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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
Gendered double embeddedness: finding jobs through networks in the Chinese labor market2018 Social networks 52: 28-36
  • Felicia F. Tian
  • Xin Liu
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
Choosing a path to the ancient world in a modern market: the reality of faculty jobs in archaeology2018 American antiquity 83 (1): 1-12
  • April K. Smith
  • Brandon T. Ritchison
  • Carla S. Hadden
  • Corbin L. Kling
  • Isabelle Lulewicz
  • Justin Cramb
  • K.C. Jones
  • Katharine G. Napora
  • Katherine L. Reinberger
  • Maria Jose Rivera Araya
  • Matthew H. Colvin
  • Robert J. Speakman
  • Travis W. Jones
  • Victor D. Thompson
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Informal urban governance and predatory politics in Africa: the role of motor-park touts in Lagos2018 African affairs 117 (466): 62-82
  • Daniel E. Agbiboa
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0001-9909
Perceived new demands associated with socioeconomic change: a challenge to job security?2018 Time and society 27 (1): 40-68
  • Alexandra Krause
  • Martin Obschoka
  • Rainer K. Silbereisen
H6 [TIME-]0961-463X
For an anthropology of the demoralized: state pay, mock-labour, and unfreedom in a Serbian firm2018 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 24 (1): 47-70
  • Ivan Rajković
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Dirty work, dirty resistance: digital warfare in the era of precarious labor2018 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 55 (2): 278-97
  • Genevieve Johnston
  • Matthew D. Sanscartier
  • Matthew S. Johnston
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]1755-6171French summary
Flexible labors: the work mobility of female sex workers (FSWs) in post-socialist China2018 Human organization 77 (2): 146-56
  • Christopher McCarty
  • James Holland Jones
  • Yeon Jung Yu
H6/KF [APPLIED-]0018-7259
Mapping social milieus and cohesion patterns between 1997 and 2014. Exploiting the potential of the occupational position generator2018 Social networks 55: 116-29
  • Beáta Dávid
  • Fruzsina Albert
  • Róbert Tardos
  • Zoltán Kmetty
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
Engaging with precarity: the fatiguing job-seeking journey of an early career anthropologist2018 Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares 73 (1): 33-8
  • Deana Jovanović
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]0034-7981in thematic issue 'Precarity in the academia'; Spanish summary
Enforcing precarity: bureaucratic machinations, complicity and hierarchies of academic lives2018 Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares 73 (1): 39-46
  • Vasiliki Touhouliotis
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]0034-7981in thematic issue 'Precarity in the academia'; Spanish summary
Persian paintings as documents of social history: images of craftsmen at work2018 Iran 56 (2): 215-27
  • Richard Piran McClary
H6/KWJ [IRAN-]0578-6967
"Sheperd, period". Markers for a pastoral redefinition of sheep farming in France's Alpes de Haute Provence2018 Etudes rurales 201: 219-39
  • Jacques Lasseur
  • Julia Sicard
  • Lucie Dupré
H6 [ETUDES-]0014-2182English summary
International opportunities on the way up: alternative career paths of descendants of migrants from Turkey in the field of professional business services2017 Ethnic and racial studies 40 (2): 264-82
  • Ali Konyali
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'The upcoming new elite among children of immigrants'
Space of deprivation: the 19th century Bengali kerani in the bhadrolok milieu of Calcutta2017 Asian journal of social science 45 (1/2): 55-72
  • Sumit Chakrabarti
H6/KW [ASIAN-]1568-4849
'Buying a path': rethinking resistance in Rwanda2017 Journal of Eastern African studies 11 (1): 46-63
  • Will Rollason
H6/KY [EASTERN-]1753-1055
'C'est d'abord moi': performing the identity of a professional female choreographer2017 Journal of African cultural studies 29 (2): 227-43
  • Nadine Sieveking
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1369-6815in special issue 'Un/making difference through performance and mediation in contemporary Africa'
Social closure, micro-class immobility and the intergenerational reproduction of the upper class: a comparative study2017 British journal of sociology 68 (2): 167-93
  • Carlo Barone
  • Lucia Ruggera
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315
School-to-work linkages in the United States, Germany, and France2017 American journal of sociology 122 (6): 1869-938
  • Christina Ciocca Eller
  • Herman G. van de Werfhorst
  • Thijs Bol
  • Thomas A. DiPrete
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
Immigrant occupational compositions and the earnings of immigrants and natives in Germany: sorting or devaluation2017 International migration review 51 (2): 475-505
  • Anne Busch-Heizmann
  • Boris Heizmann
  • Elke Holst
Are postgraduate qualifications the 'new frontier' of social mobility?2017 British journal of sociology 68 (3): 533-55
  • Daniel Laurison
  • Paul Wakeling
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315
'Ein Leben ohne Bienen wäre für mich schwer vorstellbar'. Eine Skizze über Menschen und Motive des Bienenhaltens2017 Schweizerisches Archiv für Volkskunde 113 (1): 41-63
  • Robert Kruker
Indigenous librarians: knowledge keepers in the 21st century2017 Canadian journal of native studies 37 (1): 175-99
  • Deborah Lee
*H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0715-3244French summary
Exit tales: how precarious workers navigate bad jobs2017 Journal of contemporary ethnography 46 (5): 573-99
  • Jeffrey J. Sallaz
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0891-2416
The work of tuitions: moral infrastructure in a Delhi neighborhood2017 Asian anthropology 16 (4): 243-60
  • Isabel M. Salovaara
H6/KW [ASIAN-]1683-478X
Museum anthropology: continued conversations in the field, part 42017 Museum anthropology 40 (2): 99-110
  • Antonio R. Chavarria
  • Lillia McEnaney
  • Maxine E. McBrinn
H6 [MUSEUM-]0892-8339
