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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Canadian journal of archaeologyCanad J Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Český LidCesky Lid.Currently indexed
    ChungaráChungara.Currently indexed
    ClavaClava.Currently indexed
    Collaborative anthropologiesColl anthrop.Currently indexed
    Contributions to Indian sociologyContr Indian Sociol.Currently indexed
    Contributions to southeast Asian ethnographyContr SE Asia Ethnogr.Currently indexed
    Cosmos: the journal of the Traditional Cosmology SocietyCosmos.Currently indexed
    Critique of anthropologyCrit Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Cross-cultural researchCross-cult Res.Currently indexed
    Cuadernos de antropología (Costa Rica)Cuad Antrop Costa Rica.Currently indexed
    Cuadernos de antropología socialCuad Antrop social (Buenos Aires).Currently indexed
    Cuadernos de antropología socialCuad Antrop social.Currently indexed
    Cuadernos del Instituto nacional de AntropologíaCuad Inst Antrop B Aires.Currently indexed
    Cuadernos de investigación del Archivo TelloCuad Invest Archiv Tello.Currently indexed
    Cultural anthropologyCult Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Cultural dynamicsCult Dynam.Currently indexed
    Culture, health & sexuality: an international journal for research, intervention and careCult Hlth Sexual.Currently indexed
    Culture and religion: an interdisciplinary journalCult Relig.Currently indexed
    Culture & traditionCult Trad.Currently indexed
    CurareCurare.Currently indexed
    Current anthropologyCurr Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Development bulletinDev Bull.Currently indexed
    DiadoraDiadora.Currently indexed
    Dimensión AntropológicaDim Antrop.Currently indexed
    Din Traditiile populare ale Românilor din UngariaDin Trad pop Rom Ung.Currently indexed
    Dolnoslaskie wiadomosci prahistoryczneDolnoslask wiad prahist.Currently indexed
    Durkheimian Studies/Etudes DurkheimiennesDurk Stud.Currently indexed
    Eastern anthropologistEast Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Ecology of food and nutritionEcol Food Nutr.Currently indexed
    Estudios atacameñosEstud atacam.Currently indexed
    Estudios de cultura mayaEstud Cult maya.Currently indexed
    Estudios de cultura náhuatlEstud Cult nahuatl.Currently indexed
    Ethnic and racial studiesEthnic racial Stud.Currently indexed
    Ethno-anthropological problems journalEthno-Anthrop Prob J.Currently indexed
    Ethnographisch-archäologische ZeitschriftEthnogr-archaol Z.Currently indexed
    EthnographiaEthnographia.Currently indexed
    L’Ethnographie: création, pratiques, publicsEthnographie.Currently indexed
    EthnographikaEthnographika.Currently indexed
    EthnographyEthnography.Currently indexed
    EthnohistoryEthnohistory.Currently indexed
    Ethnologia balkanicaEthnol balk.Currently indexed
    Ethnologia europaeaEthnol eur.Currently indexed
    Ethnologia fennicaEthnol fenn.Currently indexed
    Ethnologie françaiseEthnol fr.Currently indexed
    Ethnologia polonaEthnol pol.Currently indexed
    Ethnologia scandinavicaEthnol scand.Currently indexed
    Ethnologia slovaca et slavicaEthnol slov slav.Currently indexed
    EthnologicaEthnologica.Currently indexed
    EthnologyEthnology.Currently indexed
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