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The moral dilemmas of tobacco producers in Nayarit, Mexico2021 Etnografías Contemporáneas 7 (12): 32-52
  • Lourdes Salazar Martínez
2451-8050English summary
Displacing empire: aphasia, ‘trade’, and histories of empire in an English city2020 History and anthropology 31 (3): 331-51
  • Alex J. Gapud
H6 [HISTORY-]1477-2612
Constructing development in the tobacco area of Corrientes (Argentina). Political disputes about technical definitions, 1972-19782020 Runa: archivo para la ciencias del hombre 41 (2): 339-55
  • Javier Ramón Antonio Ferragut
0325-1217English and Portuguese summaries
Reactions of peasants to global capital in Zimbabwe: a case study of tobacco contract farming in Mashonaland Est Province2018 African study monographs supplementary issue (57): 121-45
  • Yumi Sakata
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0286-9667in monographic issue 'Land, agriculture and unfinished decolonization in Africa: essays in honours of Sam Moyo'
The tobacco city: the discourse on the industrial heritage2016 Bulgarska etnologiia 42 (2): 243-58
  • IAna Gergova
  • Lina Gergova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213in special issue 'Ethnologia urbana'; English summary
Documenting impact: an impact case study of anthropological collaboration in tobacco control2015 Anthropology in action 22 (2): 14-23
  • Andrew Russell
  • Sue Lewis
H6/KF [BASAPP-]0967-201Xin special issue 'Anthropology and the impact agenda'
Ethnicity, class and politicisation: immigrant Roma tobacco workers in Turkey2015 Romani studies 25 (2): 167-96
  • Egemen Yilgür
H6 [GYPSY-]1528-0748
Cloaks and veils: countervisualizing cigarette factories in and outside of China2015 Anthropological quarterly 88 (4): 907-40
  • Matthew Kohrman
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491
Albums of “El Buen Tono”. Photography and social Catholicism (Mexico, 1894-1909)2015 Boletín americanista 65 (71): 77-96
  • Thelma Camacho Morfín
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0520-4100in special issue 'Catolicismo e imagen en México'; English summary
"It's really hard to tell the true story of tobacco": stigma, tellability, and reflexive scholarship2012 Journal of folklore research 49 (2): 127-52
  • Ann K. Ferrell
H6/KF [INDIANA-]0737-7037in special issue 'The stigmatized vernacular: where reflexivity meets untellability'
Being embedded: a way forward for ethnographic research2011 Ethnography 12 (3): 398-416
  • A.J. Russell
  • S.J. Lewis
H6/KF [ETHNOGRAPHY-]1466-1381
Pipes and tobacco use in western areas of present-day Poland in the period between the 17th and the beginning of the 20th century2011 Folia praehistorica posnaniensia 16: 435-42
  • Ɓukasz Gil
H6/KE [FOLIA-]0239-8524English summary
De la representación a la huelga. Las trabajadoras del tabaco (Ciudad de México, segunda mitad del siglo XIX)2009 Boletín americanista 59: 265-88
  • Florencia Gutiérrez
  • Vanesa E. Teitelbaum
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0520-4100English summary
Cigar production: how race, gender and political ideology were inscribed onto tobacco2009 Ethnic and racial studies 32 (1): 257-77
  • Gabriela Sandoval
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in thematic issue 'Gender, race and religion: intersections and challenges'
'Devushka' and cigarette: fluid migrants across the EU border2009 Slovenský národopis 57 (5): 546-59
  • Jakub Grygar
H6/KVL [SLOVENSKY-]1335-1303
Internal and international migration: role of the borders in the mobilisation of networks in a Bulgarian Muslim village2009 Bulgarski folklor 35 (2): 22-37, 133
  • Neda Deneva
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861English summary
Trafficking in tobacco farm culture: tobacco companies' use of video imagery to undermine health policy2009 Visual anthropology review 25 (1): 1-24
  • Martin G. Otañez
  • Stanton A. Glantz
H6 [PROGRAM-]1053-7147
Good clean tobacco: Philip Morris, biocapitalism, and the social course of stigma in North Carolina2008 American ethnologist 35 (357-79)
  • Peter Benson
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496
El Campo: faciality and structural violence in farm labor camps2008 Cultural anthropology 23 (4): 589-629
  • Peter Benson
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356
Farmers and farmworkers. Two centuries of strategic alterity in Kentucky's tobacco fields2007 Critique of anthropology 27 (1): 87-102
  • Ann E. Kingsolver
H6 [CRITIQUE-]0308-275X
Land concentration, efficiency and productivity in the tobacco industry: a failed experiment of the 1990s2004 Alteridades 14 (27): 31-56, 181-2
  • Horacio Mackinlay
H6/KF [ALTERIDADES-]0188-7017in thematic issue 'Nuevas visiones del campo mexicano'; English summary
Selling luxury: the rise of the Egyptian cigarette and the transformation of the Egyptian tobacco market, 1850-19142003 International journal of Middle East studies 35 (1): 51-75
  • Relli Shechter
Turning over a new leaf? The Havana cigar revisited2000 New West Indian guide 74 (3/4): 235-55
  • Jean Stubbs
Forjando la vida: dichas y desdichas de las obreras de las fábricas cigarreras del Porfiriato2000 Dimensión antropológica 7 (18): 29-52
  • Ana Maria Saloma Gutiérrez
Interpreting socioeconomic changes in 17th-century England and Port Royal, Jamaica, through analysis of the Port Royal kaolin clay pipes2000 International journal of historical archaeology 4 (1): 61-78
  • Georgia L. Fox
Funerals, big matches and jolly trips: 'contextual spaces' of smoking risk for Sri Lankan adolescents1999 Anthropology and medicine 6 (3): 337-57
  • Garrett Mehl
1364-8470in special issue 'Cultural aspects of cancer control and palliative care]
La emigración cubana de Cayo Hueso (1855-1896): independencia, tabaco y revolución1998 Revista de Indias 58 (212): 237-54
  • Maria Dolores González-Ripoll Navarro
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]English summary
Displaying the postcolonial past: the Kudus Kretek Museum in Java1997 Visual anthropology review 13 (1): 28-39
  • G. G. Weix
Algunos productos básicos de la agricultura venezolana en el siglo XVIII: añil, cacao y tabaco1997 Boletín americanista 47: 249-59
  • María Teresa Zubiri Marín
Tobacco manufacture on Cuba1992 Revista de Indias 52 (194): 7-8, 129-56
  • Fernández D González
English summary
Saving the children for the tobacco industry1991 Medical anthropology Quarterly 5 (3): 236-56
  • E Cartwright
  • Mark Nichter