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American world visions of vulnerability: the sacred, the secular, and roots of Evangelical American aid2019 Research in economic anthropology 38: 199-222
  • Kari B. Henquinet
H6/KF [RESEARCH-]0190-1281in thematic issue 'Individual and social adaptations to human vulnerability'
Tracing tombs and trees as indexes of saints' agency in veneration rituals: Bruno Latour's actor-network theory and the Hıdırellez festival in Hatay, Turkey2019 Journal of ritual studies 33 (1): 52-73
  • Jens Kreinath
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0990-1112in special issue 'Tracing associations in pilgrimage and festival: applications of Bruno Latour's actor-network theory to ritual studies'
Remaking boundaries of belonging: Protestant missionaries and African Christians in Katanga, Belgian Congo2019 International journal of African historical studies 52 (1): 59-80
  • David Maxwell
*H6/KY [INTERNATIONAL-]0361-7882in special issue 'The bounds of Berlin's Africa: space-making and multiple territorialities in East and Central Africa'
Au sujet des tout premiers chrétiens tahitiens à Tahiti2019 Bulletin de la Société des Etudes Océaniennes (347): 154-77
  • Liou Tumahai
H6/KX [SOCIETE-]0373-8957
Rival mission, rival science? Jesuits and pietists in seventeenth and eighteenth-century South India2019 Comparative studies in society and history 61 (3): 624-53
  • Ines G. Županiv
  • Will Seetman
H6/KF [COMPARATIVE-]0010-4175
Preaching with images in the late middle ages2019 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 64 (187): 27-48
  • Marie-Anne Polo de Beaulieu
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in special issue 'Des techniques pour croire'; English and Spanish summaries
"Fortune telling is a curse on your children": conversion, fortune telling, and beliefs in magic among Roman women in Estonia2019 Journal of ethnology and folkloristics 13 (1): 107-29
  • Eva-Liisa Roht-Yilmaz
H6/KVT [JOURNAL-]1736-6518
Dancing faith: contemporary Christian dance in Norway2019 Journal of contemporary religion 34 (3): 529-49
  • Hildegrunn Marie Tønnessen Schuff
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
The centre of the earth: comparing the paths of the Christian democrats Pierre Méhaigenerie and Marcel Deneux2019 Etudes rurales 204: 66-83
  • Marie-Pierre Wynands
H6 [ETUDES-]0014-2182in thematic issue 'Élus locaux et notabilités'; English summary
Untying tongues: negotiations and innovations of faith and gender among Malaysian Christian trans men2019 Culture and religion 20 (1): 1-20
  • Joseph N. Goh
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
Reframing the Mongols in 1260: the Armenians, the Mongols and the magi2018 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Series 3) 28 (1): 55-76
  • Angus Stewart
H6/KW [ROYAL-]1356-1863
The paradox of civil society: the case of Maluku, eastern Indonesia2018 Asian journal of social science 46 (1/2): 5-34
  • Sumanto Al Qurtuby
H6/KW [ASIAN-]1568-4849
"Blessed be Egypt". Pray for the nation in the revolutionary public space2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (181): 141-59
  • Gaetán du Roy
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in special issue 'Le religieux et le politique à l'épreuve des révolutions arabes'; English and Spanish summaries
Victims of illicit desire: Pentecostal men of God and the specter of sexual temptation2018 Anthropological quarterly 91 (1): 133-71
  • Brendan Jamal Thornton
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491in special section 'New directions in the anthropology of religion and gender: faith and emergent masculinities'
Christian political activism in Lebanon: a revival of religious nationalism in times of Arab upheavals2018 Studies in ethnicity and nationalism 18 (1): 19-37
  • Maximilian Ferlsch
H6/KF [STUDIES-]1473-8481
Why can't a pastor be president of a "Christian nation"? Pentecostal politics as religious mediation2018 Polar: political and legal anthropology review 41 (1): 60-74
  • Naomi Haynes
H6/KF [APLA-]1081-6976
Roman authorities and the question of Christian participation in public sacrifices and celebrations in the first three centuries of our era2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (182): 17-27
  • Éric Rebillard
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Signes et scènes de la conversion dans l'espace public (antiquité - période moderne)'; English and Spanish summary
The conversion of shrines: a metaphor for the conversion of people2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (182): 29-48
  • Claire Sotinel
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Signes et scènes de la conversion dans l'espace public (antiquité - période moderne)'; English and Spanish summary
Conversion anxieties: policing Christian behaviour in late antique Antioch and Hippo2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (182): 99-116
  • Neil B. McLynn
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Signes et scènes de la conversion dans l'espace public (antiquité - période moderne)'; French and Spanish summary
Practising ecumenism through boundary work and meta-coding2018 Journal of southern African studies 44 (2): 445-59
  • Thomas G. Kirsch
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0305-7070in special issue 'Grassroots ecumenism in conflict'
Afterword: from grassroots ecumenism to global entanglements2018 Journal of southern African studies 44 (2): 361-4
  • Bennetta Jules-Rosett
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0305-7070in special issue 'Grassroots ecumenism in conflict'
Drawing the line: bonds and bounds of civility in a Christian basti of Karachi2018 Anthropological theory 18 (2-3): 382-408
  • Laurent Gayer
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]1463-4996in special issue 'Civility: global perspectives'
The image of splendour2018 Hali (197): 80-3
  • Filiz Cakir Phillip
*H6/KGG [HALI-]0142-0798
Indian Christians and the making of composite culture in South India2018 South Asia research 38 (3): 247-67
  • M. Christhu Doss
H6/KWL [SOUTH-]0262-7280in special issue 'Educating the nation'
The economy of objects of devotion in mission lands: the example of Japan (1549-1614)2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (183): 207-25
