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Settlements and seafaring: reflections on the integration of boats and settlements among marine foragers in early Mesolithic Norway and the Yamana of Tierra del Fuego2017 Journal of island and coastal archaeology 12 (1-4): 276-99
  • Hein B. Bjerck
H6/KE [ISLAND-]1556-4894issue 2
Can mithocondrial DNA provide information on the ethnogenesis of Chilean native populations?2017 Chungará 49 (4): 635-42
  • Francisco Rothhammer
  • Fuentes-Guajardo Macarena
  • Giannina Puddu
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
Relikte der Yámana-Kultur? Vergleichende Studie von Kindern aus Familien der Yámana auf der Isla Navarino2017 Anthropos (St Augustin) 112 (2): 487-97
  • Astrid Kaiser
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774English summary
The last Yagan. Reminescences of Cristina Calderón from Tierra del Fuego2017 Anthropos (St Augustin) 112 (2): 562-8
  • Joachim G. Piepke
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774
Metrical variability in ethnographic arrows from southernmost Patagonia: comparing collections from Tierra del Fuego at European museums2016 Journal of anthropological archaeology 41: 313-26
  • Clara Urban
  • Claudia Augustat
  • Judith Charlin
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Morphometric analysis in archaeomalacology: identification of collection areas in shell middens of Beagle Channel2015 Magallania 43 (1): 279-90
  • Ester Verdún C.
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Honey, Hadza, hunter-gatherers, and human evolution2014 Journal of human evolution 71: 119-28
  • Alyssa Crittenden
  • Brian Wood
  • Claire Porter
  • Frank W. Marlowe
  • J. Colette Berbesque
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484in special issue 'The other faunivory: the significance of insects & insect resources for nonhuman primates, modern humans, & extinct hominins'
First record of rock art in Tierra del Fuego2014 Magallania 42 (2): 175-81
  • Alberto Serrano M.
  • Martín González Calderón
  • Melisa Gañán M.
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Colonial representation, scientific discipline and ethnographic co-production. Martin Gusinde svd. and the Yámana of Tierra del Fuego2012 Magallania 40 (2): 61-87
  • Jorge Pavez Ojeda
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Integrated archaeozoological research of shell middens: new insights into hunter-gatherer-fisher coastal exploitation in Tierra del Fuego2011 Journal of island and coastal archaeology 6 (2): 235-54
  • André Carlo Colonese
  • Edgard Camarós
  • Ester Verdún
  • Jordi Estévez
  • Santiago Giralt
H6/KE [ISLAND-]1556-4894in special issue 'With an eye on the southern shores: insights into South American coastal archaeology'; with introduction by XS Villagran, 173-5
Social aggregation and cooperation in hunter-gatherer-fisher societies: an ethnarchaeological experiment in Tierra del Fuego2010 Revista de arqueología americana (28): 171-94
  • Débora Zurro
  • Ivan Briz Godino
  • Lorena Salvatelli
  • Myrian Álvarez
H6/KE [REVISTA-]0188-3631Spanish, French, and Portuguese summaries
Coastal archaeology and hunter-gatherers in southeastern Tierra del Fuego2010 Journal of island and coastal archaeology 5 (2): 288-91
  • Atilio Francisco Zangrando
H6/KE [ISLAND-]1556-4894
Micromorphological perspectives on the stratigraphical excavation of shell middens: a first approximation from the ethnohistorical site Tunel VII, Tierra del Fuego2010 Journal of archaeological science 37 (6): 1252-9
  • Andrea L. Balbo
  • Asumpció Vila
  • Jordi Estévez
  • Marco Madella
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Production-consumption dynamics in lithics: the analysis of Yamana lithic assemblages2010 Magallania 38 (2): 189-211
  • Ivan Briz
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Ethnoarchaeology in the uttermost part of the earth2009 Arctic anthropology 46 (1-2): 132-43
  • Jordi Estévez
*H6 [ARCTIC-]0066-6939in special issue 'Tops of the world (TOW): the dawn of a concept'
Between the forest and the sea: hunter-gatherer occupations in the subantarctic forests of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina2009 Arctic anthropology 46 (1-2): 144-57
  • María Estela Mansur
  • Raquel Piqué
*H6 [ARCTIC-]0066-6939in special issue 'Tops of the world (TOW): the dawn of a concept'
Painted fish, eaten fish: artistic and archaeofaunal representations in Tierra del Fuego, southern South America2006 Journal of anthropological archaeology 25 (3): 371-89
  • Atilio Francisco J. Zangrando
  • Dánae Fiore
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
[Chilean] Fuegian documentary in the XXIth century. A visual anthropological perspective2006 Magallania 34 (1): 59-75
  • Felipe A. Maturana
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Variability in the lithic and faunal record through 10 reoccupations of a XIX century Yamana hut2006 Journal of anthropological archaeology 25 (4): 408-23
  • Assumpció Vila
  • Jordi Estévez
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165in special issue 'Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of site function and settlement dynamics in prehistory'
Whales and dolphins in Selk'nam world: an ethnographic approach2005 Magallania 33 (1): 25-35
  • Alfredo Prieto I.
