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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
The many lives of Justiniano Roxas: the centenarian fantasy in American history and memory2018 Native American and indigenous studies 5 (1): 168-204
  • Boyd Cothran
  • Martin Rizzo
Algonquian naming, power, and relationality in a rare Native love poem2017 Papers of the Algonquian conference 46: 213-22
  • Melissa Tantaguidgeon Zobel
H6/KUB [ALGONQUIAN-]0031-5671
Child desire explored through naming practices2017 Anthropologie et sociétés 41 (2): 157-73
  • Denise Lemieux
  • Françoise-Romanie Ouellette
  • Laurence Charton
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in special issue 'Child desire and transmission desire'; English and Spanish summaries
What's in a name?: reconstructing nomenclature of prestige and persuasion in late 18th-century Tongan material culture2017 Journal of the Polynesian Society 126 (4): 443-68
  • Andy Mills
  • Billie Lythberg
  • Melenaite Taumoefolau
  • Phyllis Herda
H6/KX [POLYNESIAN-]0032-4000
Naming and name changing in postcolonial Madagascar2016 Pacific studies 39 (1-2): 201-15
  • Denis Regnier
*H6/KX [PACIFIC-]0275-3596in thematic issue 'Austronesian personal naming systems'
‘What’s in or not in a name’?: The untold story of canoe naming among the Basubiya of the Chobe District in Botswana2016 Botswana notes and records 48 (1): 182-92
  • Andy Chebanne
  • Glorious Bongani Gumbo
  • Ndana Ndana
*H6/KY [BOTSWANA-]0525-5090in special issue 'Humanities at UB and Botswana’s 50 years of independence'
Personal names and naming practices among the Vatsonga2015 The Anthropologist 19 (1): 303-12
  • M.T. Chauke
Naming, mnemonics, and the poetics of knowing in Vula's oral traditions2014 Oceania 84 (2): 169-84
  • Deborah Van Heekeren
H6/KX [OCEANIA-]0029-8077
Bakossi names, namig culture and identity2011 Journal of African cultural studies 23 (2): 111-20
  • Ivo Ngade
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1369-6815
Naming as a dynamic process: the case of Javanese personal names2011 Indonesia and the Malay world 39 (113): 69-88
  • Jean-Marc de Grave
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811in special issue 'Memoryscapes in Indonesia'
Cultural contact and change in namig practices among the Aari of southwest Ethiopia2010 Journal of African cultural studies 22 (2): 183-94
  • Yntiso Gebre
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1369-6815
Traditions and practices related to the ritual of baptism in south-eastern Bulgaria2010 Bulgarski folklor 36 (2): 112-37, 162
  • Tania Dimitrova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861in special issue 'History and memory'; English summary
'The name is the person'. African data on personal names2009 L'Homme 191: 77-106
  • Jacques Fédry
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216English summary
Muslim rites in Tatar everyday life2009 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 13-26
  • R.K. Urazmanova
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Meillassoux from near and far: from kinship to Inuit collective memory2009 Journal des anthropologues (118-119): 131-59
  • Zsuzsa Simonffy
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428in thematic section 'Claude Meillassoux'; English summary
The politics of naming: the search for linguistic and ethnic identity in Tamil Nadu2009 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 43 (2): 247-84
  • Rama Meganathan
Les noms individuels ches les Ngbaka Minagende (RDC)2009 Annales aequatoria 30: 701-52
  • Marcel Henrix
*H6/KY [ANNALES-]0254-4296English summary
Choice of a personal name in one 'School for mothers-to-be'2008 Bulgarska etnologiia 34 (4): 22-34
  • Petia Bankova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213English summary
The workings of creolization: naming practices in colonial Guinea-Bissau2008 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 12 (1): 95-128
  • Wilson Trajano Filho
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561in thematic issue 'Outros nomes, histórias cruzadas: os nomes de pessoas em português'; English summary
Nurturing and upbringing of infants between birth and the age of three in Pilisvörösvár2007 Beiträge zur Volkskunde der Ungarndeutschen 24: 106-39
  • Éva Gazsó-Miereisz
  • Judit Förster
  • Katalin Hasenfratz-Vavrik
H6/KVN [BEITRAGE-]0230-2225Hungarian and English summaries
On Zakhari Kniazhevski's article 'Bulgarian customs: wedding, childbirth and baptism, and funeral rites'2007 Bulgarska etnologiia 33 (2/3): 118-23
  • Liliana Minkova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213
Bulgarian customs: wedding, childbirth and baptism, and funeral rites2007 Bulgarska etnologiia 33 (2/3): 124-32
  • Zakhari Kniazheski
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213English summary
Beyond what seems to be determined: "shaping" newborn among Kivalligmiut today2007 Anthropologie et sociétés 31 (3): 147-63
