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    Current nameAbbreviationStatus
    A4: Magazin für ausseuropäische kunst und kultur Afrika, Australien, Asien, AmerikasA4.Currently selectively indexed
    Aarbøger for nordisk oldkyndighed og historieAarb nord Oldkynd.No longer indexed
    Eesti rahva Muuseumi aastaraamatAastaraamat.Currently indexed
    Abhandlungen und Berichte der Staatlichen Ethnographischen sammlungen SachsenAbh Ber Staat Ethno Samm Sach.Currently indexed
    Aboriginal historyAborig Hist.Currently indexed
    Academica: revista da Academia de Ciências SociaisAcademica.Currently selectively indexed
    Acción indigenistaAccion indig.Ceased publication
    Acta americanaActa amer.Currently selectively indexed
    Acta anthropologica sinicaActa anthrop sinica.Currently indexed
    Acta archaeologicaActa archaeol Budapest.Currently selectively indexed
    Acta archaeologicaActa archaeol Copenhagen.No longer indexed
    Acta baltico-slavicaActa balt-slav.Currently selectively indexed
    Acta borealiaActa boreal.No longer indexed
    Acta ethnographica HungaricaActa ethnogr Hung.Currently indexed
    Acta Facultatis Rerum Naturalium Universitatis Comenianae: anthropologiaActa Fac Rer nat Univ Comen Anthrop.No longer indexed
    Acta geneticae medicae et gemellologiaeActa Genet med Gem.No longer indexed
    Acta Musei Moraviae: scientiae naturalesActa Mus Morav Sci nat.No longer indexed
    Acta Musei Moraviae: scientiae socialesActa Mus Morav Sci social.Currently selectively indexed
    Acta praehistorica et archaeologicaActa praehist archaeol.No longer indexed
    Acta Universitatis Carolinae - philosophica et historicaActa Univ Carol Stud Ethnol.Currently indexed
    Actualidades arqueológicas: revista de estudiantes de arqueología en MéxicoActual arqueol.Currently selectively indexed
    Ad Quintum: bollettino del archeologia del nord-ovestAd Quintum.No longer indexed
    AdibasiAdibasi.No longer indexed
    Advances in archaeological method and theoryAdv archaeol Meth Theory.Ceased publication
    Advances in world archaeologyAdv world Archaeol.Ceased publication
    African abstractsAfr abstr.Ceased publication
    African affairsAfr Aff.Currently selectively indexed
    African anthropologist: journal of the Pan African Anthropological AssociationAfr Anthrop.Currently indexed
    African archaeological reviewAfr archaeol Rev.Currently indexed
    African artsAfr Arts.Currently selectively indexed
    African and Asian studiesAfr Asian Stud.Currently indexed
    African issuesAfr issues.Currently selectively indexed
    African musicAfr Music.Currently indexed
    African notesAfr Notes.Currently selectively indexed
    African social researchAfr social Res.Currently indexed
    African study monographs supplementary issueAfr Stud Monogr suppl.Currently selectively indexed
    African study monographsAfr Stud Monogr.Currently selectively indexed
    African studies reviewAfr stud Rev.Currently selectively indexed
    African studiesAfr Stud.Currently indexed
    Afrika und ÜberseeAfr Ubersee.Currently indexed
    African urban quarterlyAfr urban Q.Ceased publication
    African urban studiesAfr urban Stud.Ceased publication
    Africa-TervurenAfr-Tervuren.Ceased publication
    Africana bulletinAfric Bull.Currently selectively indexed
    Africana linguisticaAfric Ling.Currently indexed
    Africana MarburgensiaAfric Marburg.Ceased publication
    AfricaAfrica.Currently indexed
    AfricaAfrica.Currently indexed
    After culture: emerging anthropologiesAfter Cult.Currently selectively indexed
    Agecop LiaisonAgecop Liaison.No longer indexed
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