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Volga-Ural and West Siberian components in the folklore of the Sámi and the Baltic Finns2022 Folklore 133 (1): 47-72
  • Evgeny Duvakin
  • Yuri Berezkin
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]1469-8315
The serpent and the crow: reassessing fairy-tale motifs in the old Icelandic Ragnars saga loðbrókar2022 Folklore 133 (1): 73-95
  • Romina Werth
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]1469-8315
Plots of Gothic origin in Ukrainian folklore prose2022 Folklore (Tartu) 85: 161-80
  • Mykhailo Rakhno
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0949
Legends on two wheels: motorcycles and bikers in ledger art2022 First American art magazine 34: 20-5
  • James G. Bland
H6/KUB [FIRST-]2333-5548
Tang Chang - a reluctant 'outsider' of Thai modern art2022 World art 12 (1): 1-23
  • Enid Hiu-yue Tsui
H6 [WORLD-]2150-0908
Unveiling the character gallery of sermons: a social network analysis of 11,955 Danish sermons2022 Temenos: Nordic journal of comparative religion 58 (1): 119-46
  • Anne Agersnap
  • Kirstine Helboe Johansen
  • Ross Deans Kristensen-Mclachlan
Enigmatic variations: an early stylistic influence on the development of Mohawk floral beadwork2022 Whispering wind 49 (3): 6-11
  • Richard Green
*H6/KUB [WHISPERING-]0300-6565
The Kalaṅkyaṅ in Old Javanese literature: from bird of prey to mirror image of the poet2022 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 178 (2/3): 252-71
  • Jiří Jákl
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
Laocoonte indiano: memoria de serpientes, imitación y pathos en Arauco domado (1596) de Pedro de Oña2022 Colonial Latin American review 31 (2): 236-56
  • Sandra Accatino
*H6/KUL [COLONIAL-]1466-1802in monographic issue 'Pasiones americanas'
Guanacos engravings in the interfluvium of the Gallegos-Chico (Santa Cruz, Argentina): its southernmost distribution in Patagonia2022 Boletín del Museo chileno de Arte precolombino 27 (1): 131-49
  • Judith Charlin
  • Liliana M. Manzi
  • M. Cecilia Pallo
  • M. Laura Iamartino
  • Rodrigo Cabrera
H6/KE [BOLETIN-]0716-1530English summary
Rice and rhyme: seeing Zhuang rice-related folklore through their folk songs2021 Folklore 132 (1): 34-58
  • Haitao Liu
  • Yanni Lin
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]1469-8315
Islamisation and the formation of vernacular Muslim material culture in 15th-century northern Sumatra2021 Indonesia and the Malay world 49 (143): 1-41
  • Ardiansyah
  • Nizamuddin
  • Tai Yew Seng
  • E. Edwards McKinnon
  • Jessica Rahardjo
  • Kerry Sieh
  • Luca Lum En-Ci
  • Nazli Ismail
  • Patrick Daly
  • R. Michael Feener
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1469-8382
An Inca “epic hymn” in a colonial quero: presentation and preliminary study2021 Chungará 53 (1): 55-80
  • Mariusz Ziółkowski
  • Sylwia Siemianowska
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
Socially engaged art in postcolonial Japan: an alternative view of contemporary Japanese art2021 World art 11 (1): 71-93
  • Hiroki Yamamoto
H6 [WORLD-]2150-0908
From Sufism to communism: incarnations of the Uyghur song 'Imam Hüsäynim'2021 Central Asian survey 40 (1): 76-96
  • Mu Qian
*H6/KW [CENTRAL-]0263-4937in special issue 'The social role of art and culture in Central Asia'
Queer identity in the contemporary art of Kazakhstan2021 Central Asian survey 40 (1): 113-31
  • Saltanat Shoshanova
*H6/KW [CENTRAL-]0263-4937in special issue 'The social role of art and culture in Central Asia'
Passion flower and wheel of fortune: an oya motif as an example of textile form and color design2021 Textile: the journal of cloth and culture 19 (1): 2-25
