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James X: a reflection on rape, race, and redemption2016 Anthropology today 32 (5): 21-5
  • Nancy Scheper-Hughes
An "oasis of freedom" in a "closed society": the development of Tougaloo College as a free space in Mississippi's Civil Rights movement, 1960 to 19642007 Journal of historical sociology 20 (4): 486-520
  • Maria R. Lowe
H6 [JOURNAL-]0952-1909
Power/knowledge failure. Epistemic practices and ideologies of the secret police in former East Germany2003 Social analysis 47 (1): 10-26
  • Andreas Glaeser
0155-977Xin thematic section 'Knowledge and verification' with introduction by I Jordt and K Applbaum, 1-9
'Beyond the melting pot' reconsidered2000 International migration review 34 (1): 262-70
  • Elijah Anderson
H6/KD [INTERNATIONAL-]0197-9183with introduction to special section 'Beyond the Melting Pot 35 years later: on the relevance of a sociological classic for the immigration metropolis of today' by R Alba
Visions for Christianity in the 21st century2000 International review of mission 89 (354): 361-72
  • Roswith Gerloff
H6/KFO [INTERNATIONAL-]0020-8582in special issue 'Open space: the African Christian diaspora in Europe and the quest for human community'
The rise and fall of the Red Power movement1999 European review of Native American studies 13 (1): 1-8
  • Alan R. Velie
From colonial liberation to Cold War liberalism: Walter White, the NAACP, and foreign affairs, 1941-19551998 Ethnic and racial studies 21 (6): 1074-95
  • Kenneth R. Janken
Indigenous peoples in international law1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 58-61
  • S. James Anaya
Self-determination and activism among American Indians in the United States 1972-19971997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 32-5
  • Duane Champagne
Processes of change and indigenous participation1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 43-6
  • Lucia D'Emilio
Indigenous peoples six years after the new Colombian constitution1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 40-2
  • Antonio Jacanamijoy Tisoy
Historical sociology and core data: comment on Robnett1997 American journal of sociology 102 (6): 1693-8
  • David Keys
comments on 'African-American women in the civil rights movement, 1954-1965: gender, leadership, and micromobilization' by B Robnett in Amer J Sociol 1996 (101:6) 1661-93; with reply by Robnett, see this issue, 1997 (102:6) 1698-701
From family to nation: organizing the Mississippi movement1997 Ethnic and racial studies 20 (3): 628-34
  • Peter Ling
review article on Local people: the struggle for civil rights in Mississippi by J Dittmer (Urbana, IL: Univ Illinois Pr, 1995) and I've got the light of freedom: the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle by CM Payne (Berkeley, CA: Univ California Pr, 1995)
25 years of the indigenous movement in the Americas and Australia [introduction to special issue]1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 21-3
  • Theodore Macdonald jr
The Pan-Mayan movement: Mayans at the doorway of the new millennium1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 28-31
  • Victor D. Montejo
Ecuador's indigenous people: [We seek true participation]1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 36-7
  • Pablo Ortiz-T
The indigenous movement in Brazil: a quarter century of ups and downs1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 50-3
  • Alcida Rita Ramos
Formal titles and bridge leaders: reply to Keys [D Keys, see this issue, 1693-8]1997 American journal of sociology 102 (6): 1698-701
  • Belinda Robnett
The indigenous role in Guatemalan peace1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 24-7
  • Kay B. Warren
Violence on Indian Day in Brazil 1997: symbol of the past and future1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (2): 47-9
  • Robin M. Wright