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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    The Anthropologist: international journal of contemporary and applied studies of manAnthropologist. Intern J cont app Stud Man.Currently selectively indexed
    The artefactArtefact.Currently indexed
    The Asia Pacific journal of anthropologyAsia Pacif J Anthrop.Currently indexed
    The Australian journal of anthropologyAust J Anthrop.Currently indexed
    The beaver: exploring Canada's historyBeaver.No longer indexed
    The Brunei Museum journalBrunei Mus J.Currently selectively indexed
    The bulletin: journal of the New York State Archaeological AssociationBull J NY archaeol Ass.Currently indexed
    The conchConch.Ceased publication
    The contemporary PacificContemp Pacif.Currently selectively indexed
    The digging stickDigging Stick.Currently selectively indexed
    The journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute incorporating ManJ R anthrop Inst.Currently indexed
    The kivaKivaCurrently indexed
    The Margaretologist: the journal of the Center for Bead ResearchMargaretol J Cent bead Res.Ceased publication
    The northern reviewNth Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    The Olive Pink Society bulletinOlive Pink Soc Bull.No longer indexed
    The Senses and societySen Soc.Currently selectively indexed
    Tabula (Budapest)Tabula.Currently selectively indexed
    Taiwan journal of anthropologyTaiwan J Anthrop.Currently indexed
    TalohaTaloha.Currently indexed
    Tanzania notes and recordsTanzania Notes.No longer indexed
    Tautosakos Darbai (NS)Tautosakos darb (NS).Currently selectively indexed
    Tawantinsuyu: an international journal of Inka studiesTawantinsuyu. Int J Inka Stud.Ceased publication
    TebiwaTebiwa.Ceased publication
    TebtebbaTebtebba.Currently selectively indexed
    Techniques et cultureTechn Cult.Currently indexed
    Temas antropológicosTemas Antrop.Currently indexed
    Temenos: Nordic journal of comparative religionTemenos.Currently indexed
    Tempus: archaeology and material culture studies in anthropologyTempus.No longer indexed
    Ten Den Zen: jahrbuch Über Museum BremenTen Den Zen.Currently selectively indexed
    Tennessee Anthropological Association newsletterTenn anthrop Ass Newsl.No longer indexed
    Tennessee anthropologistTenn Anthrop.Ceased publication
    Tennessee archaeologistTenn Archaeol.Ceased publication
    Terra indígenaTerra indig.Currently indexed
    TerrainTerrain.Currently indexed
    Textiles AsiaText Asia.Currently indexed
    Textile history (Leeds)Text Hist.Currently selectively indexed
    Textile: the journal of cloth and cultureText J cloth Cult.Currently selectively indexed
    Textile Museum journalText Mus J.Currently indexed
    Thai-Yunnan Project newsletterThai-Yunnan Project Newsl.Ceased publication
    Theory, culture and society: explorations in critical social scienceTheory Cult Soc.Currently selectively indexed
    Third text: third world perspectives on contemporary art and cultureThird Text.No longer indexed
    Thraco-DacicaThraco-Dacica.Currently selectively indexed
    Thule: rivista italiana di studi americanisticiThule.Currently selectively indexed
    Tidsskrift for kulturforskningTids Kulturfor.Currently selectively indexed
    Time and mindTime Mind.Currently selectively indexed
    Time and societyTime Soc.Currently selectively indexed
    Tools and tillageTools Tillage.Currently indexed
    TorTor.Currently indexed
    Tourist studiesTourist Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    Trabalhos de antropologia e etnologiaTrab Antrop Etnol.Currently indexed
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