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Cosmology, world view and ecology among north-east Indian tribes: a critique2018 South Asian anthropologist 18 (2): 189-201
  • N.K. Das
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
Spatio-political interpretations of ethnic conflict in Bodoland territorial area district2018 Oriental anthropologist 18 (1): 167-76
  • Avijit Sahay
  • Namrata Handique
  • Nikhil Roy
*H6/KF [ORIENTAL-]0972-558X
The paradox of indigeneity: Adivasi struggle for ST status in Assam2018 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 52 (1): 186-211
  • Ashmita Sharma
  • Saqib Khan
Religious beliefs and practices among the Meche community of eastern Tarai, Nepal2015 South Asian anthropologist 15 (2): 145-9
  • Seeta Siwakoti (Olee)
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
The cultural ife of the Kacharis if Assam, North-East India2013 Vanyajati 61 (4): 26-30
  • Jemy Gupta
  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Swapnali Barman
H6/KWL [VANYAJATI-]0042-2622
Social exclusion, governance breakdown and minority represssion in northeast India2013 Annuaire roumain d'anthropologie 50: 53-63
  • Nava Kishor Das
H6/HB [ANNUAIRE-]0039-3886in special issue 'Social exclusion in India: critical ethnographic discourse from the margins'
In memoriam: Kailash Dutta (1976-28.4.2012) and Parag Moni Sarma (1967-28.4.2012)2012 Folklore (Tartu) 51: 219-20
  • Anonymous
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0957
Nutritional status of Sonowal Kachari children of Dibrugarh district, Assam2007 The Anthropologist: international journal of contemporary and applied studies of man 9 (3): 233-5
  • Jaswant Singh
  • Sarthak Sengupta
A note on some morphogenetic variables among the Sonowal Kacharis of Assam2003 The Anthropologist 5 (3): 211-12
  • Bhaskar Das
  • Sarthak Sengupta
Descent groupings, belief system and social structure among the Dimasa Kacharies of Assam2002 Man in India 82 (1/2): 73-99
  • Babul Roy
Tooth occlusion pattern and cerumen types among the Sonowal Kacharis of Assam2002 The Anthropologist 4 (4): 301-2
  • Bhaskar Das
  • Sarthak Sengupta
Distribution of ABO blood groups and Rh (D) factors among the Sonowal Kacharis of Assam2002 The Anthropologist 4 (4): 297-8
  • Bhaskar Das
  • Sarthak Sengupta
The Bodo movement and Bodo women: a case study of organising women within an ethnic movement2001 Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India 50 (4): 67-72
  • Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri
H6/KWL 'INDIA-'0970-3411in special issue 'Ethnic situation in India'
Medical pluralism and pattern of acceptance of the different medical options among the Dimasa Kacharis of North Cachar hills in Assam2001 Journal of human ecology 12 (1): 25-32
  • A. N. M. Irshad Ali
  • Babul Roy
Child care and motherhood: a case study among the Sonowal Kacharis of Assam1999 Man in India 79 (3/4): 331-45
  • Indira Barua
Life cycle of Sonowal Kacharis of Assam1999 Vanyajati 47 (2): 31-7
  • Arundhati Phukan Gogoi
Socio-religious aspect of health among Sonowal Kachari1998 Eastern anthropologist 51 (4): 351-62
  • Indira Barua
Age at menarche and menopause among the Sonowal women of Dibrugarh, Assam1997 Journal of human ecology 8 (6): 485-6
  • Mondira Kalita
  • Sarthak Sengupta
Digital patterns of the Sonowals of Assam1997 Journal of human ecology 8 (3): 215-16
  • Dipen Sarmah
  • Sarthak Sengupta
Menarche in north-east Indian communities: some bio-social aspects1996 South Asian anthropologist 17 (2): 65-72
  • Indira Barua
Rites of passage and gender roles among the Deoris and the Sonowal Kacharis1994 Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society 29 (3): 239-47
  • Chandra Jyoti Sonowal