  • Julie Rodrigue
H6/KX [SOCIETE-]0702-8997in thematic issue 'From foetus to shaman: kinship, gender and religious mediations'; English and Spanish summaries
Koryak personal names2006 Sibirica: journal of Siberian studies 5 (1): 117-40
  • Valentina R. Dedyk
H6/KW [SIBIRICA-]1361-7362
Les noms 'sculptés'. L'art de communiquer avec l'inconnu2006 Cahiers de litterature orale (59-60): 31-55
  • Kokou Benjamin Akotia
H6/KF [CAHIERS-]0396-891Xin thematic issue 'Des noms et des personnes'; English summary
Modalité de nomination, contexte d'énonciation et organisation sociale. Danse de la Saint-Jean-Marie Vianney, Wallis (Polynésie occidentale)2006 Cahiers de litterature orale (59-60): 185-218
  • Sophie Chave-Dartoen
H6/KF [CAHIERS-]0396-891Xin thematic issue 'Des noms et des personnes'; English summary
Norms de personne et expressions des ambitions matrimoniales chez les Bwa du Mali2005 Journal des africanistes 75 (2): 107-28
  • Cécile Leguy
H6/KY [SOCIETE-]0399-0346English summary
Initiation rites in mortuary-burial rituals2005 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 6: 130-9
  • S. S. Gubaeva
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Folk language and myth2005 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 3: 4-7
  • E. V. SHabalina
  • K. V. P'iankova
  • M. F. Evchik
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
The imaginary of the name2005 Irish journal of anthropology 8 (1): 31-50
  • Albert Doja
H6/KVC [IRISH-]1393-8592
Traditional forms of practicing Islam among peoples of Kabardino-Balkaria2005 Rasy i narody 31: 180-204
  • L. T. Solov'eva
Personal names and the negotiation of change: reconsidering Arnhem Land's Adjustment Movement2004 Anthropological forum 14 (2): 141-62
  • Ian S. McIntosh
World of children2003 Etnološka istraživanja 9: 65-76
  • Dubravka Matoković
H6/KVT [ETNOLOSKA-]0351-4323also in Croatian, 53-64
Name rituals and acts of felling among the Kayapó (Mbengokre)2003 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 9 (1): 117-35
  • Demian H. Fisher
HI [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
El nacimiento en el mundo prehispánico2003 Estudios de cultura náhuatl 34: 369-90
  • Ernesto De la Torre
H6/KUL 'ESTUDIOS-'0071-1675
Worldview concepts among Mari: an analysis of traditional views on birth and death2003 Rasy i narody 29: 34-61, 305
  • T. L. Molotova
H6/KVY [RASY-]English summary
Dreimal über Wochenbettücher in Mähren2002/2003 Folia ethnographica 36/37: 59-64
  • Miroslava Ludvíková
H6/KVL [ETHNOGRAPHICA-]0862-1209English and German summaries
The ethnic cultural identity of north-east Lithuanians as reflected in the customs of child social legitimation in the second half od the 20th century2002 Lituanistica 49 (1): 57-73
  • Rasa Paukštytė-Šaknienė
0235-716XEnglish summary
Goods, names, and selves: rethinking the Tsimshian Potlach2002 American ethnologist 29 (1): 123-50
  • Christopher Roth
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496
Concepts and functions of gift exchange among the Kanuri2002 Borno Museum Society newsletter (50/51/52/53): 45-51
  • Stephanie Maiwald
[The goddess] Laima at chilbirth and christening [ceremonies]2002 Tautosakos Darbai (NS) 16: 123-39
  • Daiva Vaitkevičienè
1392-2831in special issue 'Woman in folklore'; English summary
Contours of the structural change in local culture: the cycle of birth customs in the 20th century Dzūkija2002 Lietuvos etnologija (NS) 11 (2): 71-88
  • Rasa Paukštytè-Šaknienè
1392-4028English summary
The social use of personal names among the Kyrgyz2001 Central Asian survey 20 (1): 85-95
  • Erlend H. Hvoslef
H6/KW [CENTRAL-]0263-4937
Is the festival of giving a name an alternative for batrism or is it a modification of batrism?2001 Liaudies kultûra 5: 18-21
  • Rasa Paukštytė-Šaknienė
0236-0551English summary
Birth customs and naming ceremonies among the [Semeiskikh Zabaikal'ia] Old Believers2001 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 2: 2-5
  • Tamara Baldanovna IUmsunova
H6/KVY 'ZHIVAIA-'0204-3432
Bräuche des Lebenszyklus im Kontext der Familienbeziehungen2000/1 Folia ethnographica 34/5: 35-40
  • Kornelia Jakubíková
0862-1209English and German summaries
Main altar consecrations in the North-East of Moscow region (14th - early 20th centuries)2000 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 4: 32-45
  • V. A. Tkachenko
0869-5415English summary
Between Christianity and socialism: syncretistic tendencies in ritual culture2000 Ethnologia balkanica 4: 131-46
  • Petur Petrov
H6/KVO [ETHNOLOGIA-]1111-0411
Algunas cuestiones referidas al ciclo vital de los chacobo2000 Scripta ethnológica 21: 143-55
  • Diego Villar
  • Lorena Córdoba
Birth customs, rituals and namig ceremonies' incantations among the Guidars of Cameroon1999/2000 Bulletin of the International Committee on Urgent Anthropological and Ethnological Research 40: 85-98
  • Babila J. Mutia
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