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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
The destroyer of worlds hidden in the forest: Cold War nuclear warhead sites in Poland2019 Antiquity 93 (367): 236-55
  • Grzegorz Kiarszys
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Blackwater village at the turn of the twentieth century: Akimel O'Odham perseverance and resiliency2019 Kiva 85 (1): 25-48
  • Barnaby V. Lewis
  • Chris Loendorf
  • Craig Fertelmes
  • David H. Dejong
  • M. Kyle Woodson
*H6/KE [KIVA-]0023-1940Spanish summary
The archaeology of serious games: play and pragmatism in Victoria-era dining2019 American antiquity 84 (1): 26-47
  • Barbara L. Voss
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Every rusty nail is sacred, every rusty nail is good: conflict archaeology, remote sensing, and community engagement at a Northwest Coast settler fort2019 American antiquity 84 (1): 48-67
  • Chelsea Rose
  • David Maki
  • Geoffrey Jones
  • Mark Aksel Tveskov
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century salt production in Saltville, Virginia2019 Southeastern archaeology 38 (1): 74-87
  • C. Clifford Boyd jr.
  • Robert C. Whisonant
Facts and fictions of the Majimaji war graves in southern Tanzania2019 African archaeological review 36 (1): 145-59
  • Nancy A. Rushohora
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338French summary
Washington Hall (8LE6292): reconstructing the history of Tallahassee frontier hotel2019 Florida anthropologist 71 (2): 95-109
  • Paulette S. McFadden
H6/KUB [FLORIDA-]0015-3893
Zeitgeist archaeology: conflict, identity and ideology at Prague castle, 1918-20182019 Antiquity 93 (370): 1009-25
  • Jan Frolík
  • Nicholas J. Saunders
  • Volker Heyd
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Discovering archaeological landscapes in parks and protected areas2019 North American archaeologist 40 (2): 99-115
  • Anna Therien
  • Robert S. Bristow
*H6/KE [NORTH-]0197-6931
"What are we doing to these Shoshone people?": The ontological politics of a Shoshone grinding stone2019 American anthropologist 121 (3): 628-40
  • Ryan S. Morini
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294Spanish summary
Ancient DNA analysis of a nineteenth century tobacco pipe from a Maryland slave quarter2019 Journal of archaeological science 105: 11-18
  • Hannes Schroeder
  • Jazmín Ramos Madrigal
  • Julie M. Schablitsky
  • Kelsey E. Witt
  • Martin R. Ellegaard
  • Ripan S. Malhi
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
The ideal distribution of farmers: explaining the Euro-american settlement of Utah2018 American antiquity 83 (1): 75-90
  • Brian F. Codding
  • Peter M. Yaworsky
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Refuse and reclamation: objects of everyday life in late 19th century Dunedin2018 Archaeology in New Zealand 61 (1): 9-20
  • Andrea Farminer
H6/KE [NEW-]0113-7832
Machine learning identification and classification of historic ceramics2018 Archaeology in New Zealand 61 (1): 21-33
  • Simon H. Bickler
H6/KE [NEW-]0113-7832
Landscapes of production and punishment: convict labour in the Australian context2018 Journal of social archaeology 18 (1): 50-76
  • Barry Godfrey
  • David Roberts
  • David Roe
  • Jody Steele
  • Martin Gibbs
  • Richard Tuffin
  • Susan Hood
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1469-6053
Preliminary investigations into the source of brick clay, Brookegreen Plantation, Georgetown County, South Carolina2018 North American archaeologist 39 (1): 3-24
  • Carolyn Dillian
  • David Palmer
*H6/KE [NORTH-]0197-6931
The great divide: teaching collaborative methodologies in academia2018 Practicing anthropology 40 (1): 29-32
  • Katherine Boyle
  • Kyla Cools
qH6 [PRACTICING-]0888-4552in special issue 'Where is the practice in Practicing anthropology?'
