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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Indian anthropologistIndian Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Indian journal of physical anthropology and human geneticsIndian J phys Anthrop hum Genet.Currently indexed
    IndianaIndiana.Currently indexed
    Indigenous perspectivesIndig Persp.Currently indexed
    IndilingaIndilinga.Currently indexed
    Inner AsiaInner AsiaCurrently indexed
    International journal of American linguisticsInt J Amer Ling.Currently indexed
    International journal of anthropologyInt J Anthrop.Currently indexed
    IraqIraq.Currently indexed
    Journal of African archaeology monograph seriesJ Afr archaeol mono ser.Currently indexed
    Journal African archaeologyJ Afr Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Journal of African historyJ Afr Hist.Currently indexed
    Journal des africanistesJ Afric.Currently indexed
    Journal of American folkloreJ Amer Folkl.Currently indexed
    Journal of anthropological archaeologyJ anthrop Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Journal of anthropological researchJ anthrop Res.Currently indexed
    Journal of anthropological science: Rivista di AntropologiaJ anthrop Sci Riv Antrop.Currently indexed
    Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (NS) cJ anthrop Soc Oxf (NS).Currently indexed
    Journal for the anthropological study of human movementJ anthrop Stud hum Move.Currently indexed
    Journal of the Anthropological Survey of IndiaJ anthrop Surv India.Currently indexed
    Journal des anthropologuesJ Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Journal of archaeology and anthropology 2007 (67) - cJ Archaeol Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Journal of archaeological method and theoryJ archaeol Meth Theory.Currently indexed
    Journal of archaeological researchJ archaeol Res.Currently indexed
    Journal of archaeological scienceJ archaeol Sci.Currently indexed
    Journal of biosocial scienceJ biosocial Sci.Currently indexed
    Journal of California and Great Basin anthropologyJ Calif Gt Basin Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Journal of cognition and cultureJ cognition CultCurrently indexed
    Journal of contemporary ethnographyJ contemp Ethnogr.Currently indexed
    Journal of ethnology and folkloristicsJ Ethno Folkor.Currently indexed
    Journal of ethnobiologyJ Ethnobiol.Currently indexed
    Journal of field archaeologyJ field Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Journal of folklore researchJ folkl Res.Currently indexed
    Journal of Haitian studiesJ Haiti Stud.Currently indexed
    Journal of human evolutionJ hum Evol.Currently indexed
    Journal of the Indian Anthropological SocietyJ Indian anthrop Soc.Currently indexed
    Journal of Indo-European studiesJ Indo-Eur Stud.Currently indexed
    Journal of Latin American and Caribbean AnthropologyJ Latin Amer Carib Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Journal of Latin American loreJ Latin Amer Lore.Currently indexed
    Journal of legal pluralism and unofficial lawJ legal Plur.Currently indexed
    Journal of linguistic anthropologyJ ling Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Journal of material cultureJ mater Cult.Currently indexed
    Journal of Mediterranean studiesJ Medit Stud.Currently indexed
    Journal of museum ethnographyJ mus Ethnogr.Currently indexed
    Journal of northwest anthropology 2002 (36)J NW Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Journal of Pacific Archaeology 2010 (1:1) - cJ Pacif Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Journal of peasant studiesJ Peasant Stud.Currently indexed
    Journal of the Polynesian SocietyJ Polynes Soc.Currently indexed
    The journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute incorporating ManJ R anthrop Inst.Currently indexed
    Journal of religion in AfricaJ Relig Afr.Currently indexed
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