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Immigration as a social determinant of oral health: does the 'healthy immigrant effect' extend to self-rated oral health in Ontario, Canada?2019 Canadian ethnic studies 51 (1): 135-56
  • Teresa Abada
  • Yujiro Sano
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0008-3496French summary
Anthropology of human remains of the classical/late antiquity period from Firmi Bagher and Vartaqar sites, Armenia2019 Anthropologie (Brno) 57 (2): 189-213
  • Anahit Yu Khudaverdyan
  • Hamazasp H. Khachatryan
  • Larisa G. Eganyan
  • Ruzan S. Palanjyan
Out of context, in association: human remains salvaged from the Mini-athiliya shell midden, Sri Lanka2018 Asian perspectives 57 (1): 51-82
  • H. Jude Perera
  • H. Nimal Perera
  • Roshan D. Peiris
  • Samanti Kulatilake
H6/KE [ASIAN-]0066-8435
Human foodways, metallurgy, and landscape modification of Iron Age central Thailand2018 Asian perspectives 57 (1): 83-104
  • Chin-hsin Liu
H6/KE [ASIAN-]0066-8435
Assessing childhood stress in early mediaeval Croatia by using multiple lines of inquiry2018 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 75 (2): 155-67
  • Maja Petrinec
  • Mario Novak
  • Mario Slaus
  • Rachel Howcroft
  • Ron Pinhasi
  • Vlasta Vyroubal
  • Željko Krnčević
Dental pathology and occlusal wear in Valença, Portugal (modern and contemporary ages) - preliminary interpretations2018 Antropologia portuguesa 35: 7-31
  • Belisa Pereira
  • Francisco Andrade
  • Luís Fontes
  • Luís Miguel Marado
H6 [ANTROPOLOGIA-]0870-0990Portuguese summary
Sugar cane consumption on Rapanui (Easter Island) and the incidence of caries: evidence from stable isotope values of human bone2017 Archaeology in New Zealand 60 (1): 5-18
  • A. Seelenfreund
  • B.F. Leach
  • C.J. Quinn
H6/KE [NEW-]0113-7832
Exploring patterns and pathways of dietary change. Preferred foods, oral health, and stable isotope analysis of hair from the Dani of Mulia, Papua, Indonesia2017 Current anthropology 58 (1): 31-56
  • Andrew D. Somerville
  • Douglas Hayward
  • Lee P. Hayes
  • Melanie A. Martin
  • Phillip L. Walker
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204with comments and reply
Ancient vitamin D deficiency. Long-term trends2017 Current anthropology 58 (3): 420-7
  • Annabelle Schattmann
  • Benoit Bertrand
  • Bonnie Kahlon
  • Emeline Raguin
  • Isabelle Ribot
  • Lori D'Ortenzio
  • Megan B. Brickley
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204
Maize and pits: late prehistoric occupations of the Hurley site in the Esopus Creek valley, Ulster County, New York2017 Archaeology of eastern North America 45: 133-60
  • Hetty Jo Brumbach
  • John P. Hart
  • Lisa M. Anderson
  • Susan Winchell-Sweeney
*H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGY-]0360-1021
Biocultural practices during the transition to history at the Vat Komnou cemetery, Angkor Borei, Cambodia2017 Asian perspectives 56 (2): 191-236
  • John Krigbaum
  • Michael Pietrusewsky
  • Michele Toomay Douglas
  • Miriam T. Stark
  • R. Alexander Bentley
  • rona M. Ikehara-Quebral
  • Voeun Vuthy
  • William Belcher
H6/KE [ASIAN-]0066-8435
Paleohealth based on dental pathology and cribra orbitalia from the ancient Egyptian settlement of Qau2017 Anthropological Science 125 (1): 35-42
  • Hiroto Adachi
  • Hisashi Fujita
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Bioarchaeological evidence for the health status of a late bronze age and early iron age Bakheri chala population (Armenia)2017 Anthropologie (Brno) 55 (3): 319-36
  • Anait IU. KHudaverdian
  • Suren G. Obosian
Skeletal and dental health: the bioarchaeology of the human skeletons from the Sigatoka Sand Dunes site VL 16/1, Viti Levu, Fiji2017 Journal of Pacific archaeology 8 (2): 53-78
  • Michael Pietrusewsky
  • Michele Toomay Douglas
  • Roma M. Ikehara-Quebral
H6/KE [NEW-]1179-4704
The gold nun: a case of a gold ligature from the 15th century and the origins of restorative dentistry in Europe2017 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 74 (4): 347-53
  • Catarina Leal
  • Eugénia Cunha
  • Isabel Poiares Baptista
  • Miguel Munhós
The tooth wear of the Bronze-Iron Age's population from Jiayi cemetery in Turpan depression, Xinjiang province2017 Acta anthropologica sinica 36 (4): 438-56
  • Guoqiang Xiao
  • Hong Zhu
  • Long Wang
  • Quanchao Zhang
  • Wenxin Zhang
H6/HB [ACTA-]1000-3139English summary
