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The 1979 test pits at Albeşti - Şcoală, Mureş County2018 Materiale şi cercetări arheologice (Serie Nouă) (14): 237-48
  • George Baltag
  • Radu Harhoiu
H6/KE [MATERIALE ARHEOLOGICE-]0076-5147English summary
On the eastward spread of early Slavs in the Roman time2017 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 3: 71-88
  • Andreĭ M. Oblomskiĭ
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Field investigation in the commune of Strunga (Iaşi county), at the point of Dealul Pârjolita2016 Arheologia Moldovei 39: 277-89
  • Angela Simalcsik
  • Dan Aparaschivei
  • Sever-Petru Boţan
  • Ştefan Honcu
H6/KE [ARHEOLOGIA-]0066-7358English summary
Alani burial of the Migration period on the Middle Don2015 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 1: 112-20
  • Aleksandr P. Medvedev
  • Valeriĭ D. Berezutskiĭ
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
A destroyed grave with a lunula pendant from the Sambian peninsula2014 Wiadomości archeologiczne 65: 277-83
  • Konstantin N. Skvortsov
H6/KE [WIADOMOSCI-]0043-5082English summary
History of research on the sites of early CHerniakhovo culture2014 Folia praehistorica posnaniensia 19: 175-87
  • Maksym Stroceń
H6/KE [FOLIA-]0239-8524Ukrainian and English summaries
Finds of brooches of type 216/217, Almgren Group VII, from the territory of Dollkeim-Kovrovo culture2013 Wiadomości archeologiczne 64: 210-7
  • Konstantin N. Skvortsov
H6/KE [WIADOMOSCI-]0043-5082English summary
Beads from the Great Migration period from the 'royal' kurgan of Žuráň, south Moravia2013 Kratkie soobshcheniia 228: 46-57 [plates I-II]
  • A.V. Mastykova
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. Institut Istorii Material'noy Kultury. Kratkiye Soobs'hcheniya-]0130-2620in thematic section 'Investigations of the Department of Rescue Archaeology of the Institute of Archaeology, RAS'; English summary
CHerniakhovo culture burial on the river Don2013 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 1: 172-8
  • I.S. Kamenetskiĭ
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063
Colonization history, infrastructure and environmental conditions in the area of the water shed between Dniepr and Severskij Donets in the 3rd-5th cent. A.D. Archaeological, numismatical and palynological investigations2012 Eurasia antiqua: Zeitschrift für Archäologie Eurasiens 18: 153-83
  • Erdmute Schultze
  • Jurij Čendev
  • Kirill Myzgin
  • Michail Ljubičev
H6/KE [EURASIA-]0949-0434English and Russian summaries
The handmade pottery from Trench XIX of Tanais (Russian Federation). Hellenistic and Bosporan period, as well as the pottery from the migration period settlement including the handmade bowls of the Chernyakhov culture2012 Eurasia antiqua: Zeitschrift für Archäologie Eurasiens 18: 197-294
  • Michael Ullrich
H6/KE [EURASIA-]0949-0434English and Russian summaries
The archaeology at Wólka Łasiecka 1, comm. Bolimów, distr. Skierniewice2012 Wiadomości archeologiczne 63: 161-225
  • Teresa Dąbrowska
  • Witold Bender
H6/KE [WIADOMOSCI-]0043-5082English summary
Preliminary results using magnetometry at the settlement sites: geophysical survey of the Razdol'e II settlement (case study)2012 Kratkie soobshcheniia 226: 71-7
  • O.A. Radiush
  • V.G. Bezdudnyĭ
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. Institut Istorii Material'noy Kultury. Kratkiye Soobs'hcheniya-]0130-2620in special section 'Materials of the fifth round table "Archaeology and geoinformatics" (Moscow, 14-15 April 2010)'; English summary
Ethnic and cultural interaction during the Great Migration period: archeometallographic data (based on materials from the Volga-Kama and Oka regions)2012 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 1: 82-9
  • L.S. Rozanova
  • N.N. Terekhova
  • V.I. Zav'ialov
