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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Panlipi HorizonsHorizons.Ceased publication
    Pacific artsPacif Arts.Currently selectively indexed
    Pacific island focus: an occasional journal of student researchPacif Isl Focus.Ceased publication
    Pacific studiesPacif Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    PaideumaPaideuma.Currently indexed
    El palacioPalacio.No longer indexed
    PaleoetnológicaPaleoetnologica.Ceased publication
    Paléorient: revue interdisciplinaire de préhistoire et de protohistoire de l'Asie du sud-ouestPaleorient.No longer indexed
    Palestine exploration quarterlyPalest Explor Q.Currently selectively indexed
    Památky archeologickéPam archeol.Currently indexed
    PamirovedeniyePamiroved.Ceased publication
    Papers of the Algonquian conferencePap Algonquian Conf.Currently indexed
    Papers from the annual meetingsPap annu Meet Gypsy Lore Soc N Amer.Ceased publication
    Papers on anthropologyPap Anthrop Tartu.Currently indexed
    Papers in anthropologyPap Anthrop.No longer indexed
    Papers from the Institute of ArchaeologyPap Inst Archaeol Lond.Currently indexed
    Paragrana: internationale Zeitschrift für historische AnthropologieParagrana. Intern Zeit hist Anthrop.Currently selectively indexed
    Pari journalPARI J.Currently indexed
    Pastoral andinaPastor and.No longer indexed
    Patterns of prejudicePatt Prejud.No longer indexed
    Pazyryk: Das Jahrbuch der Pazyryk GesellschaftPazyryk.Ceased publication
    Peasant studiesPeasant Stud.Ceased publication
    People and Culture in OceaniaPeop Cult Oceania.Currently indexed
    Perspectives in human biologyPersp hum Biol.Ceased publication
    Philippine quarterly of culture and societyPhilipp Q Cult Soc.Currently selectively indexed
    Philippine sociological reviewPhilipp sociol Rev.No longer indexed
    Photography and culturePhot Cult.Currently selectively indexed
    PictogramPictogram.Ceased publication
    PieceworkPiecework.No longer indexed
    Pinaco: investigaciones sobre antropología cognitivaPinaco Invest Antrop cogn.Currently indexed
    Plains anthropologistPlains Anthrop.Currently indexed
    PNG National Museum recordPNG natn Mus Rec.Ceased publication
    PogromPogrom.No longer indexed
    Polar: political and legal anthropology reviewPolar polit legal Anthrop Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    Polevyye arkheologicheskiye issledovaniyaPolev arkheol Issled Tbilisi.Ceased publication
    Polevyye issledovaniyaPolev Issled.Ceased publication
    Il PoloPolo.No longer indexed
    Population studiesPopul Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    Prace archeologicznePr archeol.Currently indexed
    Prace etnograficznePr etnogr.Currently indexed
    Prace i materia y etnograficznePr Mater etnogr Wroclaw.Currently indexed
    Prace i materialły seria: etnograficznaPr Mater Ser etnogr Lodz.Currently indexed
    Practicing anthropologyPract Anthrop.Currently selectively indexed
    Praehistorische ZeitschriftPraehist Z.Currently indexed
    Prague studies in sociocultural anthropologyPrague Stud Sociocult Anthrop.Currently selectively indexed
    Praktika tes en Athenais archaiologikes HetaireiasPrakt Athen archaiol Hetair.No longer indexed
    PrecolombartPrecolombart.Currently indexed
    Prehistoric AmericanPrehist Amer.No longer indexed
    Préhistoire ariégoisePrehist arieg.No longer indexed
    Préhistoires méditerranéennes N.SPrehist Medit.Currently indexed
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