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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
Motion parallax and fixing position by landmarks: navigation techniques among raft fishermen in the northeast of Brazil2017 Mana 23 (3): 343-72
  • Gabriel Coutinho Barbosa
  • Rafael Devos
H6/KUL [MANA-]0104-9313English summary
Goatskin rafting on the Yellow River2015 China's ethnic groups (5): 56-63
  • Shichen Ren
H6/KWS [CHINA'S-]1672-3341
Recollection of rafters2010 Ethnographia 121 (2): 157-66
  • Ede Solymos
H6/KVN [ETHNOGRAPHIA-]0014-1798English summary
The organisation of timber rafting in Dunajec, past and present2009 Etnologické rozpravy 16 (1/2): 154-66
  • Martina Soboličová
H6/KVL [ETNOLOGICKE-]1335-5074English summary
Ancient maritime trade on Balsa rafts. An engineering analysis2008 Journal of anthropological research 64 (1): 19-40
  • Dorothy Hosler
  • Leslie Dewan
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
L'esperienza del Museo degli Zattieri a Codissago2007 Annali di San Michele 20: 153-9
  • Franco Da Rif
*H6/KVG [SM ANNALI-]1120-5687in thematic issue 'Giuseppe Šebesta e la cultura delle Alpi'
Seafaring in the pleistocene2003 Cambridge archaeological journal 13 (1): 41-66
  • Robert G. Bednarik
0959-7743with comments
Prehistoric trade between Ecuador and west Mexico: a computer simulation of coastal voyages2003 Antiquity 77 (298): 796-804
  • Richard T. Callaghan
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Where did the Chinese animal skin raft come from? A forgotten issue in the study of ancient East-West cultural interactions2003 Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities bulletin (75): 170-88
  • Xingcan Chen
H6/KE [STOCKHOLM. Ostasiayiska Samlingama. Bulletin]0081-5691in special issue 'New perspectives in Eurasian archaeology'
Replicating the first known sea travel by humans: the lower pleistocene crossing of Lombok Strait2001 Human evolution 16 (3/4): 229-42
  • R. G. Bednarik
Commentary on the sailing raft, the sweet potato and the South American connection2001 Rapa Nui journal 15 (2): 69-77
  • Roger C. Green
*H6/KX [RAPA NUI-]1040-1385
Crossing the Timor sea by middle palaeolithic raft2000 Anthropos. Anthropos Institut, Sankt Augustin 95 (1): 37-47
  • Robert G. Bednarik
Rush rafts in Ireland2000 Ulster folklife 46: 1-8
  • Seamas MacPhilib
Die ersten Erkenntnisse aus der Erforschung der [Flössereien] am Flusslauf der Sázava1993 Muzeum a současnost 12: 96-101
  • M Sládek
German summary