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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of CeylonCurrently indexed
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri LankaCurrently indexed
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of BengalCurrently indexed
    Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of IrelandCurrently indexed
    Journal of the Solomon Islands Museum AssociationCurrently indexed
    Journal of the Straits Branch Royal Asiatic SocietyCurrently indexed
    Kratkiye soobshcheniya o dokladakh i polevykh issledovaniyakh Instituta Istorii material'noy KulturyCurrently indexed
    Le folklore macédonienCurrently indexed
    LSB Leakey Foundation newsCurrently indexed
    Magyarországi délszlávok néprajzaCurrently indexed
    Man Cult OceaniaCurrently indexed
    Man in New GuineaCurrently indexed
    Man in the northeastCurrently indexed
    MankindCurrently indexed
    Material from archaeological investigations at Nowa HutaCurrently indexed
    Meddelanden från Nordiska MuseetCurrently indexed
    Medical anthropology newsletterCurrently indexed
    Micronoticias Sociedad Antropológica de ColombiaCurrently indexed
    Minzokugaku-KenkyuCurrently indexed
    Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgruppe Anthropologie der biologischen Gesellschaft in der DDRCurrently indexed
    Mitteilungen des Archäologischen Instituts der Ungarischen Akademie der WissenschaftenCurrently indexed
    Mitteilungen zur KulturkundeCurrently indexed
    Monde de l'art tribalCurrently indexed
    Museum Ethnographers' Group newsletterCurrently indexed
    MuseumCurrently indexed
    Muzeum a sou asnostCurrently indexed
    Národopisné aktualityCurrently indexed
    Národopisny sborníkCurrently indexed
    Natal Mus J HumanCurrently indexed
    New diffusionistCurrently indexed
    New Zealand Archaeological Association newsletterCurrently indexed
    News from Survival InternationalCurrently indexed
    Newsletter Commission on Nomadic PeoplesCurrently indexed
    Newsletter of the New Zealand Archaeological AssociationCurrently indexed
    Newsletter Program in Ethnographic FilmCurrently indexed
    Newsletter Society for the Anthropology of Visual CommunicationCurrently indexed
    Nigerian teacherCurrently indexed
    Northeast Indian quarterlyCurrently indexed
    Northwest anthropological research notesCurrently indexed
    Nyasaland journalCurrently indexed
    New Zealand journal of archaeologyCurrently indexed
    Occasional papers of the Anthropological InstituteCurrently indexed
    Origine preistoria e protoistoria delle civiltà anticheCurrently indexed
    Peasant studies newsletterCurrently indexed
    Practical anthropologyCurrently indexed
    Prehist Anthrop meditCurrently indexed
    Primitive manCurrently indexed
    Primitive Peoples Fund newsCurrently indexed
    Proceedings of the Central States Anthropological SocietyCurrently indexed
    Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of SciencesCurrently indexed
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