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Makahs, Quileute, and the precontact history of the Northwestern Olympic peninsula, Washington2019 Journal of northwest anthropology 53 (1): 1-53
  • Gary C. Wessen
H6/KUB [NORTHWEST-]1538-2834
The iconicity of lengthening and reduplicating suffixes in Nuuchahnulth2014 International journal of American linguistics 80 (4): 533-52
  • Michael Fortescue
Verb-argument composition in Nuuchahnulth: a special case of denominal verb formation2008 International journal of American linguistics 74: 511-28
  • John Stonham
Drift and the grammaticalization divide between northern and southern Wakashan2006 International journal of American linguistics 72 (3): 295-324
  • Michael Fortescue
The origin of the Wakashan classificatory verbs of location and handling2006 Anthropological linguistics 48 (3): 266-87
  • Michael Fortescue
Grammatical convergence and the genesis of diversity in the Northwest Coast Sprachbund2000 Anthropological linguistics 42 (2): 147-213
  • David Beck
Mary R. Haas's contribution to Wakashan linguistics1997 Anthropological linguistics 39 (4): 569-77
  • William H. Jacobsen jr
Functions of the Nootka (Nuu-Chah-Nulth) 'passive' suffix1997 International journal of American linguistics 63 (3): 412-31
  • Toshihide Nakayama