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Genetics, lifestyle and the roles of amyloid beta and oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease2003 Annals of human biology 30 (6): 639-67
  • C. S. Atwood
  • G. Veurink
  • R. N. Martins
  • S. J. Fuller
0301-4460German, French and Spanish summaries
Human lysozyme gene mutations cause hereditary systemic amyloidosis1993 Nature 362: 553-7
  • M B Pepys
Familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy in Sweden: geographical distribution, age of onset, and prevalence1993 Human heredity 43 (5): 288-94
  • A Sousa
The first case of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP Met30) in the Finnish population1992 Human heredity 42 (3): 184-8
  • B Udd
  • G Holmgren
  • U Drugge
A new transthyretin mutation associated with amyloid cardiomyopathy1992 American Journal of human genetics 50 (5): 1027-30
  • M J M Saraiva