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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    In the field: the bulletin of the Field Museum of Natural HistoryField Mus Bull.No longer indexed
    International African Institute bulletinIAI Bull.No longer indexed
    Ibero-amerikanisches ArchivIbero-amer Arch.No longer indexed
    IberoamericanaIberoamer.Currently selectively indexed
    IBLAIBLA.No longer indexed
    Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material bulletinICCM Bull.No longer indexed
    ICSSR newsletterICSSR Newsl.No longer indexed
    Idaho archaeologistIdaho Archaeol.No longer indexed
    If è: annals of the Institute of Cultural StudiesIf e.Currently selectively indexed
    Ife African studiesIfe Afr Stud.Ceased publication
    Iglesia, pueblos y culturasIgles Puebl Cult.Currently selectively indexed
    Ilha: revista de antropologiaIlha.Currently indexed
    IliriaIliria.Currently selectively indexed
    Illapa: revista del Instituto de Investigaciones Museológicas y Artísticas de la Universidad Ricardo PalmaIllapa.Currently selectively indexed
    Incantatio: an international journal of charms, charmers and charmingIncantatio.Currently selectively indexed
    Indian anthropologistIndian Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Indian journal of physical anthropology and human geneticsIndian J phys Anthrop hum Genet.Currently indexed
    IndianaIndiana.Currently indexed
    Indigenous affairsIndig Aff.Ceased publication
    Indigenous knowledge and development monitorIndig Knowl Dev Monit.No longer indexed
    Indigenous nations studies journalIndig natns Stud J.Ceased publication
    Indigenous perspectivesIndig Persp.Currently indexed
    IndilingaIndilinga.Currently indexed
    Indonesia and the Malay worldIndones Malay Wld.Currently selectively indexed
    Cornell University, Ithaca NYIndonesia.No longer indexed
    Informes antropológicosInf antrop.No longer indexed
    InformaInforma.Ceased publication
    Inner AsiaInner AsiaCurrently indexed
    Institute of Maya Studies journalInst Maya Stud J.Ceased publication
    Internation folklore reviewInt folkl Rev.Ceased publication
    International journal of African historical studiesInt J Afr hist Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    International journal of American linguisticsInt J Amer Ling.Currently indexed
    International journal of anthropologyInt J Anthrop.Currently indexed
    International journal of comparative sociologyInt J comp Sociol.Currently selectively indexed
    International journal of cultural studiesInt J cult Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    International journal of historical archaeologyInt J hist Archaeol.Currently selectively indexed
    International journal of intangible heritageInt J intan her.Currently selectively indexed
    International journal of Middle East studiesInt J Mid E Stud.No longer indexed
    International migration reviewInt Migr Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    International review of missionInt Rev Mission.Currently selectively indexed
    International social science journalInt social Sci J.Currently selectively indexed
    IntisariIntisari.No longer indexed
    Inuit art quarterlyInuit Art Q.Currently selectively indexed
    InuktitutInuktitut.Currently selectively indexed
    Inventario antropológicoInv antrop.Currently selectively indexed
    IPEK: Jahrbuch für prähistorische und ethnographische KunstIPEK.Ceased publication
    IranIran.Currently selectively indexed
    IraqIraq.Currently indexed
    IrianIrian.No longer indexed
    Irish journal of anthropologyIrish J Anthrop.Currently selectively indexed
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