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Intimate clips: sealskin sewing, digital archives, and the work of Mittimatalik Arnait Miqsuqtuit collective2018 Museum anthropology review 12 (2): 75-99
  • Nancy Wachowich
in special issue 'Digital representation of indigenous peoples through sharing, collaboration, and negotiation'
Nomadic Nenets women's sewing skills: the ethno-pedagogical process of transferring traditional skills and knowledge by Nenets women through the generations as part of their nomadic culture2018 Arctic anthropology 55 (2): 97-116
  • Zoia Vylka Ravna
*H6 [ARCTIC-]0066-6939
Glass and stoneware knapped tools among hunter-gatherers in southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego2017 Antiquity 91 (359): 1330-43
  • Amalia Nevo Delaunay
  • Flavia Carballo Marina
  • Hernán De Angelis
  • Juan Bautista Belardi
  • María José Saletta
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Late Archaic ritualism in domestic contexts: clay-floored shrines at the Burrell Orchard site, Ohio2017 American antiquity 82 (4): 683-701
  • Brian G. Redmond
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Physical representation of the chaîne opératoire for processing of hides at Palaeoeskimo sites in Nunavik2015 Etudes inuit 39 (2): 173-203
  • Marie-Michelle Dionne
*H6/KUB [ETUDES-]0701-1008in special issue 'Archaeology of Nunavik and Labrador: tribute to Patrick Plumet'; English summary
The Barcelonian magazine "The Art of Tanning" and the Paraguayan quebracho: journalism and economy2014 Boletín americanista 44 (1): 123-44
  • Gabriela Dalla-Corte Caballero
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0520-4100English summary
Kolkata's Chinese community and their economic contributions2013 South Asia research 33 (2): 163-76
  • Arpita Bose
H6/KWL [SOUTH-]0262-7280
Assessing the efficacy of red ochre as a prehistoric hide tanning ingredient2011 Journal of African archaeology 9 (2): 131-58
  • Riaan F. Rifkin
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1612-1651French summary
Hide tanning and its use in the taiga: the case of the Orochen-Evenki reindeer herders and hunters in Zabaikalye (east Siberia)2010 Journal of ethnology and folkloristics 4 (2): 97-114
  • Donata Brandišaukas
H6/KVT [JOURNAL-]1736-6518
Wooden artefacts from Gariwerd rockshelters, western Victoria2009 Australian archaeology (68): 23-30
  • R.G. Gunn
*H6/KE [AUSTRALIAN-]0312-2417
Ochre and hide-working at a natufian burial place2009 Antiquity 83 (322): 935-54
  • Laure Dubreuil
  • Leore Grosman
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Leatherworking in the Kazan Khanate (based on data from excavations in 1994-2005)2009 Anthropology and archeology of Eurasia 48 (2): 73-95
  • R.R. Valiev
The hide trade and Wichita social organization: an assessment of ethnological hypotheses concernign polygyny2008 Plains anthropologist 53 (208): 431-43
  • Richard R. Drass
  • Stephen M. Perkins
  • Susan C. Vehik
H6/KUB [PLAINS-]0032-0447Memoir 40; monographic issue 'Land of our ancestors; studies in protohistoric and historic Wichita cultures', with bibliography in appendix 577-93
La lavorazione tradizionale delle pelli di bovino con strumenti in ossidiana nel Wolayta (Etiopia meridionale)2007 Archivio per l'antropologia e la etnologia 137: 249-57
  • Luca Bachechi
H6 [ARCHIVIO-]0373-3009English summary
Animal bones from the medieval Otok (Gutenwerth) near Dobrava pri Škocjanu, Slovenia2006 Arheološki vestnik 57: 457-78
  • László Bartosiewicz
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966English summary
Inventory estate of a tanner in the town of Csongrád2005 Acta ethnographica Hungarica 50 (1-3): 67-97
  • Judit Szűcs
H6/KVN [ACTA-]1216-9803English summary
A review of the scientific research of archaeological leather footwear finds in Lithuania2004 Lituanistica 59 (3): 47-56
  • Arunas Puškorius
H6/KVT [LITUANISTICA]0235-716XEnglish summary
Endscrapers from the Eaton site2004 The bulletin: journal of the New York State Archaeological Association (120): 37-46
  • Sharon Jenkins
*H6/KE [BULLETIN-]1046-2368
Leather footwear: the informational potential of archaeological collections (according to the materials of the excavations in Moscow)2003 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 17-30
  • D. O. Osipov
0869-6063English summary
El descarnado de pieles: un oficio de la curtiduría y sus riesgos para la salud2003 Antropología (Mexico) 70: 75-85
  • Faustino Hernández Pérez
  • Martha Hernández Cáliz
Ancient tanning industry on the territory of Ukraine2003 Arkheolohiia 3: 111-33
  • V. M. Voinarovs'kyi
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOHIYA-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
The functional purpose of the 'cogged scapulas'2003 Arkheolohiia 3: 134-44
  • V. B. Pankovs'kyi
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOHIYA-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
Practial evaluation of a field test for the identification of ancient vegetale tanned leathers2002 Journal of archaeological science 29 (1): 17-21
  • C. van Driel-Murray
Learning old crafts of tanning in Lithuania in the late 19th and early 20th century2002 Liaudies kultûra 6: 28-36
  • Janina Morkūnienè
0236-0551English summary
Tan and time: technical change and historical dimension of tanning in France (14th-18th centuries)2001 Techniques et culture 38: 147-74
  • Eva Halasz-Csiba
0248-6016English and Spanish summaries
Folk methods of dressing raw hide: peculiarities and ethnocultural interaction2001 Liaudies kultûra 6: 16-25
  • Janina Morkūnienė
0236-0551English summary
Family in the tannery-craftsmanship environment: Brezova pod Bradlom in the first half of the 20th century2001 Etnologické rozpravy 1: 62-89
  • Maria Číčelová
The gilds of the village of Mošovce2001 Zborník slovenského národného Múzea: etnografia 95 (42): 158-79
  • Júlia Ragačová
H6/KVL [SLOVENSKE-]0139-5475in monographic issue on 'The folk culture of Turiec region'; English summary
Processing of raw materials, home production, crafts, trade and transport in the region of Turiec2000 Zborník slovenského národného Múzea: etnografia 94 (41): 58-77
  • Daša Ferklová
H6/KVL [SLOVENSKE-]0139-5475in monographic issue on 'The folk culture of Turiec region'; English summary
Local skin tanning in Zaria1999 West African journal of archaeology 29 (1/2): 150-5
  • Benedicta N. Mangut
  • Joseph D. Mangut
0331-3158in special issue 'Africa's indigenous technology with particular reference to Nigeria'
The tanners of Lithuania1999 Liaudies Kultūra 64 (1): 1-20
  • Janina Morkūnienė
English summary
Inventory of a tanner's legacy from Csongrád1998 Ethnographia 109 (2): 629-57
  • Judit Szűcs
0014-1798English summary
Tanning and tanneries: an introduction to archaeology of the leather industry1997 North American archaeologist 18 (2): 121-47
  • William B. Grobbel