA-]1444-2213in special issue 'Negotiating the horizon - living Christianity in Melanesia'
It's not the end of the world: what the ancient Maya tell us about 20122011 Archaeoastronomy 24: 12-36
  • Mark Van Stone
*H6/KE [ARCHAEOASTRONOMY-]0190-9940in thematic issue 'The Maya calendar and 2012 phenomenon studies'; Spanish summary
Primordial time and future time: Maya era day mythology in the context of the Tortuguero 2012 prophecy2011 Archaeoastronomy 24: 37-55
  • Carl D. Callaway
*H6/KE [ARCHAEOASTRONOMY-]0190-9940in thematic issue 'The Maya calendar and 2012 phenomenon studies'; Spanish summary
Anticipating the Maya apocalypse: what might the ancient day-keepers have envisioned for December 21, 2012?2011 Archaeoastronomy 24: 143-82
  • John B. Carlson
*H6/KE [ARCHAEOASTRONOMY-]0190-9940in thematic issue 'The Maya calendar and 2012 phenomenon studies'; Spanish summary