  • Mauricio Massone M.
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Skeletal features showing adaptation to climate and activity of aboriginal inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego2005 Magallania 33 (1): 37-50
  • Mario Millones
  • Osbjorn M. Pearson
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Body paintings from the end of the world. An introduction to the visual arts of Selk'nam and Yamana2005 Chungará 37 (2): 109-27
  • Dánae Fiore
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
La adscripción étnica de los pueblos andinos de Chile analizada a través de las cifras censales de 1992 y 20022005 Revista andina 41: 9-61
  • Hans Gundermann
  • Jorge Iván Vergara
  • Rolf Foerster
*H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0259-9600with comments and reply
Red skins in the uttermost part of the world. The values of body painting in the historic-ethnographic sources about the natives from Tierra del Fuego2004 Magallania 32: 29-52
  • Danae Fiore
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
Incidence of the way of life over the morphology of the skeletal bones among the sub-present population of the extreme south of America2002 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 20 (1/2): 131-7
  • Eugenio Aspillaga
  • Patricia Soto-Heim
1279-7863in thematic issue 'Sport, biométrie humaine, kiné-anthropométrie'; English summary
Información etnológica y análisis de la producción social. El caso Yamana2001 Revista española de antropología americana 31: 275-91
  • Assumpcio Vila Mitjá
  • Guillermina Ruiz del Olmo
0556-6533English summary
Indian fashion: la imagen disolcada del [indio chileno]2000 Estudios Atacameños 20: 137-51
  • Margarita Alvarado
0716-0925English summary
Among Fuegians: an antievoultionist reaction of the historical-cultural school?1999 Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia (Serie ciencias humanas) 27: 89-98
  • Rodrigo Cardenas
0085-1922English summary
Dawsonians or Selkkar: another case of historical aboriginal cross-breeding in the Magellanic region1999 Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia (Serie ciencias humanas) 27: 79-88
  • Mateo Martinic B.
0085-1922English summary
Tierra del Fuego, place of encounters1998 Revista de arqueología americana 15: 187-219
  • Jordi Estévez
0188-3631English, Portuguese and French summaries
Fueguian cranial morphology: the adaptation to a cold, harsh environment1997 American journal of physical anthropology 103 (1): 103-17
  • Carles Lalueza Fox
  • Clara Garcia-Moro
  • Miquel Hernandez
Facial morphology of the Fueguians: a response to cold adaptation1997 Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia (Serie ciencias humanas) 25: 45-58
  • Carles Lalueza Fox
  • Clara Garcia-Moro
  • Miguel Hernandez
H6/KUL [ANALES-]English summary
Evaluation of the craniometric information published by Gusinde on the natives from Tierra del Fuego1997 Homo 48 (2): 125-34
  • H. H. Varela
French and German summaries
Los aborígenes del extremo sur chileno, frente al proceso de poblamiento blanco, en los siglos XIX y XX1986 Cultura, hombre, sociedad 3 (2): 241-94
  • G Flores Montero