  • Hélène Vu Tanh
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in special issue 'Façonner l'object de dévotion chrétien: fabrication, commerce et circulations (XVIe-XIXe siècles)'; English and Spanish summaries
"Per ornamento e servizio di questi santi luoghi": the arrival of devotional objects in the shrines of the Holy Land (17th century)2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (183): 227-45
  • Felicita Tramontana
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in special issue 'Façonner l'object de dévotion chrétien: fabrication, commerce et circulations (XVIe-XIXe siècles)'; English and Spanish summaries
Hétérographies du désir: pratiques votives au monastère de Saint Georges (Büyükada, Istanbul)2018 Techniques et culture (70): 142-61
  • Benoît Fliche
  • Manoël Pénicaud
*H6 [TECHNIQUES-]0248-6016in thematic issue 'Matérialiser les désirs: techniques votives'
Secularism and state neutrality: the 2015 Muslim protest of discrimination in the public schools in Ghana2018 Journal of religion in Africa 48 (1-2): 65-104
  • M.H.A. Bolaji
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200
Folk mystic: a narrative of a Polish highlander Cunegonde Siwiec2018 Folklore (Tartu) 74: 73-96
  • Tomasz Kalniuk
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0957
Transforming disciples, transforming the future: young African women and the search for a liberated future2018 International review of mission 107 (2): 320-30
  • Mutale Mulenga-Kaunda
Ethnological fieldwork in a religious community: the case of Komi Christians2018 Eesti Rahva Museumi aastaraamat 61: 134-53
  • Piret Koosa
H6/KVT [TARTU-]1406-0388English and Russian summaries
Holy local system: religious treatment of mental sickness in rural China2018 Anthropology and medicine 25 (2): 191-205
  • Honge Zheng
  • Yingying Pei
H6/KGT [BRITISH-]1364-8470
Mediation as a practice of identity. Jewish-Israeli immigrant guides in the Christian Holy Land2018 Ethnologia europaea 48 (2): 41-54
  • Jackie Feldman
H6 [ETHNOLOGIA-]0425-4597in special issue 'Tour guides as cultural mediators'
The intimacy of mediation. Jewish guides in the contact zone of Christian Holy Land pilgrimage2018 Ethnologia europaea 48 (2): 55-67
  • Amos S. Ron
  • Yotam Lurie
H6 [ETHNOLOGIA-]0425-4597in special issue 'Tour guides as cultural mediators'
The nuns of lepers: compassion, discipline and surrogate parenthood in a former leper colony of Vietnam2018 The Asia Pacific journal of anthropology 19 (4): 350-66
  • Le Hoang Ngoc Yen
H6 [CANBERRA-]1444-2213
"Your name does not tick the box": the intertwining of names, bodies, religion, and nationality in the construction of identity within the UK asylum system2018 Ethnic and racial studies 41 (4-5): 938-57
  • Roda Madziva
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in thematic issue 'Migration and race in Europe'
'Hijab envy': the visible angst of immigrant Christians in pluralist Canada2018 Journal of contemporary religion 33 (1): 53-69
  • Arlene Macdonlad
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
The remaining few: Christian Zionists making sense of a changed ecclesiastical landscape2018 Journal of contemporary religion 33 (1): 71-86
  • Anders P. Lundberg
  • Kristian Steiner
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
Race, religion and identity: Arab Christians in the United States2018 Culture and religion 19 (1): 1-19
  • Randa A. Kayyali
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
Inanimate conversion2018 Material religion 14 (4): 485-99
  • Eyal Poleg
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200in special issue 'Material religion in the crusading world'
The struggle to be seen: Muslim-Christian relations and religious (in) visibility at the Hispano-Moroccan borderland2018 Journal of contemporary religion 33 (3): 527-48
  • Marta Dominguez-Diaz
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
The im-materiality of urban religion: towards an ethnography of urban religious aspirations2018 Culture and religion 19 (2): 160-76
  • Marian Burchardt
  • Mariske Westendorp
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
Citizenship, religion, gender and the politics of belonging: a case study of white, middle-class Christian men in the East Midlands, United Kingdom2018 Culture and religion 19 (3): 253-72
  • Line Nyhagen
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
Beef and beyond: exploring the meat consumption practices of Christians in India2017 Ethnos 82 (2): 232-51
  • James Staples
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844in special issue 'Consumer and consumed: humans and animals in globalising food systems'
An activist religiosity? Exploring Christian support for the Occupy movement2017 Journal of contemporary religion 32 (1): 51-66
  • Emily Winter
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
Emotions of the weak: violence and ethnic boundaries among Coptic Christians in Egypt2017 Ethnic and racial studies 40 (1): 133-51
  • Hyun Jeong Ha
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870
Proximations of public religion: worship, spiritual warfare, and the ritualization of Christian dance2017 American anthropologist 119 (1): 73-85
  • Omri Elisha
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294Spanish summary
Emergence and establishment of a Charismatic church within the framework of Javanese self-perception in Surakarta, Indonesia2017 Indonesia and the Malay world 45 (131): 66-87
  • Susanne Rodemeier
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811in thematic section 'Between devotion and heterodoxy: personal experiences, social relations and individual agency in Indonesia's current religious dynamics'
'Some of us are good, God-fearing folks': justifying religious participation in an LGBT Christian church2017 Journal of contemporary ethnography 46 (1): 3-29
  • J. Edward Sumerau
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0891-2416
Exploring patterns and pathways of dietary change. Preferred foods, oral health, and stable isotope analysis of hair from the Dani of Mulia, Papua, Indonesia2017 Current anthropology 58 (1): 31-56
  • Andrew D. Somerville
  • Douglas Hayward
  • Lee P. Hayes
  • Melanie A. Martin
  • Phillip L. Walker
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204with comments and reply