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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
Marking ownership on Ainu objects: three museum collections in the United States2018 Museum anthropology 41 (1): 46-60
  • Christopher B. Lowman
H6 [MUSEUM-]0892-8339in special issue on the Smithsonian Institution's Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology (SIMA)
On Hattori's hypothesis. Does shortening of long vowels produce an accent kernel?2017 Journal of Asian and African studies (Tokyo) (94): 345-63
  • Zendo Uwano
H6 [JOURNAL OF ASIAN AND AFRICAN STUDIES. Tokyo]0387-2807in special section 'Japanese and Korean lexical accent: diachrony, reconstruction, and typology. A Festschrift for Samuel Robert Ramsey'; English summary
More than wood2016 Hali (189): 90-3
  • George Hegarty
*H6/KGG [HALI-]0142-0798
Making a home in Hokkaido: examining the Ainu Chisei Nomi ceremony2015 Sibirica: journal of Siberian studies 14 (1): 102-8
  • Nicole Inghilterra
H6/KW [SIBIRICA-]1361-7362
Cultivating Ezo: indigenous innovation and ecological change during Japan's Bakumatsu era2015 Asian ethnology 74 (1): 63-85
  • Christopher Loy
H6/KWS [FOLKLORE-]1882-6865
Aesthetics of the Amur: bark, spirals, and scales in the decorative arts of far-eastern Siberia2015 Tribal art 78: 64-71
  • Elena Martínez-Jacquet
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990
How 'circumpolar' is Ainu music? Musical and genetic perspectives on the history of the Japanese archipelago2015 Ethnomusicology forum 24 (3): 443-67
  • Hiroki Oota
  • Hiromi Matsumae
  • Mark Stoneking
  • Patrick E. Savage
  • Thomas E. Currie
H6/KFYV [BRITISH-]1741-1912
Ainu geographic names and an indigenous history of the herring in Hokkaido, Japan2015 Canadian journal of native studies 35 (2): 43-58
  • Shingo Hamada
*H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0715-3244French summary
The 1903 human pavilion: colonial realities and subaltern subjectivities in twentieth-century Japan2014 Journal of Asian studies 73 (2): 493-516
  • Kirsten L. Ziomek
*H6/KW [JOURNAL-]0021-9118
Honey, Hadza, hunter-gatherers, and human evolution2014 Journal of human evolution 71: 119-28
  • Alyssa Crittenden
  • Brian Wood
  • Claire Porter
  • Frank W. Marlowe
  • J. Colette Berbesque
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484in special issue 'The other faunivory: the significance of insects & insect resources for nonhuman primates, modern humans, & extinct hominins'
Ancient mitochondrial DNA sequences of Jomon teeth samples from Sanganji, Tohoku district, Japan2013 Anthropological Science 121 (2): 89-103
  • Aiko Saso
  • Gen Suwa
  • Hideaki Kanzawa-Kiriyama
  • Naruya Saitou
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
The "master of animals" concept of the Ainu2013 Cosmos 29: 127-40
  • Hitoshi Yamada
H6/KFO [COSMOS-]0269-8773
Facial characteristics of the prehistoric and early-modern inhabitants of the Okinawa islands in comparison to the contemporary people of Honshu2012 Anthropological Science 120 (1): 23-32
  • Hitoshi Fukase
  • Kazunobu Saiki
  • Masaki Fujita
  • Tetsuaki Wakebe
  • Toshiyuki Tsurumoto
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Physical anthropology in Japan. The Ainu and the search for the origins of the Japanese2012 Current anthropology (Supplement) 53 (5): S57-S68
  • Morris Low
H6 [CURRENT-]in special issue 'The biological anthropology of living human populations: world histories, national styles, and international networks'
Autosomal and Y-chromosomal STR markers reveal a close relationship between Hokkaido Ainu and Ryukyu islanders2012 Anthropological Science 120 (3): 199-208
  • Hajime Isheda
  • Kae Koganebuchi
  • Shigeki Nakagome
  • Shoji Kawamura
  • Takafumi Katsamura
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Ainu textiles: weaving religious belief2012 Textiles Asia 4 (1): 11-15
  • Virginia Soenksen
