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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    Fashion TheoryFashion Theory.Currently selectively indexed
    FataburenFataburen.Currently selectively indexed
    Federations museums journalFed Mus J.No longer indexed
    Field Methods from 1999 (11:1)- cField Meth.Currently selectively indexed
    In the field: the bulletin of the Field Museum of Natural HistoryField Mus Bull.No longer indexed
    Finskt MuseumFinskt Mus.Currently selectively indexed
    First American art magazineFirst Amer art mag.Currently indexed
    Florida anthropologistFlorida Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Florida journal of anthropologyFlorida J Anthrop.Ceased publication
    FLS children's folklore newsletterFLS child folkl Newsl.Ceased publication
    Focaal: tijdschrift voor antropologieFocaal.Currently indexed
    Folia archaeologicaFolia archaeol.Currently indexed
    Folia ethnographicaFolia ethnogr.Currently indexed
    Folia praehistorica posnaniensiaFolia praehist posnan.Currently indexed
    Folia primatologicaFolia primat.No longer indexed
    Folk lifeFolk Life.Currently indexed
    FolkFolk.Ceased publication
    Folklore americanoFolkl amer.Ceased publication
    Folklór archívumFolkl Arch.Currently selectively indexed
    Folklore Research Center studiesFolkl res Cent Stud.No longer indexed
    Folklore (Tartu)Folklore (Tartu).Currently indexed
    FolkloreFolklore.Currently indexed
    Fontes archaeologici posnaniensesFont archaeol posnan.Currently indexed
    Fontes archeologiae moravicaeFont archeol morav.Ceased publication
    Food Culture and Society: an International Journal of Multidisciplinary ResearchFood Cult Soc.Currently selectively indexed
    Food and foodwaysFood foodways.Currently selectively indexed
    FornvännenFornvannen.No longer indexed
    Fort Hare papersFort Hare Pap.Currently selectively indexed
    Fronteras de la HistoriaFronteras Historia.Currently selectively indexed
    Fundamentos de antropologíaFund antrop.Currently selectively indexed
    Fundberichte aus Baden-WürttembergFundBer Baden-Wurttemberg.No longer indexed
    Finnish studies in ethnologyCurrently indexed
    FolklivCurrently indexed
    Folklore studiesCurrently indexed
    Fontes praehistoriciCurrently indexed
    FronterasCurrently indexed
    Fundberichte aus SchwabenCurrently indexed