The formation and regulations of the military hunt in Qing Mongolia2018 Inner Asia 20 (1): 5-25
  • Khohchahar E. Chuluu
H6/KW [INNER-]1464-8172in thematic section on Inner Asian history in the Qing period
The Solon sable tribute, hunters of Inner Asia and dynastic elites at the imperial centre2018 Inner Asia 20 (1): 26-63
  • Chia Ning
H6/KW [INNER-]1464-8172in thematic section on Inner Asian history in the Qing period
The manner in which I went to worship Mañjuśri's realm, the Five-Peaked Mountain (Wutai), by Sumba Kanbo (1704-1788)2018 Inner Asia 20 (1): 64-106
  • Brenton Sullivan
H6/KW [INNER-]1464-8172in thematic section on Inner Asian history in the Qing period
Cropping in an age of captive taking: exploring evidence for uncertainty and food insecurity in the seventeenth-century North Carolina piedmont2018 American antiquity 83 (2): 204-23
  • Mallory A. Melton
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Clandestine pulque production during the sixteenth-century in the Tlacolula Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico2018 Mexicon 40 (2): 52-9
  • Antonio Martínez Tuñón
  • Christina Warinner
  • Dylan J. Clark
  • Nelly M. Robles García
  • Noreen Tuross
*H6/KUL [MEXICON-]0720-5988Spanish and German summaries
Finding mid-19th century Native settlements: cartographic and archaeological evidence from central California2018 Journal of field archaeology 43 (1-4): 152-65
  • Lee M. Panich
  • R. Scott Byram
  • Tsim D. Schneider
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0093-4690
Life and death on the Otago frontier: preliminary report on the Lawrence cemeteries2018 Archaeology in New Zealand 61 (2): 22-40
  • Charlotte King
  • Greg Hil
  • Hallie Buckley
  • Peter Petchey
  • Rachel Scott
  • Rebecca Kinaston
H6/KE [NEW-]0113-7832
Third time's the charm: an investigation into the quarantine landscape of Lyttleton Harbour2018 Archaeology in New Zealand 61 (2): 41-9
  • Alana Kelly
H6/KE [NEW-]0113-7832
The archaeology of home: qiaoxiang and nonstate actors in the archaeology of Chinese diaspora2018 American antiquity 83 (3): 387-406
  • Barbara L. Voss
  • J. Ryan Kennedy
  • Jinhua (Selia) Tan
  • Laura W. Ng
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Chinese summary
The archaeology of precarious lives. Chinese railroad workers in nineteenth-century North America2018 Current anthropology 59 (3): 287-313
  • Barbara L. Voss
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204with comments and reply
100 years later: the dark heritage of the Great War at a prisoner-of-war camp in Czersk, Poland2018 Antiquity 32 (363): 772-87
  • Dawid Kobiałka
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
The expanding and deepening scope of historical archaeology2018 Antiquity 32 (363): 819-21
  • Stephen A. Mrozowski
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598Xreview article on The century when my heart is: historical archaeology of nationalism and national identity by A Brooks and N Mehler (Gainesville: Univ Pr of Florida, 2017), on Historical archaeology through a Western lens eds M Warner and M Purser (Lincoln: Univ of Nebraska Pr, 2017), and on Foreign objects: rethinking indigenous consumption in American archaeology ed CN Cipolla (Tucson: Univ of Arizona Pr, 2017)
Portuguese Houses: non-invasive investigations at no-dig fur trade site2018 Plains anthropologist 63 (246): 175-90
  • Rory J. Becker
H6/KUB [PLAINS-]0032-0447
Return to Sangamo town: research-based investigations at the Charles Broadwell home site, 1825-18452018 Midcontinental journal of archaeology 43 (3): 181-213
  • Robert Mazrim
The mysterious ruins: rescuing the Spafford farmstead from the forgotten war of 18122018 North American archaeologist 39 (2): 87-130
  • Patrick M. Tucker
*H6/KE [NORTH-]0197-6931
Enslaved African conjure and ritual deposits on the Hume plantation, South Carolina2018 North American archaeologist 39 (2): 131-64
  • Sharon K. Moses
*H6/KE [NORTH-]0197-6931
The archaeology of Native American persistence at Mission San José2018 Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology 38 (1): 11-29
  • Andrew Galvan
  • Lee M. Panich
  • Rebecca Allen
