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Arid fidelity, reluctant capitalists: salvage, curation, and the circulation of Tuareg music on independent record labels2019 Ethnomusicology forum 28 (3): 260-82
  • Eric J. Schmidt
H6/KFYV [BRITISH-]1741-1912
Das Hochzeitszeremoniell beim Vasallenstamm der Dag-Rhali2019 Almogaren 50: 83-105
  • Franz Trost
H6/KE [ALMOGAREN-]English and French summaries
The past of dreams: gender, memory and Tuareg oneiric inspiration2018 Africa 88 (1): 122-37
  • Amalia Dragani
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in special section 'Revenge, dreams, myths and laughter'; French summary
Le genre du rêve. Pratiques oniriques et oniromantiques chez les Touaregs2018 Anthropologie et sociétés 42 (2-3): 361-83
  • Amalia Dragani
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in thematic issue 'Divining, foreseeing and occasioning'
The making of Tuareg music: comparative analysis, from the Sahara Desert to the World Music2018 L'Homme (227-228): 179-208
  • Marta Amico
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216English summary
In search of shared anthropology: photographic narration of Souleymane Mohamed2018 Glasnik slovenskega etnološkega Društva 58 (3/4): 91-105
  • Ana Sarah Lunaček Brumen
H6/KVP [SLOVENSKO ETNOLOSKO DRUSTVO. Glasnik]0351-2908English summary
Tierfabeln und Tiergeschichten der Twareg (Kel-Ahaggar und Kel-Adrar)2017-2018 Almogaren 48-49: 7-38
  • Franz Trost
H6/KE [ALMOGAREN-]English and French summaries
A southern view on the Tuareg rebellions in Mali2017 African studies review 60 (1): 53-75
  • Kassim Kone
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section 'Forum on Mali'; French summary
Global media and local verbal art representations of northern Malian Tuareg2017 African studies review 60 (1): 77-100
  • Susan J. Rasmussen
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section 'Forum on Mali'; French summary
Tuareg students in the former Soviet bloc2017 Cahiers d'études africaines 57 (2): 417-32
  • Amalia Dragani
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055in special issue 'Quelles contributions des élites "rouges" au façonnement des états post-coloniaux?'; English summary
Resilience in a mountain range: the case of the Tafrars Acacus (southwest Libya)2017 Nomadic peoples (NS) 21 (2): 268-85
  • Stefano Biagetti
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942in special issue 'Ancient pastoralisms'
Tuareg rock2017 Arts & cultures : 56-67
  • Jean-Marie Hosatte
An unexplored market town of the early trans-Saharan trade2017 Journal of African archaeology monograph series 12: 7-20
  • Sam Nixon
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]in monographic issue 'Essouk-Tadmekka: an early Islamic trans-Saharan market town', with bibliography 411-22
Debating trans-Saharan commerce and culture2017 Journal of African archaeology monograph series 12: 268-78
  • Sam Nixon
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]in monographic issue 'Essouk-Tadmekka: an early Islamic trans-Saharan market town', with bibliography 411-22
Working in the desert. The significance of labour performances among Tuareg nomads in the Algerian Sahara2017 Anthropos (St Augustin) 112 (2): 574-83
  • Anja Fischer
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774
From Tuareg poetry to Portuguese saudade2017 Cahiers de litterature orale 81: 179-204
  • Dominique Casajus
H6/KF [CAHIERS-]0396-891Xin thematic issue 'Le poète et l’inspiration''; English and Portuguese summaries
In Malian Islam: shaykh Bāy al-Kuntī (d. 1347/1929) and his Nawāzil2016 Cahiers d'études africaines 56 (4): 775-98
  • Aïcha Belabid
  • Houari Touati
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055English summary
Tuareg resistance viewed through the lens of World Music2016 Cahiers d'études africaines 56 (4): 821-44
  • Marta Amico
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055English summary
Hütte, Zelt und Wohnbedürfnis. Wohnraumansprüche bei Tuareg-Nomaden in der Zentralsahara2016 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 146: 205-19
  • Anja Fischer
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in thematic issue 'Wohnen und Wohnraum'; English summary
Erzählungen der Twareg am nächtlichen Lagerfeuer2015-2016 Almogaren 46-47: 7-44
  • Franz Trost
H6/KE [ALMOGAREN-]English and French summaries
The silencing of unifying tribes: the colonial construction of tribe and its 'extraordinary leap' to nascent nation-state formation in Western Sahara2015 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (NS) 7 (2): 168-90
  • Konstantina Isidoros
H6/KF [OXFORD-]2040-1876
An ambiguous spirit dream and Tuareg-Kunta relationships in rural northern Mali2015 Anthropological quarterly 88 (3): 635-63
  • Susan Rasmussen
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491
Poétesses en marge: un cas d'interdiction de la parole poétique féminine2015 Cahiers de litterature orale (77-78): 111-41
  • Amalia Dragani
H6/KF [CAHIERS-]0396-891Xin thematic issue 'Paroles publiques, paroles confidentielles'; English summary
Farmer-herder conflict, land rehabilitation, and conflict prevention in the Sahel region of West Africa2014 African study monographs supplementary issue 50: 103-22
  • Shuichi Oyama
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0286-9667
Herbal treatments for bites of viperidae in Western Niger2014 Curare 37 (3): 232-5, 264
  • Tilman Musch
H6/KGT [CURARE-]0344-8622in thematic issue 'Ethnobotanical contributions to medical anthropology'; French and German summaries