Los dientes, una ventana a la vida en el pasado2017 Arqueología mexicana 24 (143): 31-5
  • Jorge Nukyen Archer Velasco
  • Juan Joel Hernández Olvera
*H6/KUL [ARQUEOLOGIA-]0188-8218in special issue 'Bioarqueología: reconstruyendo la vida a partir de la muerte'
Neanderthals, trees and dental calculus: new evidence from El Sidrón2016 Antiquity 90 (350): 290-301
  • Almudena Estalrrich
  • Anita Radini
  • Antonio Rosas
  • Marco de la Rasilla
  • Stephen Buckley
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
'From the mouth of a child': dental attributes and health status during childhood in mesolithic India2016 Anthropological Science 124 (2): 93-105
  • John R. Lukacs
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Patterns of health in early neolithic and iron age Taiwan2016 Anthropological Science 124 (2): 117-33
  • Adam Lauer
  • Cheng-hwa Tsang
  • Kuang-ti Li
  • Michael Pietrusewsky
  • Michele Toomay Douglas
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Dental enamel defects in German medieval and early-modern-age populations2016 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 73 (4): 343-54
  • J. Lang
  • K. Kromeyer-Hauschild
  • R. Heinrich-Weltzien
  • S. Birkenbeil
  • S. Bock
Niedertiefenbach. Ein Galeriegrab der spät-neolithischen Wartberggruppe südwestlich von Niedertiefenbach (Landkreis Limburg-Weilburg, Hessen)2016 Praehistorische Zeitschrift 91 (2): 284-316
  • Albert Mehl
  • Christof Dörfer
  • Christoph Rinne
  • Juliane Muhlack
  • Katharina Fuchs
H6/KE [PRAEHISTORISCHE-]0079-4848French and English summaries
Patterns of human dental wear and their causes: a male case of modern Shui nationalities in Southwest China2016 Acta anthropologica sinica (2): 283-99
  • Fajun Li
H6/HB [ACTA-]1000-3139in special issue in honour of Wu Rukang on the occasion of his 100th birthday (2); English summary
Social status and oral pathology in later fisher-agriculturalists from Los Pinos cemetery (central Peruvian coast)2016 Chungará 48 (2): 259-76
  • Luis Pezo-Lanfranco
  • Sabine Eggers
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
Health at the edge of the Wari empire: an analysis of skeletal remains from Hatun Cotuyoc, Huaro, Peru2016 Andean past 12: 101-31
  • Maeve Skidmore
  • Sara L. Juengst
*H6/KE [ANDEAN-]1055-8756
Health at the edge of the Wari empire: an analysis of skeletal remains from Huatun Cotuyoc, Huaro, Peru2016 Andean past 12: 101-31
  • Maeve Skidmore
  • Sara L. Juengst
*H6/KE [ANDEAN-]1055-8756
Social differences in oral health: dental status of individuals buried in and around Trakai Church in Lithuania (16th-17th c.c.)2015 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 72 (1): 89-106
  • Rimantas Jankauskas
  • Žydrūne Miliauskienė
Dental attrition at the Indian Knoll (15OH2) and Black Earth (IISA87) sites: extreme wear as stressor in late archaic populations of the Ohio valley2015 Southeastern archaeology 34 (1): 57-70
  • Mark F. Seeman
  • Stuart E. Nealis
Starch analysis and isotopic evidence of consumption of cultigens among fisher-gatherers in Cuba: the archaeological site of Canímar Abajo, Matanzas2015 Journal of archaeological science 58: 121-32
  • D. Smith
  • R. Rodríguez Suárez
  • S. Bestel
  • W.M. Buhay
  • Y. Chinique de Armas
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Aproximación a la dieta de las sociedades formativas tardías del litoral de Paracas (costa sur del Perú): evidencias bioarqueoloógicas e isotópicas2015 Ñawpa Pacha 35 (1): 23-55
  • Delia Aponte
  • Luis Pexo-Lanfranco
  • Sabine Eggers
H6/KE [NAWPA-]0077-6297English summary
Looking Islam in the teeth: the social life of a Somali toothbrush2015 Medical anthropology quarterly (New Series) 29 (3): 334-56
  • Jennifer Cochran
  • Jo Hunter-Adams
  • Lance D. Laird
  • Linda L. Barnes
  • Paul L. Geltman
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0745-5194
A probable case of congenital syphilis from pre-Columbian Austria2015 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 72 (4): 451-72
  • Christian Gusenbauer
  • Fabian Kanz
  • Johanna Sophia Gaul
  • Karl Grossschmidt
Shades of decay: the meanings of tooth discoloration and deterioration to Mexican immigrant caregivers of young children2014 Human organization 73 (1): 82-93
  • Erin E. Masterson
  • Judith C. Barker
  • Kristin S. Hoeft
  • Susan Hyde
H6/KF [APPLIED-]0018-7259
Perception of dental appearances and its implication for workers in dental organizations: a review of the literature2014 The Anthropologist 17 (2): 501-7
