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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Race and classRace Class.No longer indexed
    Rad vojvodanskih MuzejaRad vojvod Muz.Currently selectively indexed
    RadiocarbonRadiocarbon.No longer indexed
    Rapa Nui journalRapa Nui J.Currently selectively indexed
    Rasy i narodyRasy Nar.Currently selectively indexed
    RazpraveRazpr slov Akad Znan Umet Razr Zgodov.No longer indexed
    RendicontiRC Accad Lincei.No longer indexed
    Readings in Long Island archaeology and ethnohistoryRead Long Isl Archaeol Ethnohist.Ceased publication
    Records of the Auckland Institute and MuseumRec Auckland Inst.No longer indexed
    Records of the Victorian Archaeological SurveyRec Vict archaeol Surv.Ceased publication
    Recherches amérindiennes au QuébecRech amerindien Quebec.Currently selectively indexed
    Régészeti kutatások MagyarországonRegeszeti.Currently selectively indexed
    RehueRehue.No longer indexed
    RelacionesRelac Soc argent Antrop.No longer indexed
    RencontreRencontre.No longer indexed
    Report from the San Francisco Craft and Folk Art MuseumRep S Fran Craft Mus.Currently selectively indexed
    Research in economic anthropologyRes econ Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Research in MelanesiaRes Melanes.Ceased publication
    ResRes.Currently selectively indexed
    Reunión anual de etnologíaReun anual Etnol.Currently indexed
    Revista andinaRev and.Currently indexed
    Revista de antropologíaRev Antrop Sao Paulo.Currently indexed
    Revista de antropología socialRev Antrop social Madrid.Currently indexed
    Revista de arqueología americanaRev Arqueol amer.Currently indexed
    Revista de arqueologiaRev Arqueol Belem.Ceased publication
    Revista BigottRev Bigott.Currently selectively indexed
    Revista chilena de antropologíaRev chil Antrop.Currently indexed
    Revista de ciências sociaisRev Cienc sociais.Currently selectively indexed
    Revista colombiana de antropologíaRev colomb Antrop.Currently indexed
    Revista cubana de ciencias socialesRev cuban Cienc social.Ceased publication
    Revista de dialectología y tradiciones popularesRev Dialect Trad pop.Currently indexed
    Revista española de antropología americanaRev esp Antrop amer.Currently indexed
    Review of ethnologyRev Ethnol Vienna.Ceased publication
    Revue d’ethnolinguistiqueRev Ethnoling.Ceased publication
    Revista de etnografie si folclor (NS) Academia Român, BucharestRev Etnogr Folcl (NS).Currently selectively indexed
    Revista d'etnologia de CatalunyaRev Etnol Catalun.Currently indexed
    Revista de IndiasRev Indias.Currently selectively indexed
    Review of Indonesian and Malayan affairsRev Indones Malay Aff.Currently selectively indexed
    Revista del Instituto de AntropologíaRev Inst Antrop Cordoba.No longer indexed
    Revue de l'Institut de SociologieRev Inst Sociol Brussels.Currently selectively indexed
    Revista mexicana de estudios antropológicosRev mex Estud antrop.Ceased publication
    Revista del Museo de AntropologiaRev Mus Antrop.Currently indexed
    Revista del Museo de Arqueologia Antropologia e Historia (Trujillo)Rev Mus Arqueol Antrop Hist.Currently indexed
    Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e EtnologiaRev Mus Arqueol Etnol Sao Paulo.Currently selectively indexed
    Revista del Museo de Historia Natural de San Rafael-MendozaRev Mus Hist nat San Rafael.Currently indexed
    Revista del Museo de La Plata sección antropologíaRev Mus La Plata Antrop.Ceased publication
    Revista del Museo NacionalRev Mus nacn Lima.Currently indexed
    Revista do Museo paulistaRev Mus paul.Ceased publication
    Revista venezolana de folkloreRev venez Folkl.No longer indexed
    RigRig.Currently indexed
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