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Management of conflicts over pastures and field among the Baggara Arabs of the Sudan belt2000 Nomadic peoples (N.S.) 4 (1): 37-49
  • Ulrich Braukam?per
0822-7942French and Spanish summaries
Strategies of environmental adaptation and patterns of transhumance of the Shuwa Arabs in the Nigerian Chad basin1996 Nomadic peoples 39: 53-67
  • Ulrich Braukämper
Spanish summary
Some traditional husbandry and ethnoveterinary practices of the Messerya Humr Baggara transhumants of southern Kordofan1996 Nomadic peoples 39: 147-54
  • Ahmed S. el Wakeel
Spanish summary
The impact of international wage labor migration on Hawazma (Baggara) pastoral nomadism1991 Newsletter Commission on Nomadic Peoples 28: 56-70
  • B J Michael