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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Eesti rahva Muuseumi aastaraamatAastaraamat.Currently indexed
    Abhandlungen und Berichte der Staatlichen Ethnographischen sammlungen SachsenAbh Ber Staat Ethno Samm Sach.Currently indexed
    Aboriginal historyAborig Hist.Currently indexed
    Acta anthropologica sinicaActa anthrop sinica.Currently indexed
    Acta ethnographica HungaricaActa ethnogr Hung.Currently indexed
    Acta Universitatis Carolinae - philosophica et historicaActa Univ Carol Stud Ethnol.Currently indexed
    African anthropologist: journal of the Pan African Anthropological AssociationAfr Anthrop.Currently indexed
    African archaeological reviewAfr archaeol Rev.Currently indexed
    African and Asian studiesAfr Asian Stud.Currently indexed
    African musicAfr Music.Currently indexed
    African social researchAfr social Res.Currently indexed
    African studiesAfr Stud.Currently indexed
    Afrika und ÜberseeAfr Ubersee.Currently indexed
    Africana linguisticaAfric Ling.Currently indexed
    AfricaAfrica.Currently indexed
    AfricaAfrica.Currently indexed
    AllpanchisAllpanchis.Currently indexed
    AlmogarenAlmogaren.Currently indexed
    American anthropologistAmer Anthrop.Currently indexed
    American antiquityAmer Antiq.Currently indexed
    American ethnologistAmer Ethnol.Currently indexed
    American Indian culture and research journalAmer Indian Cult Res J.Currently indexed
    American Indian rock artAmer Indian rock Art.Currently indexed
    América indígenaAmer indig.Currently indexed
    American journal of human biologyAmer J hum Biol.Currently indexed
    American journal of physical anthropologyAmer J phys Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Amerind studies in archaeologyAmerind Stud archaeol.Currently indexed
    AmérindiaAmerindia.Currently indexed
    Anales de antropologíaAn Antrop.Currently indexed
    Anales de arqueología y etnologíaAn Arqueol Etnol.Currently indexed
    Anales del Museo Nacional de AntropologíaAn Mus nac Antrop Madrid.Currently indexed
    Ancient AmericaAncient America.Currently indexed
    Ancient MesoamericaAncient Mesoamer.Currently indexed
    Andean pastAnd Past.Currently indexed
    Annals of the Náprstek MuseumAnn Naprstek Mus.Currently indexed
    Annales du Service des Antiquités de l'EgypteAnn Serv Antiq Egypte.Currently indexed
    Annual Report/Institute for the Study of the AmericasAnnu Rep Inst Stud Amer.Currently indexed
    Annual review of anthropologyAnnu Rev Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Annuaire roumain d'anthropologieAnnu roum Anthrop.Currently indexed
    AntaeusAntaeus.Currently indexed
    Anthropologischer AnzeigerAnthrop Anz.Currently indexed
    Anthropology and archeology of EurasiaAnthrop Archeol Eurasia.Currently indexed
    Anthropology of consciousnessAnthrop Consc.Currently indexed
    Anthropológica del Departamento de Ciencias SocialesAnthrop Dep Cienc social.Currently indexed
    Anthropological forumAnthrop Forum.Currently indexed
    Anthrop Journal of European Cultures, Biggleswade,UKAnthrop J Eur Cult.Currently indexed
    Anthropologiai közleményekAnthrop Kozl.Currently indexed
    Anthropological linguisticsAnthrop Ling.Currently indexed
    Anthropology of the Middle EastAnthrop M East.Currently indexed
    Anthropological notebooksAnthrop Notebooks.Currently indexed
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