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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Acción indigenistaAccion indig.Ceased publication
    Advances in archaeological method and theoryAdv archaeol Meth Theory.Ceased publication
    Advances in world archaeologyAdv world Archaeol.Ceased publication
    African abstractsAfr abstr.Ceased publication
    African urban quarterlyAfr urban Q.Ceased publication
    African urban studiesAfr urban Stud.Ceased publication
    Africa-TervurenAfr-Tervuren.Ceased publication
    Africana MarburgensiaAfric Marburg.Ceased publication
    Alcheringa: ethnopoeticsAlcheringa.Ceased publication
    American Indian art magazineAmer Indian Art Mag.Ceased publication
    American Indian basketry and other native craftsAmer Indian Bask Mag.Ceased publication
    América negra: a la zaga de la América ocultaAmer negra.Ceased publication
    Anales de antropología e historiaAn Antrop Hist.Ceased publication
    Analele BanatuluiAn Banatului Etnogr.Ceased publication
    Anales del Museo del Pueblo EspañolAn Mus Puebl esp.Ceased publication
    Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums: human sciencesAnn Cape prov Mus hum Sci.Ceased publication
    Annales de l'Université de Madagascar: Série lettres et sciences humainesAnn Univ Madagascar Ser Lett Sci hum.Ceased publication
    Anthropologia hungaricaAnthrop hung.Ceased publication
    L’AnthropologieAnthropologie Paris.Ceased publication
    AnthropologyAnthropology SUNY.Ceased publication
    AnthropologyAnthropology UCLA.Ceased publication
    Antropologia contemporaneaAntrop contemp.Ceased publication
    Antropología e historia de GuatemalaAntrop Hist Guat.Ceased publication
    AntropologíaAntropologia Quito.Ceased publication
    APLA occasional paperAPLA occ Pap.Ceased publication
    Arabian studiesArab Stud.Ceased publication
    Årbok for Universitetet i BergenArb Univ Bergen.Ceased publication
    Archivos de información sobre el idioma y la cultura de los nahuasArch Idioma Cult Nahuas.Ceased publication
    Archaeostronomy: supplement to Journal of the history of astronomyArchaeoastronomy (Supplement)Ceased publication
    Archaeologia interregionalisArchaeol interreg.Ceased publication
    Archaeology JamaicaArchaeol Jamaica.Ceased publication
    Archaeology at University of CaliforniaArchaeol UCLA.Ceased publication
    ArchéocivilisationArcheocivilisation.Ceased publication
    Arheološki radovi i raspraveArheol Rad Raspr.Ceased publication
    Arkheologicheskiya pamyatniki feodal'noy GruziiArkheol Pam feodal' Gruz.Ceased publication
    Arquivo de anatomia e antropologiaArq Anat Antrop.Ceased publication
    ArrabonaArrabona.Ceased publication
    Art tribalArt Tribal.Ceased publication
    Artesanías de AméricaArtesan Amer.Ceased publication
    Arts d'Afrique noire, arts premiersArts Afr noire.Ceased publication
    Arts and the Islamic worldArts Islam worldCeased publication
    Asian research trendsAsian res Trend.Ceased publication
    Asie du sud-est et monde insulindienAsie SE Monde insul.Ceased publication
    Astronomie et sciences humainesAstr Sci hum.Ceased publication
    Australian external territoriesAust extern Territ.Ceased publication
    Bedrohte VölkerBedroh Volk.Ceased publication
    BerichtBer Basler Mus Volkerk.Ceased publication
    Berliner Jahrbuch für Vor- und FrühgeschichteBerl Jb Vor- Fruhgesch.Ceased publication
    Bulletin of information on computing in anthropologyBICA.Ceased publication
    Bikmaus: a journal of Papua New Guinea affairs, ideas and artsBikmaus.Ceased publication
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