Inequality and demographic response to short-term economic stress in North Orkney, Scotland, 1855-1910: sector differences2017 Population studies 71 (3): 313-28
  • Julia A. Jennings
  • Luciana Quaranta
  • Tommy Bengtsson
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
An occupational study to track the rise of adult male mule spinning in Lancashire and Cheshire, 1777-18132017 Textile history 48 (2): 160-75
  • Keith Sugden
H6/KGGT [TEXTILES-]0040-4969
But some of us are broke: race, gender, and the neoliberalization of the academy2017 American anthropologist 119 (3): 506-17
  • Tami Navarro
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294Spanish summary
Conditions for an efficient Canadian temporary foreign worker program: the case of Quebec2017 Canadian ethnic studies 49 (2): 99-119
  • Dominique M. Gross
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0008-3496in special issue 'Integration of immmigrants and temporary migrants into the labour market in Quebec and Canada: new perspectives on contexts and actors'; French summary
Does Canada "care" about migrant caregivers?: Implications under the reformed caregiver program2017 Canadian ethnic studies 49 (2): 121-39
  • Jah-Hon Koo
  • Jill Hanely
  • Lindsay Larios
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0008-3496in special issue 'Integration of immmigrants and temporary migrants into the labour market in Quebec and Canada: new perspectives on contexts and actors'; French summary
Knowing death well: intimate and contextual death competence among end-of-life laborers2017 Journal of contemporary ethnography 46 (6): 647-72
  • Karla A. Erickson
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0891-2416
Dasanami Sannyasis as ascetics, Baniyas and soldiers2016-2017 Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 93: 229-61
  • Ananda Bhattacharya
H6/KW [BHANDARKAR-]in centenary year issue
Room at the top? Minority mobility and the transition to demographic diversity in the USA2016 Ethnic and racial studies 39 (6-7): 917-38
  • Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa
  • Richard Alba
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870
Reinventing the position of anthropology in the twenty-first century?2016 Journal des anthropologues (144-145): 223-37
  • Laurent Marty
  • Maya Leclerq
  • Monique Selim
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428English summary
Film and social mobility: from Oaxaca to Mexico City with the Zúñigas, father and son, 1920-19702016 Historia mexicana 64 (4): 1817-54, 1987
  • Mary Kay Vaughan
H6/KUL [HISTORIA-]0185-0172in thematic section 'Mobilidad social en la historia de México'; English summary
The occupational division of labour as the foundation of class in a neo-Durkheimian approach2016 Social science information 55 (2): 161-88
  • Jacek Stanislaw Tittenbrunm
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0539-0184French summary
Discovering a hidden privilege: ethnography in multiracial organizations as an outsider within2016 Ethnography 17 (2): 190-212
  • Glenda M. Flores
H6/KF [ETHNOGRAPHY-]1466-1381
Starting a career in Africa. The ideal of social immersion of French volunteers in Dakar and Antananarivo (Senegal, Madagascar)2016 Cahiers d'études africaines 56 (1-2): 53-79
  • Hélène Quashie
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055in thematic issue 'Mobilités et migrations européennes en (post) colonies'; English summary
Exploring women's employment in tourism under state socialism: experiences of tourism work in Romania2016 Tourist studies 16 (2): 151-69
  • Anya Chapman
  • Daniela Dumbrăveanu
  • Duncan Light
  • Graig Young
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976
Made in America? Immigrant occupational mobility in the first half of the twtntieth century2016 American journal of sociology 122 (2): 325-78
  • Peter Catron
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
Campus custodians in the corporate university: castes, crossing borders, and critical consciousness2016 Anthropology and education quarterly 47 (3): 246-63
  • Liliana Delman
  • Peter Magolda
H6 [COUNCIL-]0161-7761
Self-employment among same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Canada2016 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 53 (2): 143-75
  • Nicole Denier
  • Sean Waite
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]1755-6171French summary
Sara Akbar: Kuwait's hero and female leader in the oil industry2016 Hawwa: journal of women of the Middle East and the Islamic world 14 (2): 207-25
  • Souad T. Ali
H6/KW [HAWWA-]1569-2078
The impact of globalization on church missions in Zambia2016 International review of mission 105 (1): 131-46
  • Jonathan Kangwa
H6/KFO [INTERNATIONAL-]0020-8582in thematic issue 'Evangelism in the city'
Feminine perception of work done by women at Rivera, rural area in El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia (Colombia)2016 Boletín de antropología (Antioquia) 51 (31): 76-91
  • Angélica María Martínez Pareja
  • Sandra Turbay Caballos
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0120-2510English, French and Portuguese summaries
The location of the textile industry in England and Wales, 1813-18202016 Textile history 47 (2): 208-26
  • Keith Sugden
H6/KGGT [TEXTILES-]0040-4969
The effect of novel environments on modern American skeletons2016 Human biology 88 (1): 5-13
  • Natalie R. Langley
  • Richard L. Jantz
  • Stephen D. Ousley
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143introduction to special issue 'The effect of novel environments on modern American skeletons'
Beyond unrest: changing masculinities and moral becoming in an African urban market2016 Etnofoor 28 (2): 33-53
  • Anna Baral
*H6 [ETNOFOOR-]0921-5158in thematic issue 'The city'
Day-to-day accumulation of indigenous knowledge: a case study of pastoral Maasai children in southern Kenya2016 African study monographs 37 (2): 75-102
  • Xiaojie Tian
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0285-1601
Shifting transversals: trans women's move from spirit mediumship to beauty work in Mandalay2016 Ethnos 81 (5): 792-820
  • Ward Keeler
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844
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