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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
Dong Son drums from Timor-Leste: prehistoric bronze artefacts in island South-East Asia2019 Antiquity 93 (367): 163-80
  • Nuno Vasco Oliveira
  • Peter Bellwood
  • Sue O'Connor
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
The receptacles of the Vietnamese Bronze Age2018 Arts & cultures : 52-65
  • Monique Crick
The Đông So'n culture and its links to China2014 Arts & cultures : 124-33
  • Pierre Baptiste
Đông So'n culture and its links with China2012 Arts & cultures : 156-69
  • Pierre Baptiste
Co Loa: an investigation of Vietnam's ancient capital2010 Antiquity 84 (326): 1011-27
  • Lai Vai Toi
  • Nam C. Kim
  • Trinh Hoang Jiep
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Bronze situlas of Dông Son2006 Arts & cultures 7: 235-71
  • Anna Bennett
  • Nguyên Viêt
  • Peter Meyers