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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Anthropological papersAnthrop Pap Alaska NS.Currently indexed
    Anthropologie et préhistoireAnthrop Praehist.Currently indexed
    Anthropological quarterlyAnthrop Q.Currently indexed
    Anthropological Review: the official publication of the Polish Anthropological Society 2007 (70) - cAnthrop Rev off Pub Pol Anthrop Soc.Currently indexed
    Anthropological Science: journal of the Anthropological Society of NipponAnthrop Sci.Currently indexed
    Anthropological theoryAnthrop Theory.Currently indexed
    AnthropologicaAnthropologica.Currently indexed
    AnthropologieAnthropologie Brno.Currently indexed
    AnthroposAnthropos St Augustin.Currently indexed
    Antipoda: revista de antropología y arqueologíaAntipoda.Currently indexed
    AntiquityAntiquity.Currently indexed
    Antropologia portuguesaAntrop port.Currently indexed
    Antropološki zvezkiAntrop Zvezki.Currently indexed
    Antropologichni izsledvaniiaAntropolog Izsled.Currently indexed
    AntropologíaAntropologia Mex.Currently indexed
    AntropológicaAntropologica.Currently indexed
    AntropológicasAntropologicas.Currently indexed
    Anuario antropológicoAnu antrop.Currently indexed
    Anuarul arhivei de folclorAnu Arh Folcl.Currently indexed
    Anuario de Eusko folkloreAnu Eusko Folkl.Currently indexed
    Anuario indigenistaAnu indig Mex.Currently indexed
    Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie i Folclor ‘Constantin Brăiloiu’Anu Inst Etnogr Folcl ‘C Brailoiu’.Currently indexed
    Archivio per l'antropologia e la etnologiaArch Antrop Etnol.Currently indexed
    Archiv für VölkerkundeArch Volkerk.Currently indexed
    ArchaeoastronomyArchaeoastronomy.Currently indexed
    Archaeology and anthropology: journal of the Walter Roth Museum of AnthropologyArchaeol Anthrop Georgetown.Currently indexed
    Archaeology of eastern North AmericaArchaeol east N Amer.Currently indexed
    Archaeology, ethnology and anthropology of EurasiaArchaeol Ethnol Anthrop Eurasia.Currently indexed
    Archaeology in New ZealandArchaeol NZ.Currently indexed
    Archaeology in OceaniaArchaeol Oceania.Currently indexed
    Archaeologia polonaArchaeol pol.Currently indexed
    Archaeological review from CambridgeArchaeol Rev Camb.Currently indexed
    ArchaeometryArchaeometry.Currently indexed
    Archeologia africana: saggi occasionaliArcheol afric.Currently indexed
    Archeological papersArcheol Pap Amer anthrop Ass.Currently indexed
    Archeologia polskiArcheol polski.Currently indexed
    Archeologické rozhledyArcheol Rozhl.Currently indexed
    ArchivosArchivos.Currently indexed
    Arctic anthropologyArct Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Archeologija un etnografijaArheol etnogr.Currently indexed
    Arheološki vestnikArheol Vestn.Currently indexed
    Arizona anthropologist: papers of the University of Arizona Department of AnthropologyArizona Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Arkheologicheskie vesti [English title: Archaeological news]Arkheol vesti.Currently indexed
    ArkheolohiiaArkheolohiia.Currently indexed
    Arqueología del área intermediaArqueol area Interm.Currently indexed
    Arqueología mexicanaArqueol mex.Currently indexed
    Arqueologia y vidaArqueol vida.Currently indexed
    Arqueología: revista de la Sección Prehistoria/Arqueología, Instituto de Ciencias Antropológicas, Universidad de Buenos AiresArqueologia Buenos AiresCurrently indexed
    Arqueologia: revista do Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas ArqueológicasArqueologia Curitiba.Currently indexed
    Arqueología: revista de la coordinación nacional de arqueología del Instituto nacional de Antropología e Historia, MexicoArqueología Mexico.Currently indexed
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