  • Elizabeth Bosede Dosumu
  • Elizabeth Shino
  • Sunday Samson Babola
Trends in oral pathology of hunter-gatherers from western pampas, Argentina2014 Anthropological Science 122 (2): 55-67
  • Claudia M. Aranda
  • Leandro Luna
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960in thematic section 'Recent advances in palaeopathology and the study of past societies in Argentina, southern South America'
Health in ancient Mariana islanders: a bioarchaeological perspective2014 Journal of island and coastal archaeology 9 (3): 319-40
  • Marilyn K. Swift
  • Michael A. Fleming
  • Michael Pietrusewsky
  • Michele Toomay Douglas
  • Randy A. Harper
H6/KE [ISLAND-]1556-4894
The earliest dental prosthesis in Celtic Gaul? The case of an iron age burial at La Chêne, France2014 Antiquity 88 (340): 488-500
  • Bruno Maureille
  • Emmanuel D'Incau
  • Guillaume Seguin
  • Pascal Murail
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
An archaeology of Cerro Portezuelo bioarchaeology: burial analysis and the (re)excavation of contexts from a 1950s project2013 Ancient Mesoamerica 24 (1): 185-99
  • Christine D. White
  • Fred J. Longstaffe
  • Michael W. Spence
*H6/KE [ANCIENT-]0956-5361in special section 'Recent research at Cerro Portezuelo', with introduction by KG Hirth and WR Fowles 43-5; Spanish summary
Longstanding dental pathology in Neandertals from El Sidrón (Asturias, Spain) with a probable familial basis2013 Journal of human evolution 64 (6): 678-86
  • A. Estalrrich
  • A. García-Tabernero
  • A. Rosas
  • C. Lalueza Fox
  • M.C. Dean
  • R. Huguet
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
The frequency and pattern of dental caries in archaeological populations from Estonia2013 Papers on anthropology 22: 121-32
  • Jana Limbo
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Odontometria y morfologia dental2013 Boletín de Lima 35 (171): 13-15
  • Elena Elvira Ravines Cortes
*H6/KE [BOLETIN-]0253-0015
Evaluating sources of variation in the identification of linear hypoplastic defects of enamel: a new quantified method2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (2): 560-5
  • Brenna R. Hassett
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Multiple traumatic dental injuries: a case report in a young individual from the Samnitic necropolis of Opi Val Fondillo (VI-V century BC; central Italy)2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (2): 566-72
  • Deneb Teresa Cesana
  • Joan Viciano
  • Luigi Capasso
  • Ruggero D'Anastasio
  • Sandra López-Lázaro
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
A regional investigation of subadult dietary patterns and health in late iron age and Roman Dorset, England2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (5): 1249-59
  • Andrew R. Millard
  • Christine Hamlin
  • Rebecca C. Redfern
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes of human dental calculus: a potentially new non-destructive proxy for paleodietary analysis2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (5): 1388-93
  • G. Richard Scott
  • Simon R. Poulson
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Pig domestication and husbandry practices in the middle neolithic of the Wei River Valley, northwest China: evidence from linear enamel hypoplasia2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (12): 3662-70
  • Hua Wang
  • Louise Martin
  • Songmei Hu
  • Weilin Wang
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Sex differences in linear enamel hypoplasia (LEH) in early modern Japan2012 Anthropological Science 120 (2): 97-101
  • Joichi Oyamada
  • Katsutomo Kato
  • Takayuki Matsushita
  • Toshiyuki Tsurumoto
  • Yoshikazu Kitagawa
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
Health and social change: the bioarchaeology and its potential to interpret the biological impact of agriculture2012 Boletín de antropología (Antioquia) 26 (43): 192-214
  • Juliana Gómez Mejia
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0120-2510English summary
Skeletal and dental indicators of health in the late mediaeval (12-15th century) population from Nin, southern Croatia2012 Homo 63 (6): 435-50
  • D. Stinović
  • M. Novak
  • M. Šlaus
  • O. Martinčić
H6/HB [HOMO-]0018-442X
The teeth worm: medicine and sympathetic magic among the Maya2012 Estudios de cultura maya 40: 167, 169-89
  • Noemí Cruz Cortés
H6/KUL [ESTUDIOS-]0185-2574English summary