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World Bank, October 3, 1995 Ethics and spiritual values and the promotion of environmentally sustainable development: '50 years of the World Bank, over 50 tribes devastated'1996 Akwesasne notes 2 (1): 88-93
  • Oren Lyons
The National Indian Brotherhood and the Assembly of First Nations: the story1996 Akwesasne notes 2 (1): 28-34
  • Kelly Whiteduck
with appendix 'Our home and native land': presentation by National Chief Ovide Mercredi, Assembly of First Nations to the Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs, December 5, 1995
Mohawks in the Mexican environment1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (2): 40-5
  • L. S. Benedict
Fighting demons on the other side of the world: indigenous resistance in Chile1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (2): 22-7
  • E. Bono
No evading natural law1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (2): 66-7
  • D. George-Kanentiio
The state of Indian America: 19951995 Akwesasne notes 1 (1): 8-9
  • Douglas M George-Kanentiio
Indigenous peoples, self-determination and the unfounded fear of secession [first published in World citizen news, Feb /March 1995]1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (2): 62-4
  • Indian Law Resource Center
Indigenous peoples, self-determination and the unfounded fear of secession1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (2): 62-4
  • Indian Law Resource Center
Repatriation [first published in New york Times 1995 March 5]1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (2): 30-5
  • G. P. Jemison
The fire at Onondaga: wampum as proto-writing1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (1): 40-8
  • Barbara A Mann
Akwesasne (Mitchell) vs. The Queen: border crossing goes to the Supreme Court of Canada and Native people prepare to hear a Canadian judgement on their ancient treaty and inherent rights1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (1): 62-8
  • Mike Mitchell
The Indian Defense League of America1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (2): 48-54
  • J. Rickard
Renegade nation: if smuggling and gambling are the Mohawks' future, so is the outlaw Tony Laughing [first publ in Men's Journal Dec/Jan 1994/5]1995 Akwesasne notes 1 (1): 74-80
  • Peter Wilkinson