H1/KGG [TEXTILES ASIA. Newsletter-]
Past, present and future museum activities and Ainu studies at the National Museum of Ethnology2011 Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka) 36 (1): 113-41
  • Kazuyoshi Ohtsuka
H6 [OSAKA-]0385-180XEnglish summary
Metric and nonmetric dental variation and the population structure of the Ainu2010 American journal of human biology 22 (2): 163-71
  • Tsunehiko Hanihara
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Comparative studies of the Ainu, their ancestors, and neighbors: assessment based on metric and nonmetric dental data2010 Anthropological Science 118 (2): 95-106
  • Hajime Ishida
  • Masaaki Goto
  • Masanori Kaburagi
  • Tsunehiko Hanihara
Three-dimensional craniofacial variation and occlusal wear severity among inhabitants of Hokkaido: comparisons of Okhotsk culture people and the Ainu2010 Anthropological Science 118 (3): 161-72
  • Ikuya Fukumoto
  • Osamu Kondo
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
The most revered of foxes: knowledge of animals and animal power in an Ainu Kamui Yukar2009 Asian ethnology 68 (1): 27-54
  • Sarah M. Srtong
H6/KWS [FOLKLORE-]1882-6865
Variability of sexual dimorphism in the crania and indigenous populations of northern and central Asia2009 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 61-79
  • A.A. Evteev
  • G.A. Aksianova
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Craniometric divergence history of the Japanese populations2009 Anthropological Science 117 (3): 147-56
  • Hajime Ishida
  • Tsuneiko Hanihara
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Mitochondrial DNA haplogrouping of the Okhotsk people based on analysis of ancient DNA: an intermediate of gene flow from the the continental Sakhalin people to Ainu2009 Anthropological Science 117 (3): 171-80
  • Hajime Ishida
  • Haruto Kodera
  • Hirofumi Matsumura
  • Takehiro Sato
  • Tetsuya Amano
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
N.N. CHeboksarov's contribution to anthropology: The 100th anniversary of the scholar's birth2009 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 6: 100-14
  • Aleksandr Pestriakov
  • Galina Aksianova
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
The Jomon in early agriculture discourse: issues arising from Matsui, Kanehara and Pearson2008 World archaeology 40 (4): 445-65
  • Gary W. Crawford
H6/KE [WORLD-]0043-8243in thematic issue 'Debates in World Archaeology'
Craniometric variation of the Ainu: an assessment of differential gene flow from northeast Asia into northern Japan, Hokkaido2008 American journal of physical anthropology 137 (3): 283-93
  • Hajime Ishida
  • Kohzo Yoshida
  • Tsunehiko Hanihara
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Nonmetrical cranial variation in human skeletal remains associated with Okhotsk culture2008 Anthropological Science 116 (1): 33-47
  • Atsuko Komesu
  • Hiroko Ono
  • Minoru Oneda
  • Tetsuya Amano
  • Tsunehiko Hanihara
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
The origin of death is the most ancient myth2007 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 70-89
  • IU. E. Berezkin
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Ethnos without ethnicity: Ainu today2007 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 132-7, 168-9
  • S. A. Arutiunov
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section on 'Minorities in Japan'; English summary
Decorations and belts in everyday life and cults of Ainu2007 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 138-49, 168-9
  • A. M. Sokolov
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section on 'Minorities in Japan'; English summary
On the history of studying the Tsorpok-Kuru issue: links between Ainu and Jomon culture2007 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 150-7, 168-9
  • A. IU. Akulov