  • Gérard J. Maizou
  • Kathrin Müller
H6/KGG [TEXTILE-]1475-9756
From embroidered painting to needle words2021 Textile: the journal of cloth and culture 19 (1): 91-105
  • Jia Xu
H6/KGG [TEXTILE-]1475-9756
Rock art and occupational sequence of Quebrada de las Cañas (Tafí del Valle, Tucumán, Argentina)2021 Boletín del Museo chileno de Arte precolombino 26 (1): 73-91
  • Amanda Eva Ocampo
  • Mirella Sofía Lauricella
H6/KE [BOLETIN-]0716-1530English summary
The undesired other: on the negative attitude towards the ‘Other’ in South Slavic oral lyric in the context of love and weddings2021 Folklore 132 (2): 140-64
  • Ana Vukmanović
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]1469-8315
Knowing nature: bear-human bestiality in the Gesta Romanorum2021 Folklore 132 (2): 189-207
  • Jennifer Alberghini
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]1469-8315
An analysis of motif clusters at the Nanguluwurr Rock Art Site, Kakadu National Park, N. T. Australia2021 Journal of field archaeology 46 (6): 414-28
  • Andrea Jalandoni
  • Joakim Goldhahn
  • John A. Hayward
  • Paul S. C. Taçon
  • Sally K. May
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]2042-4582
The missing Macassans: indigenous sovereignty, rock art and the archaeology of absence2021 Australian archaeology 87 (2): 127-43
  • Daryl Wesley
  • Joakim Goldhahn
  • Paul S. C. Taçon
  • R. Lamilami
  • Sally K. May
*H6/KE [AUSTRALIAN-]0312-2417
Note about the 'idols' of the Moroccan High Atlas2021 Almogaren 52: 253-6
  • Alain Rodrigue
H6/KE [ALMOGAREN-]French and German summaries
Moche pottery: forms, functions, and social change2021 Ñawpa Pacha 41 (2): 187-209
  • Jeffrey Quilter
H6/KE [NAWPA-]0077-6297Spanish summary
Ann Flood, Mairéad Farrell, and the representation of armed femininity in Irish Republican ballads2021 Ethnomusicology 65 (3): 471-96
  • Seán Ó Cadhla
H6/KFYV [ETHNOMUSICOLOGY-]0014-1836Gaelic summary
Patrons, clientele and patronage: iconography of the Virgin of Mercy and Saint Joseph's patronage in New Spain2021 Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas 43 (119): 169-208
  • Antonio Rubial García
H6/KFY [MEXICO-]0185-1276English summary
Two stripe ("two path") wampum belts: different tropes for a single decorative theme2021 Northeast anthropology (87-88): 37-71
  • Marshall Joseph Becker
H6/KUB [MAN IN THE NORTHEAST-]1068-9982French summary
Narrating a nation left behind: the innocent child in two novels of Zimbabwe2021 Journal of southern African studies 47 (5): 889-901
  • Lena Englund
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1465-3893in special issue 'Reading repression and resistance in Zimbabwean literature'
Analysis of the worldwide distribution of the 'man or animal in the moon' motifs2021 Folklore (Tartu) 84: 127-44
  • Marc Thuillard
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0949
Motifs of inanimate nature and atmospheric phenomena in Polish folktales2021 Folklore (Tartu) 84: 145-66
  • Marcin Lisiecki
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0949
Recalling socialism through clubbing posters: a visual analysis of grassroots alternative memory practices2021 Martor: revue d'anthropologie du Musée du Paysan Roumain (26): 74-92
  • Alexandra Bardan
H6/KVQ [MARTOR-]2734-8350in thematic issue 'Visual ethics after communism'
Disappearing and disappeared daughters in medieval Chinese Buddhism: Sūtras on sex transformation and intervention into their transmission history2021 History of religions 60 (4): 255-86
  • Stephanie Balkwill
H6/KFO [HISTORY-]0018-2710
Pictorial graffiti from the Ghazali northern church, Sudan: an overview2021 Journal of African archaeology 19: 187-204