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA ARKHEOLOGIYA]0869-6063English summary
On the agriculture of Alans in the Kislovodsk basin in the 1st millennium AD2012 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 3: 50-62
  • A.V. Borisov
  • D.S. Korobov
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA ARKHEOLOGIYA-]0869-6063English summary
Dresden-Dobritz/Zerniki Wielke type awls: some remarks on implements from the late Roman and early migration period2011 Wiadomości archeologiczne 62: 65-82
  • Jan Schuster
H6/KE [WIADOMOSCI-]0043-5082German and English summaries
Male and female dress accessories in the CHerniakhovo culture2011 Arkheolohiia : 65-80
  • O.V. Gopkalo
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOHIYA-]0235-3490in special issue (Ukrainian Archaeology Yearbook 2011)
A 4th-century Ciscarpathian complex of grain stores2010 Kratkie soobshcheniia 224: 316-23, 339
  • L.V. Vakulenko
H6/KVY [AKADEMYA-]0130-2620English summary
The 'Suebian' from Mordovia: towards research of the ethnic and cultural contacts of the Volga Finns in the 3rd century2010 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 1: 26-37
  • I.P. Akhmedov
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
The population of the Roman period in eastern Ukraine. On the contacts between the Černjachov and the Kiev culture2010 Eurasia antiqua: Zeitschrift für Archäologie Eurasiens 16: 301-23
  • Boris Magomedov
  • Rostislav Terpilovskij
H6/KE [EURASIA-]0949-0434English and Russian summaries
At the mouth of the river Tiras lived Hellenes, calling themselves Tirians2009 Kul'tura i vremia 1: 24-49
  • T.L. Samoĭlova
Floodplain ancient Rus monuments of the Dnepr river Kiev Region2009 Arkheolohiia 2: 54-60
  • A.V. Petrauskas
  • I.A. Hotun
  • M.V. Kvitnyts'kiĭ
  • O.A. Koval'
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOHIYA-]0235-3490Russian and English summaries
Physical anthropology, archaeology and Slavonic ethnogenesis2008 Archaeologia polona 53 (1): 111-34
  • Marek Dulinicz
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924comments on 'Origin of the Slavs as a topic of discussion' by J. Piontek in Archaeol pol 44 (2006), 317-31 and 'Origin of the Slavs: anthropological perspectives' by R. Dąbrowski in Archaeol pol 44 (2006), 333-8; English summary
Annotations on early Christianity among east Germanic tribes in Moldova and eastern Romania2008 Eurasia antiqua: Zeitschrift für Archäologie Eurasiens 14: 333-40
  • Gudrun Gomolka-Fuchs
H6/KE [EURASIA-]0949-0434English, Rumanian and Russian summaries
Cluster of dwelling sites of the second quarter and mid-first millennium AD near the Malaya Treshchevka village2008 Kratkie soobshcheniia 222: 76-84
  • A.P. Medvedev
  • D.V. Akimov
H6/KVY [AKADEMYA-]0130-2620
Cremations in the Cherneliv-Rus burial ground of the CHerniakhovo culture2008 Arkheolohiia 1: 7-14
  • V.S. Tylishchak
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
Contacts between the settled population of the Dnipro forest-steppe region with the Sarmatians from the middle of the 1st to the middle of the 3rd centuries AD2008 Arkheolohiia 2: 22-9
  • M.V. Liubichev
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
The origin and early ethnic history of the Slavs2008 Narodna tvorchist’ ta etnohrafiya 6: 24-31 [insert i-ii]
  • Serhii Seheda
H6/KVY [NARODNA-]0130-6936
On results and perspectives of archaeological research on the costume of CHerniakhovo culture2007 Arkheolohiia 2: 48-57
  • O. V. Hopkalo
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490Russian and English summaries
Imitations of Roman Fibulae with bulbous terminals (Zwiebelknopffibeln) in the Baltic region2007 Slavia antiqua 48: 251-65
  • Vladimir Kulakov
H6/KE [SLAVIA-]0080-9993English summary
On the production of turned pottery in the Černjachov culture. A kiln from the settlement site Vojtenki 1, eastern Ukraine2007 Ethnographisch-archäologische Zeitschrift 48 (2): 187-202
