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Arousing and mastering feelings of alien inspiration in one's own speech: pragmatics of the shamanic songs of the Suruí of Rondônia (Southern Amazonia)2012 Anthropological linguistics 54 (4): 371-400
  • Cédric Yvinec
Protein genetic studies among the Tupi-Mondé Indians of the Brazilian Amazonia1998 American journal of human biology 10 (6): 711-22
  • F. M. Salzano
Blood pressure levels of the Suruí and Zoró Indians of the Brazilian Amazon: group- and sex-specific effects resulting from body composition, health status, and age1991 Human biology 63 (6): 835-61
  • C E A Coimbra jr
  • M Fleming-Moran
  • R V Santos
Socioeconomic transition and physical growth of Tupí-Monde [ Amerindian children of the Aripuana] park, Brazilian Amazon1991 Human biology 63 (6): 795-819
  • C E A Coimbra jr
  • R V Santos