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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
An Igala helmet-mask2017 Arts & cultures : 90-5
  • Nigel Barley
The Igala-Mela factor in the evolution of the Attah kingship in Ane-Igala2002 Nigerian heritage 11: 26-40
  • Joseph N. Ukwedeh
The Udulugbo war technology in Igala kingdom: some historico-archaeological implications2001 Nigerian heritage 10: 135-41
  • Joseph N. Ukwedeh
The Igala state and the Igbo polities in the area of Nsukka north of the Igbodo in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries A.D1999 Nigerian heritage 8: 28-38
  • Joseph N. Ukwedeh
Peoples of the west bank of the lower Niger1997 World of tribal arts 4 (3): 52-61
  • Pierre Harter
The origins and settlement of Ogurugu town: a critical reassessment1996 West African journal of archaeology 26 (1): 59-70
  • B. Chukwezi
Chronology and the study of Igala history to c.1830 A.D1990 Savanna 11 (2): 66-83
  • J N Ukwedeh