Joining the essuf (the invisible): rites of passage and healing in the Tuareg population of Ahaggar (Algerian Sahara)2014 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 15 (3): 346-55
  • Faiza Seddik Arkam
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378English and Spanish summaries
Herden ohne Hirten. Diversifizierung, Flexibilität und Reduktion der Arbeit bei Tuareg-Nomaden in Süd Algerien2014 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 144: 337-52
  • Anja Fischer
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in thematic issue 'Der arbeitende Mensch'; English summary
A society in motion: the Tuareg from the pre-colonial era to today2013 Nomadic peoples (NS) 17 (1): 106-25
  • Andrew Alesbury
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942
Von heißen Wunden. Kleine Ethnographie der Verletzung bei Tuareg-Nomaden in der algerischen Zentralsahara2013 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 143: 295-306
  • Anja Fischer
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in thematic issue 'Verwundung und Heilung'; English summary
Las revueltas tuareg bajo el prisma histórico de la longue durée ¿Nuevas estructuras sociales o la perpetuación de la tradición de los pueblos nómadas del Sáhara?2013 Studia africana (24): 43-58
  • Xavier Puigserver Blasco
H6/KY [STUDIA-]1130-5703English summary
Saharan chic2012 Hali (171): 58-61
  • Ros Weaver
*H6/KGG [HALI-]0142-0798
Moving to stay: Iklan spatial strategies toward socioeconomic emancipation in northern Mali, 1898-19602012 Journal of African history 53 (2): 195-213
  • Aurelien Mauxion
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0021-8537
Everyday writing among the Tuareg2012 L'Homme 201: 31-54
  • Dominique Casajus
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216English summary
Mobilität in der Sahara: Tuareg Nomaden und ihre Reitkamele in der algerischen Wüste2012 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 142: 171-84
  • Anja Fischer
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in thematic issue 'Bewegung - Fortbewegung'; English summary
Hand in hand, the matter of the Tuareg quest for unity and its own state2012 Konteksty 66 (1/2): 205-24, 369
  • Adam Rybiński
H6/KVM [POLSKA-]1230-6142English summary
Discovery of a pendant made of schist in a preislamic tumulus in Aïr. Its connexion with the so-called Crrss of Agadez and the origin of the latter2011 Sahara 22: 29-46
  • Henri Lhote
H6/KE [SAHARA-]1120-5679French and Italian summaries
"To have ash": nomads anchoring in Touareg territory2011 Techniques et culture 56: 78-97
  • Hélène Claudot-Hawad
*H6 [TECHNIQUES-]0248-6016in thematic issue 'Habiter le temporaire; habitations de fortune, mobiles, et éphémères'; English summary
Courtly poetry and love rivalry2010 L'Homme 194: 75-109
  • Dominique Casajus
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216English summary
From beauty to identity: the Twareg's representation of aesthetic expression2010 Techniques et culture 2 (54-55): 611-25
  • Catherine Hincker
*H6 [TECHNIQUES-]0248-6016in thematic issue 'Cultures matérielles: une anthologie en forme de manuel'; English summary
Contested performances: at the crossroads of local and global aesthetic knowledge and practice in "modern" urban Tamajaq (Tuareg) theater in norther Mali2010 Anthropological quarterly 83 (4): 753-82
  • Susan Rasmussen
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491
Modern nomads, vagabonds, or cosmopolitans? Reflections on contemporary Tuareg society2010 Journal of anthropological research 66 (4): 449-62
  • Ines Kohl
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
The slippery sign cultural constructions of youth and youthful constructions of culture in Tuareg men's face-veiling2010 Journal of anthropological research 66 (4): 463-84
  • Susan J. Rasmussen
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
Main dans la main, ou des aspirations unificatrices et nationales des Touaregs2010 Africana bulletin 58: 11-46
  • Adam Rybiński
H6/KY [AFRICANA-]0002-029X
Production of space in Tuareg history: power, marginalization, and resistance2010 Arizona anthropologist 20: 60-80
  • Annika Eriksen
Dispersing the viewpoint: Sahara chronicle2009 Critical interventions: journal of African art history and visual culture 5: 12-30
  • Ursula Biemann
H6/KFY [CRITICAL-]1930-1944
Matriarchal nomads and freedom fighters: transnational Amazigh consciousness and Moroccan, Algerian, and Nigerien artists2009 Critical interventions: journal of African art history and visual culture 5: 70-101
  • Cynthia Becker
H6/KFY [CRITICAL-]1930-1944
Excavating Essouk-Tadmakka (Mali): new archaeological investigations of early Islamic trans-Saharan trade2009 Azania 44 (2): 217-55
  • Sam Nixon
H6/KY [AZANIA-]0067-270XFrench summary
Les hommes bleus du Sahara, ou l'autochtonie globalisée2008 Civilisations 57 (1-2): 57-73
  • Corinne Cauvin Verner
H6 [CIVILISATIONS-]in thematic issue 'Tourisme, mobilités et altérités contemporaines'; English summary
The people of solitude: recalling and reinventing essuf (the wild) in traditional and emergent Tuareg cultural spaces2008 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 14 (3): 609-27
  • Susan J. Rasmussen
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Performing the predicaments of national belonging: the art and politics of the Tuareg ensemble Tartit at the 2003 Folklife Festival2008 Journal of American folklore 121 (479): 80-96
  • Jay Straker
H6/KF [JOURNAL-]0021-8751in special issue 'Constructing folklife and negotiating the nation(al): the Smithsonian Folklife Festival'