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The ethnohistory of freshwater use on Rapa Nui (Eastern Island, Chile)2019 Journal of the Polynesian Society 128 (2): 163-89
  • Carl P. Lipo
  • Robert J. DiNapoli
  • Sean W. Hixon
  • Terry L. Hunt
H6/KX [POLYNESIAN-]0032-4000
The sole Kavakava to be documented in the hands of Easter Islanders, 18732017 Tribal art 22 (1): 114-19
  • Michel Orliac
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990
Awakening the giant2012 Rapa Nui journal 26 (2): 5-16
  • Vincent R. Lee
*H6/KX [RAPA NUI-]1040-1385Spanish summary
The Land Commission of 1917: analysis and participation of the Rapanui2012 Rapa Nui journal 26 (2): 29-41
  • Critstian Moreno Pakarati
*H6/KX [RAPA NUI-]1040-1385Spanish summary
Name lists connected with the birdman cult of Easter Island in the field notes of Katherine Routledge2012 Rapa Nui journal 26 (2): 55-74
  • Paul Horley
*H6/KX [RAPA NUI-]1040-1385Spanish summary
Easter Island and Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego: resemblances and differences in the links of the exploitative societies and the 'indigenous people'2012 Magallania 40 (1): 45-62
  • Rolf Foerster
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0718-0209English summary
27º7'S/109º22'W: sixty objects from Eastern Island2008 Tribal art 49: 80-8
  • Jonathan Fogel
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990
Estimation of stature for the prehistoric /protohistoric Rapanui1998 Journal of the Polynesian Society 107 (2): 187-94
  • Patrick M. Chapman
Easter island under glass: observations and conversations1998 Rapa Nui journal 12 (1): 13-16
  • Lindley Kirksey
More journals on Easter island: the works of Johann Reinhold Forster (1729-1798) and Johann George Adam Forster (1754-1794), 21992 Rapa Nui Journal 6 (2): 34-9
  • H von Saher