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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    KachikachichaKachikachicha.Ceased publication
    Kaogu XuebaoKaogu Xuebao.Currently selectively indexed
    KaoguKaogu.No longer indexed
    Kaos: parcours des mondesKaos.Currently indexed
    Kavkazskiy etnograficheskiy sbornikKavkaz etnogr Sborn Tbilisi.Ceased publication
    Kenya past and presentKenya Past Pres.Currently selectively indexed
    KhipuKhipu.Ceased publication
    The kivaKivaCurrently indexed
    Kleine BeiträgeKl Beitr DresdenCeased publication
    Kobie: antropología culturalKobie.Currently indexed
    Kon-Tiki Museum occasional papersKon-Tiki Mus occ Pap.Currently indexed
    Konteksty: antropologia, kultury, etnografia, sztukaKonteksty.Currently selectively indexed
    KözlemenjekKozlemenjek.No longer indexed
    Kratkiie soobshcheniia Instituta Arkheologii, Akademiya Nauk SSR, MoscowKratk Soobshch Inst Arkheol Moscow.Currently selectively indexed
    Kroeber Anthropological Society papersKroeber anthrop Soc Pap.Currently indexed
    Kul’tura i vremia: obschchestvemo – nauchny i khudozhestvenyi zhurnal (English title: Culture and time: public scientific and artistic journal), Fond Grecheskikh issledovanii, MoscowKul vrem.Currently selectively indexed
    Kulele: occasional papers on Pacific music and danceKulele.Currently indexed
    Kultura populloreKult pop.Currently indexed
    Kunstkamera: etnograficheskie tetradiKunstkamera.Ceased publication
    Kur’er Petrovskoi KunstkameryKur’er Petr Kunst.Currently indexed
    Kyoto University African studiesKyoto Univ Afr Stud.No longer indexed
    Kratkiye soobshcheniya o dokladakh i polevykh issledovaniyakh Instituta Istorii material'noy KulturyCurrently indexed