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section on 'Minorities in Japan'; English summary
The representation of Ainu culture in the Japanese museum system2007 Canadian journal of native studies 27 (2): 331-65
  • Naohiro Nakamura
*H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0715-3244French summary
Kodály and Ainu melodies2007 Hungarain heritage 8 (1-2): 53-6
  • Kazuyuki Tanimoto
*H6/KVN [HUNGARIAN-]1585-9924in thematic issue dedicated to Zoltán Kodály
Embodying Okhotsk ethnicity: human skeletal remains from the Aonae Dune site, Okushiri Island, Hokkaido2006 Asian perspectives 45 (1): 1-23
  • Hirofumi Matsumara
  • Kenichiro Koshida
  • Mark J. Hudson
  • Yoichi Minakawa
H6/KE [ASIAN-]0066-8435
Ethnogenesis and craniofacial change in Japan from the perspective of nonmetric traits2006 Anthropological Science 114 (2): 99-115
  • Nancy Suzanne Ossenberg
  • Tomoko Maeda
  • Yoshinori Kawakubo
  • Yukio Dodo
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Pots not people: ethnicity, culture and identity in postwar Japanese archaeology2006 Critique of anthropology 26 (4): 411-34
  • Mark J. Hudson
H6 [CRITIQUE-]0308-275X
Ancient DNA analysis of brown bear skulls from a ritual rock shelter site of the Ainu culture at Bihue, central Hokkaido, Japan2006 Anthropological Science 114 (3): 211-15
  • Osamu Takahashi
  • Ryuichi Masuda
  • Toshiyuki Tamura
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Using 'assimilation' to resist the concept of 'dying race': strategies of Ainu spokespeople in the 1920s to 1930s2005 Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka) 29 (3): 467-94
  • Yoshihiko Sekiguchi
H6 [OSAKA-]0385-180XJapanese and English summaries
Archaeology in social context: the influence of nationalism on the discussion of the Ainu2005 Journal of northwest anthropology 39 (2): 165-88
  • Shingo Hamada
H6/KUB [NORTHWEST-]1538-2834
Bronislaw Pilsudski's scholarly legacy rediscovered: review essay2005 Arctic anthropology 42 (2): 95-8
  • Sergei Kan
*H6 [ARCTIC-]0066-6939
Two distinct genotypes (MY-x and MX) of JC virus previously identified in Hokkaido Ainu2005 Anthropological Science 113 (2): 225-31
  • Hiroshi Ikegaya
  • Huai-Ying Zheng
  • Koichi Sakurada
  • Makoto Nakajima
  • Tomokazu Takasaka
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Similarities between cultures of native peoples of Alaska and Siberia2004 Kur'er Petrovskoi Kunstkamery 10/11: 27-38
  • S.A. Korsun
Multivariate comparisons of female cranial series from the Ryukyu islands and Japan2004 Anthropological Science 112 (3): 199-211
  • Michael Pietrusewsky
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Vertebral assimilation in an adult male Ainu skeleton from the Tokoro Chashi site in Tokoro, Hokkaido, Japan2004 Anthropological Science 112 (3): 269-73
  • Aiko Saso
  • Fuminori Kanaya
  • Hajime Ishida
  • Hirokazu Nohara
  • Tsunehiko Hanihara
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Making 'useful citizens' of Ainu subjects in early twentieth century Japan2004 Journal of Asian studies 63 (1): 5-29
  • David L. Howell
*H6/KW [JOURNAL-]0021-9118
Ainu, spirit of design2004 Kaos: parcours des mondes 4: 126-33
  • Midori Nishizawa
H6/KFY [KAOS-]in English and French
Morphological affinities between Jomon and Ainu: reassessment based on nonmetric cranial traits2004 Anthropological Science 112 (2): 161-72
  • Hajime Ishida
  • Masaaki Goto
  • Masahito Shigematsu
  • Tsunehiko Hanihara
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Scripta manent: Bronisław Pilsudski's scholarly heritage2004 Lud 88: 123-41
  • Władysław Łatyszew
H6/KVM [LUD-]0076-1435English summary
Dental variation of Ryukyu islanders: a comparative study among Ryukyu, Ainu, and other Asian populations2003 American journal of human biology 15 (2): 127-43
  • Hajime Ishida
  • Hajime Sunakawa
  • Takako Higa
  • Tsunehiko Hanihara
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