H6/KUB [JOURNAL-]0191-3557in thematic section 'Indigenous persistence in colonial California'; with introduction by T.S. Schneider and L.M. Panich, 9-10
Gullah-Geechee settlement patterns from slavery to freedom: investigation of a Georgia plantation slave quarter2018 North American archaeologist 39 (3): 198-228
  • Bradford Botwick
*H6/KE [NORTH-]0197-6931
Indigenous persistence and foodways at the Toms Point trading post (CA-MRN-202), Tomales Bay, California2018 Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology 38 (1): 51-73
  • Alec J. Apodaca
  • Amanda M. Hill
  • Anneke Janzen
  • Georgeann M. Deantoni
  • Rob C. Cuthrell
  • Tsim D. Schneider
H6/KUB [JOURNAL-]0191-3557in thematic section 'Indigenous persistence in colonial California'; with introduction by T.S. Schneider and L.M. Panich, 9-10
Water and infrastructure as resources for Native Californians within the mission landscape at San Luis Obispo2018 Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology 38 (1): 331-49
  • Mark Rawson
  • Paul D. Zimmer
  • Rebecca Allen
H6/KUB [JOURNAL-]0191-3557in thematic section 'Indigenous persistence in colonial California'; with introduction by T.S. Schneider and L.M. Panich, 9-10
La colonia en Morelos2018 Arqueología mexicana 26 (153): 63-7
  • Druzo Maldonado Jiménez
*H6/KUL [ARQUEOLOGIA-]0188-8218in thematic issue 'Arqueología e historia del estado de Morelos'
El Marquesado del Valle2018 Arqueología mexicana 26 (153): 68-73
  • Bernardo García Martínez
*H6/KUL [ARQUEOLOGIA-]0188-8218in thematic issue 'Arqueología e historia del estado de Morelos'
Assessing heritage resources in St. Croix post-hurricanes Irma and María2018 Transforming anthropology 26 (2): 157-72
  • Alexandra Jones
  • Alicia Odewale
  • Ayana Omilade Flewellen
  • Justin P. Dunnavant
  • William White
H6 [TRANSFORMING-]1051-0559in special issue 'Hurricane María and the Caribbean'
A road to Zacatecas: Fort San Juan and the defenses of Spanish La Florida2018 American antiquity 83 (4): 577-97
  • Christopher B. Rodning
  • David G. Moore
  • Robin A. Beck
  • Sarah C. Sherwood
  • Timothy J. Horsley
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Nails, tacks, and hinges: the archaeology of Camp Monticello, a World War II prisoner of war camp2018 Southeastern archaeology 37 (3): 169-89
  • Jodi A. Barnes
"Horned cattle and pack horses": zooarchaeological legacy collections from the unauthorized (and unscreened) Spanish fort2018 Southeastern archaeology 37 (3): 190-203
  • Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman
  • Chance Copperstone
  • H. Thomas Foster II
  • Tracie Mayfield
Santo Domingo de Talaje: resurrecting a seventeenth century Spanish mission at Darien Bluff, Georgia2018 Southeastern archaeology 37 (3): 204-31
  • Mark Williams
  • Richard W. Jefferies
Timber for trenches: a new perspective on archaeological wood from First World War trenches in Flanders Fields2018 Antiquity 92 (366): 1619-39
  • Hans Beeckman
  • Kristof Haneca
  • Sjoerd van Daalen
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
An emerging archaeology of the Nazi era2018 Annual review of anthropology 47: 361-76
  • Reinhard Bernbeck
H1 [BIENNIAL-]0084-6570
Bureaucratic reforms on the frontier: zooarchaeological and historical perspectives on the 1767 Jesuit expulsion in the Pimería Alta2018 Journal of anthropological archaeology 52: 156-66
  • Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman
  • Nicole Mathwich
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165in special section 'Archaeologies of empire and environment'
Uribarri (Ulibarri) and the entrada of 1706: another look at the route to El Cuartelejo (El Quartelejo)2018 Plains anthropologist 63 (248): 299-443
  • John Michael Wallen
H6/KUB [PLAINS-]0032-0447monographic issue
Santa María de la Antigua and Darién. The two faces of the first European city in Terra Firme2018 Indiana 35 (2): 243-69
  • Alberto Sarcina
H6/KUL [INDIANA-]0341-8642English summary
Tucson underground: 4,000 years of history2018 Archaeology Southwes 32 (4): 3-56
  • J. Homer Thiel ed
  • William H. Doelle ed
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGY-]1523-0546monographic issue
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