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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    South African journal of ethnologyAnthrop Sth Africa.Currently selectively indexed
    South African archaeological bulletinS Afr archaeol Bull.Currently indexed
    South African journal of scienceS Afr J Sci.No longer indexed
    South American explorerS Amer Explor.Ceased publication
    South Asia researchS Asia res.Currently indexed
    South Asian anthropologistS Asian Anthrop.Currently indexed
    South Asian popular cultureS Asian pop Cult.Currently indexed
    NewsletterS Dakota archaeol Soc Newsl.No longer indexed
    South Dakota archaeologyS Dakota Archaeol.No longer indexed
    South Pacific bulletinS Pacif Bull.Ceased publication
    Sahara: prehistory and history of the SaharaSahara.Currently selectively indexed
    SAIL: studies in American Indian literaturesSAIL Stud Amer Indian Lit.Currently selectively indexed
    SamskritiSamskriti.Currently selectively indexed
    SaranceSarance.Currently indexed
    Sarawak Museum journalSarawak Mus J.Currently selectively indexed
    SavannaSavanna.Currently selectively indexed
    Sbornik Muzeya Antropologii i EtnografiiSborn Muz Antrop Etnogr St Petersburg.No longer indexed
    SborníkSborn sl Spol archeol.No longer indexed
    Schweizerisches Archiv für VolkskundeSchweiz Arch Volksk.Currently indexed
    Scottish studiesScott Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    Scripta ethnológica: supplementaScr ethnol suppl.Ceased publication
    Scripta ethnológicaScr ethnol.Ceased publication
    Southeastern archaeologySE Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Southeast Asian studiesSE Asian Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    Selected reports in ethnomusicologySel Rep Ethnomusic.Currently indexed
    The Senses and societySen Soc.Currently selectively indexed
    Senri ethnological studiesSenri ethnol Stud.No longer indexed
    Shaman: an international journal for shamanistic researchShaman.Currently indexed
    Sibirica: journal of Siberian studiesSibirica.Currently selectively indexed
    Sign language studiesSign Lang Stud.No longer indexed
    Silesia antiquaSiles antiq.Currently indexed
    Slavia antiquaSlav antiq.Currently indexed
    Slovenská archeologiaSlov Archeol.Currently indexed
    Slovenský národopisSlov Narod.Currently indexed
    Society of Malawi journalSoc Malawi J.Currently selectively indexed
    Social analysisSocial Analys.Currently indexed
    Social anthropology: the journal of the European Association of Social AnthropologistsSocial Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Social and economic studiesSocial econ Stud.No longer indexed
    Social networksSocial Netwks.Currently selectively indexed
    Social science informationSocial Sci Inf.Currently selectively indexed
    Sociological reviewSociol Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    SociologusSociologus.Currently indexed
    Sovetskaya etnografiyaSovet Etnogr.Ceased publication
    Space and cultureSpace Cult.Currently selectively indexed
    Sprawozdania archeologiczneSpraw archeol.Currently indexed
    StSt Petersburg J Afr Stud.Ceased publication
    StarinarStarinar.Currently selectively indexed
    Southern African field archaeologySth Afr field Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Southern African humanitiesSth Afr Human.Currently selectively indexed
    Southern AnthropologistSth Anthrop.Currently selectively indexed
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