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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    North American archaeologistN Amer Archaeol.Currently indexed
    North Atlantic studiesN Atlant Stud.Ceased publication
    NADANADA.No longer indexed
    Nanzan studies in cultural anthropologyNanzan Stud cult Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Narodna tvorchist' ta etnohrafiyaNar Tvorch Etnohr.Currently selectively indexed
    Narodna umjetnostNar Umjetn.Currently indexed
    Národopisná revueNarod Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    Národopis Slovákov v MadarskuNarod Slov Madar.Currently indexed
    Národopisný vestník ČeskoslovenskýNarod Vestn csl.Currently indexed
    Národopisný zborníkNarod Zborn.Currently indexed
    Natural historyNat Hist.Currently selectively indexed
    Native SouthNat S.Currently indexed
    Nations and nationalismNations Nationalism.Currently selectively indexed
    Native AmericasNative Amer.Ceased publication
    National Cultural History Museum Research Journal 2001 (1) - cNatn Cult Hist Mus Res J.Currently selectively indexed
    National geographic magazineNatn Geogr.No longer indexed
    Nature and cultureNature Cult.Currently selectively indexed
    NatureNature.No longer indexed
    Ñawpa PachaNawpa Pacha.Currently indexed
    Northeast anthropologyNE Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Northeast Asian studies seriesNE Asian Stud Ser.No longer indexed
    Near Eastern archaeologyNear east Archaeol.No longer indexed
    Néprajzi értesítőNepr Ert.Currently indexed
    Nevada archaeologistNevada Archaeol.No longer indexed
    New Arabian studiesNew Arab Stud.Ceased publication
    New InternationalistNew Internationalist.No longer indexed
    New Mexico historical reviewNew Mex hist Rev.No longer indexed
    New scholarNew Schol.Ceased publication
    New societyNew Society.Ceased publication
    New West Indian guideNew W Indian Guide.Currently selectively indexed
    News from native CaliforniaNews native Calif.Currently selectively indexed
    Newsletter of the American Dermatoglyphics AssociationNewsl Amer Dermatoglyph Ass.No longer indexed
    Newsletter of the Gypsy Lore Society North American ChapterNewsl Gypsy Lore Soc N Amer.Currently selectively indexed
    NexusNexus.No longer indexed
    Nigerian heritage: journal of the National Commission for Museums and MonumentsNiger Heritage.Currently indexed
    Nigeria magazineNigeria Mag.Ceased publication
    NigriziaNigrizia.No longer indexed
    Nka Journal of contemporary African artNka: J contemp Afr arts.Currently selectively indexed
    Nomadic peoples (NS) from 1997 (1:1)Nomad Peopl.Currently indexed
    Noroeste de MéxicoNoroeste Mex.Currently selectively indexed
    NorvegNorveg.Ceased publication
    Notes africainesNotes afr.No longer indexed
    Notes et documents voltaïquesNotes Docum volta.No longer indexed
    Noticias antropológicasNotic antrop.No longer indexed
    Noticiario arqueológico hispánico: prehistoriaNotic arqueol hispan Prehist.No longer indexed
    Noticiaro mensualNotic Mus nacn Hist nat Santiago.No longer indexed
    Notizie degli scavi di antichitàNotiz Scavi Antich.No longer indexed
    NsiNsi.Ceased publication
    Northern perspectivesNth Persp.No longer indexed
    The northern reviewNth Rev.Currently selectively indexed
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