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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society of East AngliaCurrently indexed
    Proceedings Rhodesia Scientific AssociationCurrently indexed
    ProgressCurrently indexed
    ProgressusCurrently indexed
    Przegl antropCurrently indexed
    Publicaciones del Instituto de AntropologíaCurrently indexed
    Quarterly statement Palestine Exploration FundCurrently indexed
    RaceCurrently indexed
    RAINCurrently indexed
    Rapa Nui notesCurrently indexed
    Recherches et découvertes archéologiques en RoumanieCurrently indexed
    Records of the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art GalleryCurrently indexed
    Res natn cult hist MusCurrently indexed
    Rev Antrop Arqueol BogotáCurrently indexed
    Revista de antropología [Bogotá]Currently indexed
    Revista de folclorCurrently indexed
    Revue canadienne des études africainesCurrently indexed
    Revue canadienne des études autochtonesCurrently indexed
    Revue d'archéologie et d'histoire ancienneCurrently indexed
    Revue d'ethnographie et de folklore [Bucharest]Currently indexed
    Revue d'ethnographie tchécoslaveCurrently indexed
    Revue de la Société anthropologique de Yugoslavie [or: yougoslave]Currently indexed
    Rhodesia Scientific Association proceedings and transactionsCurrently indexed
    Rivista di AntropologiaCurrently indexed
    Rivista di etnografiaCurrently indexed
    Royal Anthropological Institute newsCurrently indexed
    Royal Anthropological Institute newsletterCurrently indexed
    Royal Ontario Museum archaeological newsletterCurrently indexed
    S Afr J EthnolCurrently indexed
    Sborn sl Spol antropCurrently indexed
    Sbornik Muzeya Antropologii i EtnografiiCurrently indexed
    Sborník Muzeálnej slovenskej SpolocnostiCurrently indexed
    Sborník slovenského národného MúzeaCurrently indexed
    Slovenski etnografCurrently indexed
    Social Science Research Council newsletterCurrently indexed
    South African Archaeological Society newsletterCurrently indexed
    Southwestern journal of anthropologyCurrently indexed
    Sovetskaya arkheologiyaCurrently indexed
    SPC quarterly bulletinCurrently indexed
    SSRC newsletterCurrently indexed
    Studia ethnologicaCurrently indexed
    Studies in the anthropology of visual communicationCurrently indexed
    Suplemento antropológico de la Revista del Ateneo paraguayoCurrently indexed
    Sussex essays in anthropologyCurrently indexed
    SVA newsletterCurrently indexed
    SVA reviewCurrently indexed
    Swedish dialects and folk traditionsCurrently indexed
    TAJACurrently indexed
    Tanganyika notes and recordsCurrently indexed
    The bead journalCurrently indexed
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