  • Artur Obłuwski
  • Julia Maczuga
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1612-1651
Boundless encounters - the impression of the 2019 3rd Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art2021 Textile: the journal of cloth and culture 19 (2): 136-43
  • Xu Jia
H6/KGG [TEXTILE-]1475-9756
The anaconda as a snake canoe: myth and shamanism in the eastern Amazon, Brazil2021 Boletín de antropología (Antioquia) 36 (61): 164-86
  • Alexandre Guida Navarro
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0120-2510in special issue 'Cuerpos, corporalidades y territorios: un diálogo abierto'; English, French and Portuguese summaries
Lyric formulas as traditional compositional processes in the folk blues: a case study of Furry Lewis2020 Ethnomusicology 64 (1): 141-66
  • J. Tyler Fritts
Cultural nationalism of the interwar period: Latvian visual art and folklore2020 Nations and nationalism 26 (1): 155-75
  • Toms Ķencis
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
An investigatıon on the use of [folklore] products in the first youth literature: The age of shadows-Kunday2020 Journal of folklore and literature (102): 265-79
  • Nuran Başoğlu
1300-7491English summary
Lyric formulas as traditional compositional processes in the folk blues: a case study of Furry Lewis2020 Ethnomusicology 64 (1): 141-66
  • J. Tyler Fritts
Three Cinderella tales from the mountains of southwest China2020 Journal of folklore research 57 (2): 119-52
  • Fan Pen Li Chen
H6/KF [INDIANA-]0737-7037
Themes in early south Indian commercial photography2020 Visual anthropology 33 (4): 348-62
  • Christopher Penn
*H6 [VISUAL-]0894-9468in special issue 'Envisioning the antipodes: South India, South America, Southern Africa'
When the moral mentors lapse: a comparative study of Estonian and Belarusian clergy jokes2020 Folklore 131 (3): 292-309
  • Anastasiya Fiadotava
  • Liisi Laineste
  • Tõnno Jonus
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]1469-8315
Incest, eclipse, and the origin of the moon's spots: nature as darkness and chaos in Amerindian myth2020 Journal of folklore research 57 (3): 27-62
  • Deon Liebenberg
H6/KF [INDIANA-]0737-7037
War-talk: an urban youth language of siege in Nairobi2020 Journal of Eastern African studies 14 (4): 707-23
  • Wangui Kimari
H6/KY [EASTERN-]1753-1055in thematic section 'Youth, the Kenyan state and a politics of contestation'
Raja Bersiong or the Fanged King2020 Indonesia and the Malay world 48 (142): 263-80
  • Tan Zi Hao
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Unravelling the Battle of Britain lace panel2020 Textile: the journal of cloth and culture 18 (1): 24-38
  • Carol Quarini
H6/KGG [TEXTILE-]1475-9756in special issue 'Missing persons and hidden heritages in European lace making'
Cultural resource management of the dying ivory craftsmanship as reflected in the wood carving of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala2020 Journal of Indo-Pacific archaeology 44: 1-18
  • Sudipa Saha
The rock art of Kisar Island, Indonesia: a small island with a wealth and diversity of artistic expression2020 Journal of Indo-Pacific archaeology 44: 19-51
  • Adam Black
  • Daud Tanudirjo
  • Lucas Wattimena
  • Mahirta Mahirta
  • Marlon Ririmasse
  • Mohammad Husni
  • Mujabuddawat Mujabuddawat
  • Shimona Kealy
  • Stuart Hawkins
  • Sue O'Connor
  • Wuri Handoko
A new side of the 'sacrificer'. Tiwanaku iconography in bone tubes from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (400-1000 AD)2020 Boletín del Museo chileno de Arte precolombino 25 (2): 97-126
  • Boris Santander
  • Helena Horta
  • Javier Echeverría
  • Muriel Paulinyi
H6/KE [BOLETIN-]0716-1530English summary