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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    West African journal of archaeologyW Afr J Archaeol.Currently indexed
    West Papuan issuesW Papuan Issues.Ceased publication
    West African Museums Programme BulletinWAMP Bull.No longer indexed
    Wen WuWen Wu.No longer indexed
    Whispering windWhisper Wind.Currently selectively indexed
    Wiadomości archeologiczneWiad archeol.Currently indexed
    Wicazo Sa reviewWicazo Sa Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    Wiener ethnohistorische BlätterWien ethnohist Bl.Ceased publication
    Wiener völkerkundliche MitteilungenWien volkerk Mitt.Ceased publication
    WinakWinak.Currently selectively indexed
    Wissenschaftliche MitteilungenWiss Mitt bosn-herzeg Landesmus.Currently indexed
    World archaeological bulletinWld archaeol Bull.Ceased publication
    World archaeologyWld Archaeol.Currently indexed
    World artWld Art.Currently indexed
    The World of MusicWld Music.Currently indexed
    WordWord.No longer indexed
    West African archaeological newsletterCurrently indexed
    Western Canadian journal of anthropologyCurrently indexed
    Wld tribal ArtCurrently indexed
    Work of Museums of VoivodinaCurrently indexed