  • Erdmute Schultze
  • Michail Ljubičev
H6 [ETHNOGRAPHISCH-]0012-7477English and Russian summaries
Population of the upper Don area on the eve and during the Hun invasion of Eastern Europe2007 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 3: 41-51
  • D. V. Akimov
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
A Roman sword from the Sochi region of Krasnodar territoty2007 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 3: 52-6
  • O. A. Radiush
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Role of the population of the CHerniakhovo culture in the formation of anthropological structures of the Slavonic population of the Ukraine in the second half of the first and the beginning of the second millennia AD2007 Arkheolohiia 3: 47-57
  • T. O. Rudych
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
Olbia and the barbarians in late antiquity2007 Arkheolohiia 4: 47-54
  • B. V. Makhomedov
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
Unilateral antler combs from Romuliana2006 Starinar 56: 353-66
  • Sofija Petković
H6/KE [STARINAR-]0350-0241
Odontological analysis of Wielbark culture population from the Rogowo cemetery (Poland)2006 Česká antropologie 56: 102-4
  • Beata Iwanek
  • Janusz Piontek
  • Serhyi Segeda
  • Tomasz Kozłowski
Ethnogenese der Slawen im Lichte der neueren anthropologischen Forschungen2006 Slavia antiqua 47: 161-89
  • Janusz Piontek
H6/KE [SLAVIA-]0080-9993German summary
CHerniakhovo agriculture2006 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 4: 41-9
  • G. F. Nikitina
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Vojtenki 1 - A settlement of the Chernyakhov culture in the northeastern Ukraine2006 Eurasia antiqua 12: 269-88
  • Michail V. Ljubičev
H6/KE [EURASIA-]0949-0434English and Russian summaries
Grey ware ceramics of the Lower Bug region in Roman times. by findings from settlements in the vicinity of Olbia2006 Eurasia antiqua 12: 289-352
  • Boris V. Magomedov
  • Erdmute Schultze
  • Sergej B. Bujskich
H6/KE [EURASIA-]0949-0434English and Russian summaries
Origin of the Slavs: an anthropological perspective2006 Archaeologia polona 44: 333-8
  • Robert Dąbrowski
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924
Problem of the origin of Slavs in the interfluve of the Dnister and Dnieper rivers2006 Arkheolohiia 2: 44-52
  • D. N. Kozak
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
New settlement of the Late Chornolis culture in the Chyhyryn region2006 Arkheolohiia 2: 58-62
  • V. I. Poltavets
  • V. V. Neroda
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
Study of the Cherneliv-Russky burial ground (1973-2000)2006 Arkheolohiia 3: 80-3
  • V. S. Tylishchak
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
Coins as an historical source of study of the population of CHerniakhovo culture2006 Arkheolohiia 4: 46-51
  • B. V. Makhomedov
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
La Tène fibulae in the south-eastren Baltic zone2005 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 1: 37-49
  • V. I. Kulakov
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Concerning a certain group of vessels from the epoch of the Great Migration2005 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 32-45
  • A. M. Oblomskiĭ
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Über den aktuellen Stand der Forschungen der Kulturkontinuität zwischen dem Altertum und dem Frühmittelater in Polen Gesichtpunkt eines Autochthonisten2005 Slavia antiqua 46: 9-38
  • Tadeusz Makiewicz
H6/KE [SLAVIA-]0080-9993German summary
The 'princely' burials in the Baltic zone of the B1-C1 phases2005 Kratkie soobshcheniia 218: 48-64, 166
  • V. I. Kulakov
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. Institut Istorii Material'noy Kultury. Kratkiye soobshcheniya]0130-2620English summary