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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    CAAN: computer-assisted anthropology newsCAAN.Ceased publication
    Cadernos de estudos sociaisCad Estud sociais.Currently selectively indexed
    Cahiers Africains-Afrika studiesCah Afric Afrik Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    Cahiers des Amériques latinesCah Amer latin.Currently selectively indexed
    Cahiers des arts et traditions populairesCah Art Trad pop.Currently indexed
    Cahiers ethnologiquesCah ethnol.Ceased publication
    Cahiers d'études africainesCah Etud afr.Currently indexed
    Cahiers ligures de préhistoire et d'archéologieCah ligures Prehist Archeol.No longer indexed
    Cahiers de litterature oraleCah lit orale.Currently selectively indexed
    Cahiers du Musée d'Ethnographie du TrocadéroCah Mus Eth Paris.Ceased publication
    Cahiers de musiques traditionnellesCah Musiq trad.Currently indexed
    Cahiers des religions africainesCah Relig afr.Currently indexed
    Cahiers de TunisieCah Tunis.Currently selectively indexed
    CakaleleCakalele.Currently indexed
    CamakCamak.No longer indexed
    Cambridge anthropologyCamb Anthrop.Currently indexed
    Cambridge archaeological journalCamb archaeol J.Currently indexed
    Canadian Association of African Studies newsletterCanad Ass Afr Stud Newsl.No longer indexed
    Canadian ethnic studiesCanad ethnic Stud.Currently indexed
    Canadian journal of African studiesCanad J Afr Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    Canadian journal of anthropologyCanad J Anthrop.Ceased publication
    Canadian journal of archaeologyCanad J Archaeol.Currently indexed
    Canadian journal of native studiesCanad J native Stud.Currently selectively indexed
    Canadian review of sociology and anthropologyCanad Rev Sociol Anthrop.Currently selectively indexed
    Canadian studies reportCanad stud Rep.No longer indexed
    CaribeCaribe.No longer indexed
    CarpatobalcanicaCarpatobalcanica.Ceased publication
    Central Asian surveyCent Asian Surv.Currently selectively indexed
    Central Issues in AnthropologyCent Issues Anthrop.Ceased publication
    Ceramica de cultura mayaCeram Cult maya.Ceased publication
    Česká Antropologie: Sbornik Česke spolecnosti antropologickéCeska Antrop.Currently selectively indexed
    Český LidCesky Lid.Currently indexed
    Chachapuma: revista de arqueologia bolivianaChachapuma.Currently selectively indexed
    Chicago anthropology exchangeChicago Anthrop Exch.Ceased publication
    China’s ethnic groupsChin ethnic Groups.Currently selectively indexed
    Chinese sociological reviewChin sociol rev.Currently selectively indexed
    Chirapaq: boletín informativo del Centro de CulturasChirapaq.Ceased publication
    ChungaráChungara.Currently indexed
    Ciba-Geigy reviewCiba RevCeased publication
    Ciência & trópicoCienc Trop.Currently selectively indexed
    CimbebasiaCimbebasia.Currently selectively indexed
    City and societyCity Soc.Currently selectively indexed
    CivilisationsCivilisations.Currently selectively indexed
    Colonial Latin American historical reviewCLAHR Colon Latin Amer hist Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    ClavaClava.Currently indexed
    Collaborative anthropologiesColl anthrop.Currently indexed
    Collection and research 2002 (15) cColl Res.Currently selectively indexed
    Colonial Latin American reviewColon Latin Amer Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    COMA: bulletin of the Conference of Museum Anthropologists of AustraliaCOMA Bull Conf Mus Anthrop.Currently selectively indexed
    Communicationes archaeologicae HungariaeCommun archaeol Hung.Currently selectively indexed
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